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The essence of RoFo

Ostensibly about asking for and giving romantic advice, Craigslist Romantic Forums (RoFo) is a sludgefest of creepy old men begging for tit pics, single mother attention whores neglecting their crotchfruit in an attempt to gain validation from strangers on the internet, sociopathic trolls and various other gutter trash. Forum Trolling is taken to new levels on RoFo, since anonymous posting is allowed.

Craigslist RoFo is quite possibly the most vile place on the internet. [2]. Very popular with anonymous trolls, catty bitches and socially awkward weirdos.

The forum allows anonymous "grey" posting which only encourages sockpuppets and OCD trolls to whip up a delicious frenzy of flaming and hatred.

...the CL forums somehow distill the already dangerous levels of depravity and stupidity of the site down to an intellectual poison. Reading these non-sequitur (RoFo) threads is like freebasing a combination of the personals and Rants & Raves. It's astounding that people even seek some form of connection in what can easily qualify as the single worst place on the Internet, the sewer-within-a-sewer of pure human awfulness. -


i stomped on aloneinlife's stomach and killed her ugly fucking nigger baby 02/18/2013 14:07


—amy-lee, one of skinnybluejean's troll handles

you deserve to have bad things happen to you, and if there is ANY justice in this fucked up world, you'll get them. fuck you, you nasty ugly smelly stupid worthless useless disgusting cunt whore shitpile motherfucking hagbag, you.


—Qat, flipping out on some girl that blew him off., [RoFo:Qat]



Qat is a Craigslist RoFo regular and an obese loser in his 40s who tries to hit on cute women and ends up trolling them when they try to ignore him. He posted pictures of himself in drag. Had one decent GF his entire life, who left him after he beat her up. He allegedly beat up his elderly father as well. Has admitted having phone sex with a 15 year old girl. Repeatedly loses his handle by mods. Currently posts as HansGruber

Penguins/Jeffrey Hoffman[edit]

Penguins is a bachelor in his 50s who continually posts pro-liberal and anti-Trump posts on this romantic advice forum - for hours and hours a day. Reactions are predictable. Penguins has been identified as Jeffrey Hoffman from Oakland California. He purports to be a former "Green Technology" financial analyst and current Green Tech social media maven. It was later found out he was fired from Target and lives in a group home supported by his father and smokes pot all day long. He's easily baited into throwing a fit. He's used and lost dozens of usernames on craigslist.

He claims to be a liberal but slips into misogynistic and homophobic rants when baited.

Some of his known usernames: AllInclusiveMalice, AngryUkranianPimp, AnonSpermDonor, Bad_Hat_Harry, Benny_Goldberg, BenYankin, BriannaBlahBlah, CigarStoreIndian, DogPost, Endless-snooze, faggimore, Fappy_Fappy, FatherOfTheFetus, future_ex-rofoer, halfbrain, HamasAndEggs, Handle_Messiah, Handle_Changer, HandleChanger, Handle-Messiah, i_licka_you_ass, Julie-in-HR, KickAssVagina, kristenperfect, Kudos-for-Mittens, Lesula-the-Prophet, Lions_in_Snowjob, LouisPrima, Luxury_Trabant, Mr_Darcy, MrPangloss, Paddy_OSteinberg, NewPenguinsHandle, Pan_Demic, Paramount_Equity, Parasoiled, PedophileGravy, PenguinsInJacuzzi, PenguinsInOakland, Penis-Proprietor, Powder-is-an-Idiot, pubalistic, Randomly_Generated, RandomlyGenerated, Randomly-Generated, recipe-troll, ReverendHortonHot, RittMomney, RoFoThousandaire, Sick_Rantorum, Soon_to_be_dead, Soon_to_be_Fred, StevieTheScumbag, tardparty, teen-hee-er, Teen-RE-banned, TheGreenAvenger, TransFatAirways, TurkeysInJacuzzi, WeakSauceMcCunty, Wrongshlong, www_rentatroll_com, YouAreSoButthurt, ZachCatshit, ZombiesInJacuzzi


Parrot a guy who viciously harassers other RoFo users. Creates handles that impersonate and mock these users. Seems to be on a campaign to destroy the life of qat. He's contacted qat's employers, the police and anyone else that could get qat into trouble.


