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Icon for a Livejournal Community

On LiveJournal, a community is a forum where multiple users have posting access so they can spread their brainfarts and mental wankage to even more idiots.

Much drama is created in communities, such as:

  • Mod drama - created when the moderator tries to enforce their will on the community
  • Ratings Communities - a weird community type where you have to prove your beauty/coolness/ability to eat Twinkies to get in
  • Abuse drama - where LJ Abuse bans communities for violating the nebulous TOS
  • Community deleting drama - where the mod packs up their community and goes home

In a more general sense, the word "community" is often used on the internets as shorthand for "ridiculous circle-jerk," e.g. "the DDR community," "the Buffy community," or "the Harry Potter motor-oil face-rape fic community."

This is a disambiguation page — we hope you feel less ambiguated.