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ContraPoints is actually a tranny.

     Enjoy your cock!   8====D (_(__)

This is what he looks like compared to an actual female

ContraPoints formerly "Nykytyne", "Nykytyne2" (Powerword:William Nicholas Parrot) is an ugly faggot that makes political YouTube videos in an ear-raping falsetto. He divides his time evenly between making millions of dollars off Patreon while promoting Marxism and having mental breakdowns on Twitter over "TERFs". Once involved in the YouTube Atheism community, he decided to reinvent himself as a tranny since his shitty, fallacy ridden videos aren't worthy of attention on their own. He markets himself as a "more intelligent" SJW YouTuber in order to get glowing praise from VICE who is always eager to feature a new freakshow. Noteworthy is his status as a the leader of an insane online cult of personality mostly composed of other deranged trannies who will mass thumb down any content critical of him.

Fortunate son[edit]

How Nyk got into Georgetown

One of the best known "memes" in modern American politics is that of the champagne socialist: a person born into money and influential circles who gets the idea that they are the voice of the working class and bitches about capitalism. Thankfully for the left, Nyk's background was actually...HAHA, who the fuck are we kidding? He's the son of a psychology professor at an elite East coast university and grew up in a house worth a million dollars. Needless to say, he got into the university. One wonders what his father thinks of his son posting on Twitter incessantly about all the strange dicks he's received from Tinder.

Bipolar, Drug Addict, Alcoholic[edit]

Nick reveals in the YouTube Favicon.png Psychiatry video that he has been taking strong psych drugs since age 8. Since, he's been diagnosed with numerous mental illnesses and self medicated with a wide variety of prescription drugs, illegal drugs, and of course alcohol. He went off his meds 2 years ago, which is approximately the same time he came out as transgender. It's very clear that this is an individual whose gender crisis is the result of being mentally ill and refusing treatment. This doesn't stop outlets like VICE from proclaiming him as the left's rising star.

Nick is bipolar.png

Exhibitionist, Lunatic, Fake Tranny[edit]

Compounding the issue is the fact that Cuntra only started trooning it up because he's a mentally ill sexual deviant. By his own admission in his video about it, he has autogynephilia. A mental disorder where a person is sexually attracted to himself as the opposite sex, or turned on by the idea of being the opposite sex. But since any therapist worth his salt could tell that Nyk is just a really dedicated pervert who just needs to learn to keep it in his pants (which is the polar opposite of what he's trying to do), the only way for him to satisfy his disgusting craving was to buy HRT drugs on the black market, then threaten to kill himself to force a doctor to prescribe him with more, fly out to Thailand to have an infamously seedy doctor cut his dick off, and then use his newfound YouTube success and deformed body to become the online equivalent of a playground flasher.

Since then, Nyk has been using his videos to repeatedly flash his non-consenting audience with his disgusting, malformed body, so he can later get off to the thought of it.

Serial Youtube Flashed About missing Pics
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Time as Nykytyne[edit]

Nick struggling with alcoholism gender identity

The YouTube Atheist community in the 2000s-early 2010s was an early breeding ground for pseudo-intellectuals like Nick and proto-SJWs. Nick actually originally started out making New Age shit but jumped to the Atheist bandwagon after he realized that was where the views were. Sound familiar? This is where Nick first got some amount of notability. He ended up getting banned from the Nykytyne2 account for harassing a feminist and sending pornographic material. The feminist he sent it to was an actual female, unlike him. He scrubbed the entire channel when he went to adopt the ContraPoints persona. Below are some mirrors.

Extremely awkward,impotent tard rage
Nyk mentioned in New Age vid at 3:30
Nyk made a video on fucking cosmic consciousness

Blaire White Debate & Gamerghazi Drama[edit]

The same dude that made anti-capitalism videos

Nick debated Blaire White in a livestream back in 2017. Blaire promptly made short work of the awkward, ugly man in a purple wig. The encounter instilled intractable bitterness and hatred of Blaire in him. He vented this bitterness by following up the debate where Blair told him trannies like him give other trannies a bad name by always playing the victim, by making a video where he plays an obvious parody of Blaire implying it is inconceivable that Blaire isn't a giant bitch like him, and must surely cry about oppression in private.

