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Apology not accepted.
Vermont's gayer neighbor.
Typical Connecticut raised Yuppie.

Connecticut Also known as Connecticunt is a small, Jew Infested Cesspool north of the Bronx that is the kind of state you drive through without even knowing it. Its largest city Bridgeport is comparable to hell itself as it is a Nigger filled cumdumpster of a city. Chases are, if you've been to Bridgeport you've been mugged or have mugged someone. Its a liberal shit infested state that is full of Jews that commute to New York. Its probably the last place you want to grow up in.


Connecticuntians faverate thing to do is complain that a town isnt diverse enough or start a protest or getting blind drunk at 11 In the morning, Hopping on a Metro North Train and puking all over t' fucking place. Unlike New Jersey that is effectively one big ghetto, Connecticut is a bunch of Jew Infested towns like Westport. People of Connecticut seem to self segregate. The Blacks live in one area and the whites live in another area. This is because people dont want to hear the Gay Music and Hoodlum Music 24/7. The only city that has white people is Stamford Because it was gentrified and now is full of Hipsters Italians and Jews.

Metro North[edit]

Since Connecticut is a boring ass mother fucking shithole most people take the train down to Grand Central Station. Srsly its the busiest rail line in the US because Connecticut is so shit everyone is traveling to New York. Also I-95 being the hellhole that it is "convinces" more people to take the train.



Yo we da real though niggas down here in Bridgeport. Dont mess with me or I' gonna send my bois to fuk u up.


—Bridgeport Mayor to "Softie" from the Bronx

Bridgeport Also known as The Nigga Hood is the National Leader of smashed up windows and burned down buildings. It is also a run down shithole that has a train station that looks like a deportation office. Fun Fact: The mayor went to prison for corruption and then when the Jew got out all da niggers voted him in again.


Another shit City that is full of politicians and more niggers.

New Haven[edit]

Basicly just yale collage, some fucking pizza and a Train Station. It also has this ugly fucking annoying to navigate Interchange with I-93 and I-95 that makes anyone vomit.

Only In New Haven...


Stamford is the only city with any white people left in Connecticut. Allthough If you take Jews into account its 50% Jews; 15% Spics; 10% Nigger; 15% Italian; 2% Asian and 8% White. Did I mention, there are a lot of Jews here? It is also home to Dunder Mifflin Stamford Branch


Stamford is segregated into small Neighborhoods called 'villages'. They are all segregated. The Spics have one area, the niggers have another and the Jews have there spot.


There is a seaside area called Shippan with alot of Rich Liberal Fucks who are all Jews and hire Spics to do slave labor. They are mostly positions but there are also some WWE CEO's and shit there as CEO's headquarters is in North Shippan.


This so called "Village" is full of spics and an American version of Chavs. That will mug you and take all your shit. This is basically where all the rich Jew Politicians that live in Shippan house there slave laborers as it is just North of Shippan. The main attractions here are Parking lots, a fuckton of Tower Blocks and it has the most sad looking train station on the face of the earth... It is also just East of Downtown.


Springdale is another Village that is just north of Glenbrook and boasts a slightly less shameful looking train station than Glenbrook. Its De Facto Town center runs along Hope Street between its train station and CVS. This area is lined with shops and restaurants along with pubs that are full of drunken fools even at 11 in the morning. The main atraction though is Dunkin Donuts, Full of soccer moms and old people. Right next door is CVS with a pharmacy that we all know secretly is producing Meth Acrost the street we have Twin Rinks witch was Stamfords only Ice Rink until Chelsea Piers opened up in Shippan. It has an arcade inside with lots of cool shit.


West Side[edit]

This is Stamfordians answer to the hood. Instead of at least an A- on areavibes for crime like every single other Village West Side has a B-. This place is full of Niggers and other shit scum nobody likes.


Ridgeway is a Village just north of downtown lined with Restaurants and Shopping Establishments. Shaped Like a pointy tit and full of snotty people who think they are the best. Its western parts also have alot of Italians.

North Stamford[edit]

This is basicly just the middle of fucking nowhere with nothing but a fiew Gas Stations and a Dunkin Donuts.


Downtown is the center of Stamford. It is full of Skyscrapers, High rises, Businessmen and Rich Fucks Apartments making it the largest Skyline in Connecticut. It also has a train station to the South Of It. There is also a mall here that was put here for the lulz even tho its dead now the apple store is the only reason why it is still open.

Harbor Point[edit]

Harbor Point is full of luxury high rises in an area that used to be a run down shit stain of a hood. South Of Downtown.


Waterbury is a shit-stain of a city in betwene two hills somewhere in Connecticut. People beleve it exists but cant confirm it as every time they get the train to Waterbury it either breaks down or the conductor gets mugged by some Brother from Bridgeport


Norwalk is full of Spics. 2 Towns East of Stamford. Basically just Football players and a Historic Town center and train station that all the Hipsters love. They are also building a mall even tho malls are dead but they want to compete with superior Rival Stamford.


Another Spic Filled shithole 45 Minutes North Of Norwalk by train. Has a historic train station but there is not much to say about the town center as its just a few strip malls and Spics. Also has an Airport and a Mall.

New London[edit]

Just as shit as Old London Boasts a Historic Town center and train station. Also full of Spics and Fello Brothas from Bridgeport. Also the white people here aren't much better as they are a bunch of Chavs.

Long Island[edit]


Fishers Island[edit]


Coast Line[edit]

Connecticut got its coastline taken by those greedy niggers in Jew York. Now it allways prays to Saiten or God or whatever those liberals pray for him to destroy Long Island with a tsunami.

A Fucking Jew Yorker!

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