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Lj-favicon.png Cosplayfucks was what would have happened if somebody decided to make a LiveJournal community based on the hideous mutations that arose from Japan after the A-bomb. Its creator is michichu, an awesomely creepy Cantonese lesbian Goth.

Cosplayfuckers understand the value of honest, genuine critique for bad cosplay.

Typical posts[edit]

Cosplayfucks is a magnet for drama because the majority of posts/replies fall into the following categories:

  • posts that make fun of cosplayers for being ugly or fat.
  • the poster has an unrelated personal vendetta against a cosplayer, or a def_jam_vendetta:
  • is_this_loli: abuse of underage cosplayers for age-inappropriate costumes.
  • you_posted_me: when another member of the community gets caught in bad cosplay. Also sometimes an attempt at fishing for compliments because their costume isn't that bad.
  • i_posted_me: self-mock, often with acceptance that one sucks cocks.
  • noobie_boobies: risque/revealing cosplay, images usually NSFW.
  • unrelated_fcuks: general retarded anime-related verbal ejaculations.


As anime nerds are fragile, insecure people, and the cosplaying variety will spend hours googling their names to see if anyone is lavishing them with attention for dressing up like a cartoon. Most of the drama manifests as guest comments when the cosplayer being fucked finds the post where they're being ripped on. Comments usually follow this example:


Cosplayfucks is generally disliked by furries because spiteful ridicule of nerds in costume by more pretentious and arrogant nerds is bound to end in fursecution.


Even Al Gore hates cosplayfucks :(

From LiveJournal[edit]

Cosplayfucks was born in January 2005 to michichu and her dyke-of-the-week. This illegitimate child was kept a secret for a while until Lj-favicon.png onsan, a pedophile like michichu, came along to be a surrogate father. Cosplayfucks grew to be a strapping young man, enjoyed by approximately 1000 LJ users, with an average of 10-15 entries a day.

On Thanksgiving of 2005, LJ Abuse decided to celebrate in the true American way by shutting down Cosplayfucks. The official reason cited by LJ Abuse was "harrassment." Other "back up" communities were brought up by other members, but most of them were shut down immediately by the LiveJournal abuse team. Michichu and Lj-favicon.png on_san were burned at the stake to set examples, ensuring that the tragedy of Cosplayfucks would not happen ever again. Michichu resurrected as the grotesque Lj-favicon.png michichu2, but has been put on notice and is frequently policed by LJ Abuse, who stalk her at animu cons.

Sometimes, dead is better.

From JournalFen[edit]

Several of the users attempted to get it hosted on JournalFen, home of Fandom_Wank. Many members of Cosplayfucks on JournalFen were assassinated one by one before the community was bombed altogether.


The members of Cosplayfucks have tried many other forms of hosting, such as ProBoards, GreatestJournal and deliberately-misspelled versions ("Lj-favicon.png cosplayfcuks") on LiveJournal. Of course, Al Gore, a fairly famous cosplayer, has banned them at every turn. Members gave up buying one package of MSG-filled ramen a week and donated their parents' money in hopes of registering This was successful, and Cosplayfucks has become a teeming cesspool of drama and lulz. Eventually, they would like to purchase hosting capable of running an LJ clone and copycat Fandom_Wank. While they're at it, they would also like ponies and blowjobs for Christmas.

A Wikipedia article was created about the community, but it was deleted within the hour.

The online forum community reached 1000 members AGAIN on March 23, 2006, only five months after its C-section birth.

It has been unanimously decided that the Internets hates Cosplayfucks.

Cosplayfucks all-stars[edit]

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