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Crunchyroll is a popular and highly reliable anime streaming service whose purpose is to provide an easy way for Western anime fans to support the creators of all their favorite anime series. People who work within Crunchyroll's company have enormous egos often claiming that they are there to save the anime industry by simply bringing anime to the west. This is BS since Crunchyroll does not like their own audience and would rather bring anime to the hands of degenerate tumblrinas. If you love Japanese anime, do whatever you can to stay away from this service. People who defend Crunchyroll often make the point that Crunchyroll does pay back the anime industry for the Chinese cartoons that you are paying for, but what these sellout e-celebs on YouTube do not tell you is that the money they are giving back mainly comes in the form of lobbying. The money that these people are giving back to the anime industry is being used to reshape the anime industry into a business model that is more like the modern west aka crappy and not worth your time. Crunchyroll would rather lobby anime companies into making anime more diverse or funding a crappy cartoon instead of using that money to get better servers or a better functioning website. If you are subscribed to this service do whatever you can to find a different streaming service or unsubscribe completely. People who advertise for Crunchyroll are often payed shills trying to collect ad revenue. These people are far more dangerous to anime than 4Kids ever was or ever will be to anime. Paying for a Crunchyroll subscription is like paying for the genocide of the Japanese people.

Crunchyroll the tourist trap
Crunchyroll commits fraud
A tag team of cancer
With the help of Funimation, Crunchyroll changes the original script's translation to reflect the tastes of a dumbed down Western audience

Crunchyroll is Bad for Anime[edit]

How Crunchyroll Began[edit]

Crunchyroll got its start on /a/ on 4chan by certain users. Diaz was the main founder of this service and at one time Diaz was regarded as the most important and influential anime industry insider. Diaz also endorses HorribleSubs, founded by Jaka who posts on 4chan with a trip, and how it handles codecs. Crunchyroll and HorribleSubs maintained a strong relation with 4chan until the day Crunchyroll sold their soul to the normalfaggots on Tumblr just to get a quick buck. Ever since Crunchyroll sold their soul, they have been the joke of /a/ ever since.

Crunchyroll works with Funimation to Weaponize Anime[edit]

Funimation is a popular successful dubbing company that is often considered to be one of the better dubbing companies in the West mainly because these people lack competition. Funimation gathered tons of praise in the early days of dubbing since they were viewed as the anti-thesis to 4Kids Entertainment and were better than most of their competition. Funimation unlike other companies did not provide as much Americanization to the source material and would often keep the original Japanese intros. Once subbed anime become more available, people began to see that Funimation was really not much better than 4Kids Entertainment. On the surface Funimation looks like a decent company, but if you dig deeper it is obvious to anyone with a brain that watches anime that subs are better than dubs and that Funimation is still crap compared to its source material. The changes that Funimation makes are usually minor but the edits that they make are often in the form of Marxist propaganda since Funimation wants to weaponize anime so that they can destroy Japan and Western civilization. After realizing that people prefer subs over dubs, Funimation has teamed up with Crunchyroll in order to lobby politicians into destroying any anime website that is better than theirs under the disguise of protecting copyrighted material. These two fuck bubbies main goal in life is to Americanize anime through subversion and infiltration.

Why Crunchyroll is the Scourge of the Western World and Japan[edit]

  • Despite giving people a chance to watch anime without pirating it, they outright despise anime
  • They outright hate Japan despite what PR cucks tell you
  • They hate the Western world and Western civilization
  • The owner hates competition
  • The owner hates other streaming services
  • The owner hates websites where you can get anime for free
  • They are owned by AT&T

How They Became "Popular"[edit]

Crunchyroll started out as a anime pirating service that profited off of baiting oblivious weeaboos by locking anime episodes behind a paywall. In spite of this, a few clever neckbeards were aware of Crunchyroll's scam and devised this strategy to use this service without giving them money:

  • 1. Get Crunchyroll on a video game console (i,e the PS3 or Wii U)
  • 2. Make up an unverified Paypal Account
  • 3. Apply for their premium membership trial and use the Paypal account
  • 4. Rinse and repeat when the premium membership runs out.
  • 5. Crunchyroll will get less money
  • 6. ???
  • 7. No profit.

Crunchyroll using JewTube sponsors to bait clueless retards into lining their pockets[edit]

Take a good guess as to why this infamous Crunchyroll shill doesn't want you pirating anime.

A person that goes to Crunchyroll usually goes to this website due to the information brought by other YouTubers that have tons of views. Most people that view these YouTubers such as JonTron usually do not realize that they are being scammed or that the people who advertise it are only advertising the product simply due to the brand name or to collect their daily autismbux known as ad revenue. Most sane people generally ignore these ads but due to the huge amounts of popular channels that shill for this service, the likelihood that one has heard about Crunchyroll as an anime streaming service is very high. Since these YouTubers are giving them recognition at all, the odds that the average viewer will likely subscribe to Crunchyroll's streaming service is very high.

Crunchyroll and Funimation Attack GamerGate[edit]

This scene was rewritten in English by soyboys in an attempt to weaponize Anime against GamerGate for leftist political gain and good boy points.

Crunchyroll Makes an Original Series[edit]

Studio Triggered.jpg
Kate Leth Kill All Men Tweets.png

Behold the AIDS

Crunchyroll recently made 'High Guardian Spice, an original show that does not belong on an anime streaming service and would likely not get any backlash if it was featured on Cartoon Network or Netflix instead, but since this is an anime network something like this has to be held up by much higher standards and as a result this show sucks ass even when compared to the worst of anime. Even the worst 4Kids dub had more soul and effort than this show. The show might be somewhat okay when it comes out or least that is the truth if you are someone with no standards of course.

See Also[edit]

  • Kate "Kill All Men" Leth - One of the founders of Crunchyroll's original series, High Guardian Spice.
  • 4Kids Entertainment - The predecessor to Crunchyroll. While 4Kids' goal was to appease Christian soccer moms, Crunchyroll's is to outright ruin anime as an art form by bringing folks from Tumblr into the anime industry.
  • Japan
  • ResetERA - Many insiders of Crunchyroll are also influential members of ResetERA.
  • Netflix - Yet another company seeking to infect the anime industry with kikery. The only difference here is that Netflix can actually make original cartoons that do not scream CalArts autism.
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