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Have you ever called someone a dog fucker? In the case of the mighty Cory Williamson, the insult would be true. Not only did this teenage fucktard decide it would be a good idea to RAEP A PUPPY but he also decided that it would be a great idea to do it in front of the owners. Cory is currently in prison and undergoing court ordered mental health counseling ... as if that would help someone who rapes puppies.

A humble beginning

Cory began discovering his sexuality as any normal teenage boy would. First by groping a 13 year old girl. Not feeling satisfied, he promptly switched to four year olds. But alas, it wasn't enough to satisfy Cory.

The incident

Deciding that the greatest of sexual pleasures came from small and cute things, Cory turned his eyes towards the neighbor's dog, a puppy named, of all things, Princess. Cory's seduction was quick and unchallenged, largely attributable to the fact that HE WAS HAVING SEX WITH A PUPPY, though, admittedly, for great lulz. His neighbors, a relatively normal bunch of people known as the Joneses, were forced to watch the horror.

"...we were laying on the deck looking at him and he had his pants down and he was doing sexual activity with the dog like a man would do to a woman."

Mrs. Jones failed to mention that the whole ordeal made her incredibly horny and she spent the rest of her housewife afternoon touching herself.

The aftermath

Cory williamson demotivator.jpg

Being a dumb fucktard, Cory failed to realize that raping a dog in broad daylight can have some pretty serious consequences. Like going to prison and having to explain your actions to other criminals who committed real crimes. I would give a million dollars to see the reaction of a murderer who found out his cellmate was in prison for raping a puppy.

Luckily for Cory, he has gone to juvenile hall, otherwise known as "prison lite" and will probably only have to explain his awkward fetish to other teenage boys who are there for trying to rape normal things like rolled-up pizzas and small children.

Unluckily for Cory, the whole fucking world knows who he is and are keeping tabs on him as a threat to your dog.

And the dog

Poor Cory,he should have bought one of these.

The aforementioned dog, Princess, suffered a great deal of butthurt and swollen vagina. Causing it to die a week later. As quoted by the court record, "the veterinarian concluded that the attack did not cause the dog's death." Like any living thing sexually molested by Cory, the only solution is to give up and die. We can all rest assured that Princess did it for the lulz and is in a better place now, despite having an ungodly swollen giner.

Insult to injury

According to Cory's Pet-Abuse profile:

"Last year, Williamson was charged with criminal sexual conduct against a 4-year-old girl and a 13-year-old girl."

Millions are wondering, when it comes to Cory, does the fuck stop here?

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