Despite being only 37 years old, BriannaBella's meth addiction makes her look 60. She has dated some of the biggest losers on Rofo. She lived with a guy in his 50s that goes by the handle achilles13, until he kicked her out. She subsequently shacked up with and then married a 5'2" Mexican guy who uses the handle worlds_best_love. They sit around in his subsidized minority slum housing and smoke pot all day long. She makes pathetic posts on rofo stating how great her live is, but everybody just laughs at her.

This hag constantly trolls other "rofoettes" (female rofoers). In one incident, she trolled a person with the handle "bluuesy" about her autistic son, calling him a retard and saying bluuesy should spend more time with him rather than posting on rofo. She gets insanely jealous and paranoid that other women are trying to fuck her piece of shit husband. Her husband once told another rofoette named fauxciopath that fauxciopath has nice "pumpkins". BriannaBella flipped out and sent fauxciopath several threatening emails. fauxciopath posted the emails on rofo and Brianna flipped out.

Brianna is fugly.
this place is nothing but PUTRID vile.

you do nothing but torture me over being happy and torture me over the way I look. I cannot STAND the way you people make me FEEL or the way you treat me for NO reason and you're turning me into a person that I am not. SICK SICK fucks. you just lost a light in here



RIGHT? but as bad as I look

you're ten times fucking haggerdly. and I think all of rofo knows that.



Xander_Crews / Ken Leonard[edit]

A midget with a Napoleon complex that married a used up, pumped and dump slut with the handle of 4lorn just before her expiration date. Allegedly 4lorn cuckolded xander with another forum member called apache501. Whenever xander gets trolled about being a cuck, he goes into meltdown mode and threatens the forum with mass murder, making references to columbine. Also ridiculed for being having his overpriced condo in a San Francisco bay area ghetto foreclosed. Had a particularly funny troll that followed him around making death threats against him, his wife and his baby. Xander has been identified as Ken Leonard of Pinole CA.

gee...looks like someone with "cuckold" issues < DaGodFodder > 08/20 09:11:50

sent me ANOTHER death threat by anonymous remailer I WONDER WHICH ONE OF YOU CUCKOLDS THAT COULD BE?


—Xander likes to project


An obnoxious alcoholic attention whore that attacks female forum users. Her trolling often centers around infertility. Lost her job as a substitute teacher and now claims to be living in Costa Rica. Nobody believes that, however.

DCS titty dance


Not really a troll as much as an attention whore and slut. Allegedly flew across the country to fuck a married man.


HappyHappy - Her bod doesn't look too bad, but her face is hideous

HappyHappy/FierceVixen/Anti-Crush Dated lions-in-snow until he abandoned her in the middle of nowhere during a hike. Had some sort of mental break down, afterwards. Admits to having herpes.


Alleged mudshark and dishonorably discharged army vet. Alternates between using RoFo as her personal blog to posting the world's most boring shit, viciously attacking everyone else on the message board, and threatening suicide, threatening to kill her 5 year old daughter and to shoot up the daycare she works at. Has about 100 different handles. Currently stalked by her ex-BF sex-offender named Earl. Known handle names: sweetlovegoddess SkinnyBlueJeans (banned) MissJessica PinkBabyCakes Amy-Lee (banned) bluebeatingheart Bearcookie MissPromQueen (banned) ThePerfectWife OhSoLonely MrsPrincessKitty Freakbaby Babyblueeyes DelightfulBeauty (banned) BlackHighHeels (banned)

Celebrity Rofoers[edit]

Luka Magnotta[edit]

Famed cannibal, snuff film producer and ass pirate Luka posted on rofo several times since at least 2008 using sockpuppets, though mostly spamming the forum about himself rather than interacting with anyone. His posts usually stated "Luka Magnotta is the new Marylin Monroe [3] [4].

