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Cool your jets is an unfunny forced meme that started on /b/ last Friday during an epic Stickam raid. After being used for lulzy trolling of stickam user Jeremy_Jetfire, it was unjustly declared a meme and furiously overused on other targets.


Cool your jets is said to someone who needs to lower the temperature of his/her jets. See below for an example in a literal sense.



Many things can cause one's jets to heat to dangerous levels.

  • Barrel rolls
  • Tits and/or Ass may cause a male's (or dyke's) jets to overheat
  • Cock may cause a female's (or fag's) jets to overheat
  • Fire may cause a jet's jets to overheat


In the event that your jets begin to overheat, any of the following measures may be taken to save your jets.