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Crabs are fucking awesome members of the crustacean family, distinguished by their large pincers, hard, protective shells and distinctive sideways gait. They are not to be confused with those faggots, lobsters and crayfish, as unlike those queers, crabs do not have tails.

Crab might also refer to:

  1. Crab Nicholson: Extreme Sleepover - the best damn Nintendo DS game evar.
  2. Crabchan - a very obliging camwhore. She even put shoe on head.
  3. Giant Enemy Crabs - Enormous decapodian menaces that roamed Japan until the fuedal era, until they were driven to extinction by the samurai who struck their weak points for massive damage.
  4. Crab - Those cool kids over at Club Penguin use the word 'crab' as slang for the word 'crap' because swearing is not allowed.
  5. Crabs in a bucket - Sometimes referred to as crab mentality, 'crabs in a bucket' is a method of thinking best described by the phrase, "If I can't have it, neither can you." Not to be confused with dogs in a bathtub.
  6. Crab Hammering Puritanical Dickbags - People from Boston. All of them.
  7. Mr. Krabs - SpongeBob's Jew boss.
  8. Crabcore - Some gay emo shit.
  9. Crass and Champ - Two pet hermit crabs owned by Chris-chan's gal-pal, Ivy.
  10. Crab Link - One of Pikaman's pals, also known as 'Meta Link' or 'Crink'.
  11. Crabs - An STD. Nasty little buggers that live in your pubes and make you itch.
  12. Pedophiles - Who genetically have more in common with crabs than they do with you and me.



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