However, that was not the end of Nick's problems. He debated Blaire again in an IRL forum in late 2017. When his fellow SJWs found out about it, they lost their fucking minds. After spending so much time trying to appear progressive, Nick was now cast out by his own fans for giving a platform to Nazis. TL;DR, he no longer associates with GamerGhazi because once they nearly drove him to suicide and avoids publicly interacting with Shoe0nHead, dodging her attempts to make him her pet tranny in fear that they'll do it again.

Other Stupidity[edit]

Contra tweeted about an intersex male runner being forced to take testosterone suppressants to compete, and this being proof of some sort of point about how gender isn't real and not letting trannies compete in female sports is stupid and arbitrary. He conveniently omitted that this chick had high testosterone because she had an intersex condition, meaning she's almost as much of a man as Contra. D'oh! It turns out Nyk also posted a tweet critical of Caster competing to complain about how anyone who isn't retarded enough to fall for Nyk's bullshit must be white. Unfortunately for him, it took 3 seconds of googling to prove Nyk cropped out the guy's avatar because he was a nigger from Kenya. Doh! Doh!

Contrapoints castor.png
Contra lying on twitter.png

"TERF" obsession[edit]

A woman is no different than a drag queen


— Bitter because he will never pass as female in a million years

A glance at his videos makes it clear he really, really hates "TERFs". But who are the TERFs? Just a group of feminists that don't blindly following transgender dogma. Nick has a personal vendetta against them since he is now pretending to be a woman. Nick is a rich, white male that has had everything handed to him without any struggle for as long as he's been alive. Having the TERFs deny that he is a TRUE AND HONEST woman is enough to make him lose his fucking mind. There's also the fact that he is actually just a closeted faggot and hated women anyway. He is so vindictive, he invented a character representing the evil TERFs and makes a joke out of her being assaulted by an antifa member. YouTube Favicon.png Go to 1:30 Remember, it's 2019! Women are either being pornified, or objects of violence in Nick's world.

"I had forgotten about this particular [incident] because it had become so common but Nykytyne2, who later became ContraPoints online, he, online, in terms of stick-em, sent me pornography before being, like: "Is this porn, Nuke? I'm just not sure". And now he identifies as a woman! (laughs) He's not a woman. If he were a woman, he would not have done that to me. If he were a woman, he would not have ridiculed me in that way. If he were a woman, he would be vulnerable in the way that I was in that interaction. He cannot become she."


The cult[edit]

Sanest person on the internet.png

His tranny army thought it would be a good idea to spam /pol/ with threads claiming to be a "de-radicalized alt-right member" and how Nick's videos helped them. It didn't go as planned and most thread replies consisted of telling OP to fuck off. The spamming, still ongoing as of this writing, resulted in hundreds of threads about Nick. Clicking on the catalog will show at least a handful of pictures of the Buffalo Bill lookalike. There's a good chance you're here because you saw one on the chans.

You aren't allowed to watch his older videos because he has dysphoria
A video critical of him that his rabid followers thumbed down massively.

Corporate sponsored?[edit]

The video above that got mass thumbed down makes some unsettling accusations that he might be a corporate sponsored tool because someone is stupid enough to think he can de-radicalize anyone. This seems likely as he came out of nowhere and never grew an organic fanbase. He was practically unknown before transitioning. Puff piece by The Atlantic VICE puff piece #1 VICE considers a mentally ill drug addict to be sane

The most striking thing is the difference in quality of videos made before and after late 2017. He goes from having the same video quality as any other random chucklefuck on YouTube to something you might find on a TV show. His typical standing in front of a static camera monologues become multiple scene and costume affairs. It is extremely obvious that a mentally ill individual struggling with substance abuse problems could not do this. Even more experienced YouTubers have lower production values.

Compare the quality here
To here

Clearly a man[edit]

The Horror Show About missing Pics
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