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Crinklepedia was a website for adult diaper fetishists and babyfurs. Anonymous raided them in the wee hours of the morning of January 11, 2007, and nothing of value was lost.

Screenshot of the forum raepage.

The site

Crinklepedia was a crappy wiki site about diaper fetishism. It was mainly used by pedophiles, furries, and retired astronauts.

You-know-who doesn't forgive

Starting at approximately 10:30 PM Eastern, using the shared accounts "TheUnfrogivingAnonymous" and "KramerThinksYourAllNiggers", /i/nfidels and eBaumers descended on the site, and quickly realized they were the only people on. Instituting a firm grasp of the wiki, pages and catagories were changed, moved, and otherwise fucked with. Some pages got Bel-Air'd, others got DESU floods, still others were replaced with YIFF IN HELL FURFAGS. Zippocat, Game Over and various other shock pictures flooded the site, especially after they told the legion to "Grow the fuck up".

Oh shit, here comes the Poop Police!


Eventually, several regular users logged on and noticed what Anonymous had done, tirelessly reverting or blanking pages anonymous had raeped. Unfortunately, at that point, the legion outnumbered the official users on the site by a large margin, and any changes back to "official" versions was quickly reverted to Anonymous' far more epic versions.

UnFortunately, the site has been baleeted.

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