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Cornell University is an American private Ivy League research university located in Ithaca, New York, United States. More importantly, Cornell is universally known for being the place where misleading research is carried out and where elitist snobs called "Cornellians" can organize bottle throwing at niggers on Cornell-related sites such as Ezra Hub.

"Stop signs" in food

Last Thursday, some fucktards at Cornell decided to figure out if fat people would eat less if the food they ate contained visual clues. [1] To figure it out, they colored potato chips red and invited a bunch of fatties over to watch a movie. Oddly enough, when the movie was over, the tubes containing red chips were fuller than the ones without.

However, what Cornell researches failed to realize was that no one wants to eat discolored food. This didn't prevent some old media outlets from reporting that the solution to go down in weight was to eat green eggs and ham, though, so the mission was considered accomplished.

Bottling niggers

In May 2012, some Cornellians figured out that bottles are capable of inducing head injuries. To avenge George Zimmerman, they decided to throw bottles at niggers and shout "Come up here, Trayvon". This generated a shitstorm and led to Ezra Hub deleting and banning posts mentioning the event. No one was injured, however.

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