Attention Whores[edit]

pussy-willow showing off her plump tits [1]

Rofo, like many forums attracts its fair share of attention whores. Many are easily coaxed into posting their nude pics. Of course they are mercilessly trolled afterwards.

Funny Posts[edit]

qat gets ridiculed off the legal forums.[edit]

unk I've been harassed and stalked off of RoFo for < HansGruber >
 : . . if you can't stand the heat, < I_Douchius >
 : . . : . . That's just a random example. I could offer you < HansGruber >
 : . . : . . : . . where do you live? what's your address? < Pullerized >
 : . . : . . : . . Well, you shouldn't have hooked up with him < Laughing_Gravy >
 : . . : . . : . . : . . Why is this "stupid"? § < HansGruber >
 : . . : . . : . . "he"? you know it's a "he"? and how < I_Douchius >
 : . . : . . : . . : . . yes. § < HansGruber >
 : . . : . . : . . : . . : . . 4 questions, one answer = non responsive. § < I_Douchius >
 : . . : . . : . . : . . : . . : . . yes/yes/put together things i said over the < HansGruber >
 : . . : . . : . . : . . : . . : . . : . . "..put together things.." like pics you < I_Douchius >
 : . . : . . : . . : . . : . . : . . : . . : . . You're a fucking idiot. This forum is "legal", < HansGruber >
 : . . : . . : . . : . . : . . : . . : . . : . . : . . the idiot is the one who posts pics of < I_Douchius >
 : . . : . . : . . : . . : . . : . . : . . : . . : . . : . . So since that's a little mulatto baby < Hoofihijinto >
 : . . : . . Heres a sample of OPs violent post that get < Molly_Kate >
 : . . : . . : . . Oh my. § < Hoofihijinto >
 : . . there's only one way this person got your < MDofficeMGR >
 : . . : . . How they got the info is 100% irrelevant. < HansGruber >
 : . . : . . : . . Tell Dorothy & the Wizard I said 'Hi' § < bilgebaby >
 : . . : . . : . . : . . Whatever that means. § < HansGruber >
 : . . : . . : . . : . . : . . It means you live in a 'magical' kingdom < bilgebaby >
 : . . : . . : . . You made the mess, ya douche. Now you want.... < Net_snoop >
 : . . : . . : . . : . . Me, ME, MEE!! I'm now on the case! < Hoofihijinto >
 : . . Qat sounds like 90% of every other CL poster < Batesville_Caskets >
 : . . : . . Jeffy Hunny has you beat hands down Goober < JailhouseLawyer-ET >
 : . . When you open your mouth, expect a dick < bilgebaby >
 : . . : . . See above. Totally irrelevant. Wrong is wrong. § < HansGruber >
 : . . : . . : . . Stupid is stupid. < Hoofihijinto >
 : . . LOL.....what kind of idiot.... < UNKNOWN2015 >

skinnybluejeans spewing shit[edit]

I hope that faggot who posts my info online < bitesizebaby > 05/13 14:13:00

Wants to pay me when I win a law suit for Internet crimes.

i hope her bf rapes her downs ugly fat kid § < bitesizebaby > 02/11 18:26:57

One of BriannaBella's Meltdowns[edit]

Ten template stand back.jpg I'm over it < BriannaBella > 08/15 12:23:33

this place is nothing but PUTRID vile.

you do nothing but torture me over being happy and torture me over the way I look.

I am fucking DONE

place this in the "never coming back" file

I cannot STAND the way you people make me FEEL or the way you treat me for NO reason and you're turning me into a person that I am not. SICK SICK fucks.

you just lost a light in here

It's too bad you did not take the time to know me......I'm a VERY sweet person.

I can assure'll never see me again........

