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Crimson-Silvrblood = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.

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You know that the best lawyers send off a notice with, "UR JEALOUS."

Lindsay Ann Dow, striving to become the next Zoe Quinn.

Crimson-Silvrblood, (Powerword Lindsay Ann Dow/Lindsay Ann Lauer-because some Sick Fuck was stupid enough to marry her) also known as Deviantart-favicon.png nenalaen, Deviantart-favicon.png nyxofthestormriders, or Nyx to her microscopic fanbase, is a super edgy, Pansexual, Genderqueer, Feminist, Artist, Writer, Proud, batshit insaneTARTlet accused of stealing the artwork of fellow batshit insane TARTlet Ladyhellfyre. She has returned with more lolz to give and has been recently seen licking the ever-inflating bike pump of TomPreston.

As delusional as ever, Lindsay also proclaims herself to be open-minded, and tons of fun!

Melayne ≠ Vistyne

Nyx and a friend, basking in their delusions.
LHF, being a dramawhore like always.

Lindsay's beautiful OC Melayne, or as her opposition affectionately calls her, "Bizarrostyne," is a virtual mirror image of LadyHellFyre's Vistyne Sinestora. This coincidence was spotted by one of LHF's watchers and asked if art of Melayne was Vistyne fanart. In response Lindsay was on the attack and went full-on capslock. LHF presumably ignored the copying for weeks, until Crimson-Silvrblood began maliciously attacking her watchers and friends while citing that the only reason she was not guilty was that LHF had not accused her of the theft herself. Wut?

LHF authored a journal listing the similarities between the characters while bawwing to her close fanbrats. Her army of TARTlets immediately jumped in to avenge her butthurtz.

However, some argue that the poor bastard in this screenshot noticed the similarities between the two Mary Sues long before this bullshit even started.


Note Nyx's immediate response is to unleash the motherfucking fury. Guilty conscience much? Or the fact that she had been plagued by the legion of tartlets weeks before?

The Battle Begins

Cool Tips For Not Being A Fag by Nyx.

On devART, flaming someone who has drawn a character which looks a lot like your idol's is considered the best way to get them to stop doing that shit. (See: Snapesnogger) In true devART fashion, after LHF's minions flamed her, Nyx took the opportunity to flame LHF's friend Deviantart-favicon.png t3h-dyl4n's artwork, based on the fact that her anatomy was wrong because her art contains mostly furries. The argument spiraled into insane hilarity as Nyx continued to fling insults like pretty much every other TARTlet to ever be accused of tracing. She has been quoted saying, "I may have fucked myself over in the past for my terrible and violent attitude" and continued on in a rant about ED. Two words: YA THINK?

In an attempt to feign apathy over the accusations of plagiarism, Nyx wrote bitchy, disjointed journal entries about the "harassment" and promptly went about the rest of her day. Little did she know that devART never sleeps and neither do the trolls that lurk within the layer of shit that dA pours glitter on and pretend their site is teh shit.


Whatever helps you sleep at night.

Finally, someone made some small, hard to see overlays of the two characters and posted them as "proof". As is to be expected in cases like these, LHF's fantards screamed "SEE! SEE, IT WAS TRACED!!!!11one1!" while some of Nyx's fantards insisted that no tracing was done. Anyone who can spot the accusations out of this image must have eyes that can see through retardation.

Trace1.png Trace2.png

(PROTIP:Next time do a higher-rez overlay, retard)

In what has thus far been the only vaguely lulzy thing to come out of this whole incident, Nyx posted this journal entry accusing the LHF fanbrat who had made the overlay of stealing her art, and also bragging about how her big sister pwned said fantard on AIM. Nothing says "I'm a badass!" like hiding behind your little sister. On the internetz.


As for the awesome e-smackdown mentioned in the journal, well...see for yourself:

Nyx's Sister (3:09:18 AM): hey you. yeah you. if you block me, you're a pussy
t3h-dyl4n (3:09:34 AM): A pussy? Lol.
t3h-dyl4n (3:09:43 AM): Go ahead, lay it on me.
Nyx's Sister (3:09:54 AM): how bout you leave my sister alone. dont be fucking stupid. lie|i watch her draw her art, so leave her alone
t3h-dyl4n (3:10:18 AM): Uh oh.  Somebody called the waaaahmbulance on me.
Nyx's Sister (3:14:16 AM): omg. seriously. you're so fucking stupid. your art should be deleted.
Nyx's Sister (3:14:22 AM): she DOESNT trace
Nyx's Sister (3:14:25 AM): this pisses me off
t3h-dyl4n (3:14:27 AM): Except I didn't do anything wrong.
Nyx's Sister (3:14:36 AM): yeah, you did
Nyx's Sister (3:14:49 AM): you got her fucking number and told her she was a fraud
t3h-dyl4n (3:14:51 AM): By standing up for my best friend, who is getting ripped off and traced by your sister?
t3h-dyl4n (3:14:54 AM): I didn't get her number.
t3h-dyl4n (3:15:00 AM): She has AIM set up on her phone.
Nyx's Sister (10:56:44 PM): omg. seriously. for one, i'm not ignorant. for two, are you making fun of my dead aunt? thats rude. for three, you guys are realllllly dramatic
t3h-dyl4n (10:56:55 PM): Welcome to the Internet.

For more lulz, check out the rest of the logs here!

Images of Bizarrostyne

More of Nyx's Amazing Artwork

Asmilingmalice - Too Cool for ED

Best way to repel furries.
Raping Duke Nukem isn't cool and neither are you.

Her 19 years of existence are questionable. Scientists estimate 46 years. For being a stupid white knight and sticking her nose where it doesn't belong she deserves to be coupled with Nyx in the infamous ED. Magdelena or Deviantart-favicon.png asmilingmalice also hates furfags, which has abso-fucking-lutely nothing to do with how much of an attention whore she is, writing journals about bullshit that doesn't concern her and then bawwing when the internet responds. Her best argument is that furries are all dog-fuckers, so they must have no clue how much of a complete shitdick moron she actually is.

When not tracing the fuck out of everything imaginable on the interwebs or raping miscellaneous fandoms, she also spends time being a rabid Harry Potter fantard, though claims that she couldn't possibly be one, despite DRESSING UP AS A FUCKING CHARACTER FROM THE BOOKS. She's also an obsessed anti-Twilighter because she thinks it makes her cool. She also, unsurprisingly, pretends to be the Joker's Henchgirl thus infecting the internets with more absolutely fucking heinous nurse cosplay, even though no one would tap that shit, ever. Her tracing and shitty fucking behavior has also infected the Hellsing fan community, leading to many, many lulz with her failed attempts to troll the ever-living hell out of them. Much to her dismay, no one actually thinks she's funny or clever.

Her art does the complete opposite of improving and being the retard she is, she has yet to discover the ruler. She has also created a handful unfunny of deviantART stamps that no one fucking cares about. Her character Malice has been noted raping an near endless variety of fandoms, including Hellsing and Watchmen.

Further proof leads us to conclusive evidence that asmilingmalice used to be fantard/troll RoseDincht [1]. It should also be noted she is now the self-declared "Nolanverse Harley Quinn".

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