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Koran shitstorm

Shitstorming, also known as Crapflooding, is a common (and wonderful) way to attack blogs, wikis or forums and a surefire way to get admin on ED IRC. Literally, a shitstorm is a veritable mudslide of faeces.

Similarly, on the Internets, a shitstorm is a massive posting of thousands of garbage comments, usually containing shock images or loops from ED:Offended, the infamous Pain series, Tubgirls, Goatses and/or other shock sites along with some hateful text that almost always contains the word nigger. Sometimes they literally contain poop along with some randomized text in each post as a workaround for the lame security measure of filtering duplicate posts.

Example of Shitstorming: commanding sammiches from the wimminz.

Shitstorms are best done using automation. Scripts are generally easy to write with good programming languages like Perl or Ruby, and with shitty languages like Python. It is possible, if tricky, to shitstorm an imageboard with Dump-chan or the xChan Directory Dumper.


The Philosophy of Shitstorming

A Bantownian shitstorm guru once said:

"shitstorming is not hacking. its more like going to a museum and then stuffing 180,503 comments in the comments box all saying "LOL POOPOO. 180,503 is the 16,384th prime number."



IRL Shitstorm

Hurricane Katrina was the most famous IRL shitstorm. The atmospheric condensation combined with all the sewage, pollution, and niggers in Louisiana caused diarrhea to fall from the sky, literally flooding New Orleans in slimy, watery fecal matter.

Katrina FTW

 NEW ORLEANS SHIT FLOOD!         \           \         =|=M=
       \              \     \ ______     \        =|= _/|\
 \             \             /      --\o/-_____=|=/|_/ \| \__/
         \           \      /  \o/     |     /    \|    |
\             \            /    |     / \   /      \    | \
_____\__________________\_/____/ \         /        \\__|_____
shitshitshitshitshitshitcr|    ------_____/    ____  \shitshit
shitshitapshitshitshitshit|____           |   |_|_|  |shitshit

Tools for Crapflooding


The result.

MailRape is an e-mail flooder (for *nix). It sends a lot of mail, which randomizes the sender and subject, and X-Mailer, via SMTP or Sendmail.

The configuration is inside the script.

Dependencies: Ruby.




Nraep is a PHP application that submits your victim's email to OVER 9000 mail lists.
Requirements: Apache, PHP, Curl.


Download the screenshot, rename the .png image to .rar, and extract.

RAR password: partyvan

nraep v0.5 mirrors:

nraep v0.4 mirrors:


Domorato is an SMS bomber written by Masterfabric. It is based on a script written by some anon on 711chan. It is written in PHP and unlike most SMS bombers, which send text messages via a service providers email gateway, Domorato relies on a flaw in (a website which sends anonymous text messages). However, the obvious flaw with this software is that if anontext is fucking up, so will Domorato. It will send random garble to any number you tell it to, until you close out of your browser window/tab.


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