Qat's Issues with Women[edit]

A post where Qat (posting as colouredvinyl) shares an email he sent, attacking some girl for the crime of wanting nothing to do with him.

so i wrote the date girl. < colouredvinyl > 07/10 20:26:27

hi, annemarie, it's frank. i just want you to know that i'm not stupid. i am, however, clearly the type of guy who many women, like yourself, feel very comfortable treating poorly. you obviously have no intention of contacting me ever again; it doesn't take this long to "digest" and mull things over. it's a pretty simple situation. you like me or you don't. what i said to you that day via text- -"hey, if you decide you don't want to talk anymore, just let me know"--was not all that insecure and was really not a big deal. YOUR reaction was over the top and hysterical and very insecure on your part. nothing i asked you or said to you was in any way remotely similar to your ex sabotaging your relationship or "making you cry on your birthday" or any of that...and it was your actions that made me even bring it up in the first place--remember? you blew me off 2 days straight following out date. i knew it, i sensed it, and i tried to give you an "out", and instead of taking it, you played games and turned it on me, which was your perfect opportunity to avoid blame for being the flaky one or playing the games that you SWORE you didn't play.

A post where a cute girl with really nice tits, ada_03, who had previously befriended Qat, feeling sorry for him, explains why his vile abusiveness to her has turned her off.

honestly < ada_03 > 02/23 03:09:32

I don't care. After that night, you berated me worse than anyone ever has. To this day, you still hold a grudge against me for saying the shit between you, Parrot and Patrick was popcorn and beer worthy. Which it was. And to that comment you outraged that I deserved to be raped and die of AIDS that my rapist infected me with. And, to you, I am the one who committed the major offense!

So do I feel bad for you? Not in the least. Do I care about the trolling you get due to the shit you post on here? No. I am not your friend, let me make that crystal clear. I will not defend you like I once did. I will not try to go out of my way to offer suggestions in a sea of trolling remarks and wishes of death upon you. If that's what you're looking for, because I'm one of the "softer" posters here, I'm sorry but you won't find it. After my 3rd apology and brush off being called "ingenuine", I'm done with anything involving you. I believe in karma, and by the shit you said to me and the things happening to you right now, I'd say it's come around.

Harassment Qat Receives From Parrot and others[edit]

Besides this obvious attack article, Qat get viciously trolled by a mysterious Rofoer known as "Parrot". Parrot has had several handles over the years. He sporadically attacks other users, but mainly focuses on Qat. Parrot has attempted to take the trolling into IRL


I called the mental health department < PartyPeanuts > 06/05 00:56:00

They heard a few of qat's posts and decided (on their own) to call the police

Got it?

Parrot loves to abuse qat on tinychat.

Qat on tinychat crying on jewmasters shoulder < SetTheRayToGayQat > 01/28 22:02:07

about eni is even funnier. Of course he left out beating her and her cheating.

Qat asks the Craigslist legal forum what he can do about the constant trolling he gets from parrot. Legal forum sharks laff him out of town.

I've been harassed and stalked off of RoFo for < HansGruber > 05/12 17:52:55

over a year now. I've had police sent to my house under false pretenses three times, had people in my private life contacted with libelous emails, and my personal information dragged through the forum literally on a daily basis. Craig refuses to honor his own TOU or assist in any way, even to ban or sanction the party/parties he and I and everyone there know are responsible (something that might have deterred them had he done it long ago). I have an investigation with local police but they don't seem to be taking it very seriously. Here is the latest post, which he has posted 4 or 5 times already...(I'm "Qat".)

Any advice? Is this legal?

Someone comparing Qat to child abductor and 4chan hero Ariel Castro

Does Qat remind you of Ariel Castro? < - > 05/12 17:30:45

The more I hear about Castro in the news, the more I am reminded of things that Qat has posted.

Qat is a sexual predator, he hates women, he believes that women should be beaten, humiliated, stalked, ridiculed, raped, imprisoned, etc.

He has no control over his temper, has sexual fantasies about young girls, believes in underage sex, is socially maladjusted, has a long history of domestic violence, spies on women, etc.

His local police would feel pretty badly if they did not keep an eye on him, and when he does something, they had done nothing to prevent it from happening.

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