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Those gawd damn filthy bastards! Let's lynch 'em!

Cultural appropriation is largely used at present as a form of virtue signaling within the Oppression Olympics. It's a way of tearing down others, controlling actions and forcibly segregating people based on nonsensical, arbitrary, ever-changing rule sets. A triangular pattern of behavior that seeks to label one side a "victim", one side an "attacker" and the final side the "savior" sublimed with sanctimonious superiority.

Liberal loonies often get so caught up in this self-defeating, dick-witted, group think threesome that they create a slippery slope of regression that easily slides back into obliviously supporting segregation and cultural stagnation.

In reality culture is not something that "belongs" to you, or anyone. Culture is simply the description of whatever norms, customs, beliefs and ideals happen to be popular within a given time frame, within a given geographical location, within a given community construct (whether it be based on physical traits, ideological similarities, cognitive conditioning or otherwise).

If you believe that a particular culture "belongs" to you it directly indicates a LACK of personal character and conviction. You have essentially latched on to random tchotchkes which you are using as a poor substitution for a genuine sense of self. Basically it's a form of self-objectification that causes you to lash out at others because you see yourself in objects or actions that they happen to be engaging in.

When you see yourself as PROPERTY and that proverbial property is being enjoyed by others without your consent, you in turn feel anger and animosity, a sense of violation due to the way that you have objectified yourself and your lack of a real sense of identity.


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The concept of cultural appropriation was derived from seemingly legitimate concerns over caricature forms believed to be rooted in attempts at disparaging and belittling people based upon their race or culture. To a limited extent, this concern does actually hold up, in the sense that any form of dehumanization, especially anthropomorphized dehumanization, can facilitate moral ambiguity, to the point where one group of people can easily attack another group of people without remorse, regret or guilt. Because while it's very difficult for one human to attack or kill another human, it becomes very easy when you simply stop thinking of them as being human or as being less than human.

From painting police up as pigs to joking about how Jews look like rats, or how blacks look like monkeys, dehumanization in an invective iteration can be used quite easily as a means of effectively weaponizing the human condition to incite attacks, terror and even outright genocide. In such a context it's normally used during times of war in the form of propaganda in order to help mitigate feelings of depression and guilt over bombing the other side back into the stone age.

Which in a sense is actually a good thing, in that the goal of any war should be to win and to do it as fast as possible in order to minimize potential long term casualties. Sometimes that means having to sacrifice a significant degree of moral standing, an effective "necessary evil" if you will, to wanting to win.

Liberals of course tend to use this as a form of promoting the censorship of free speech, however forks do not make people fat. That is, every individual has free will and at the very most all anyone can do is give you opportunities to act in ways that you want to. Much like hypnosis, the art of suggestibility only works if there's an underlying desire to act upon that suggestion. A dehumanized caricature can not, in and of itself, create hatred or animosity, it can only act as a fuel source for feelings of rage that already exist within a person. As people have free will, free speech cannot be directly blamed as an instigator of attack, it can only be used as a form of excuse and generally only holds up in instances in which a person or people are severely lacking in education and intellectual understanding.

Or to put it more simply, stupidity is the key that starts the engine of animosity, free speech can only act as a potential fuel source.

Cultural Appropriation Rap[edit]

There have been a number of botched attempts at turning overtly political, loudmouth SJW rhetoric and regressive religious-like doctrine into mainstream media shows and movies. From Fembusters to Bill Nye Saves The Talking Vagina to the latest cringe cranking crap factory, "Problematic" unironically aired on Comedy Central, which has become a giant burning shit ship slowly sinking into the sea, South Park being the only show left even keeping it afloat at this point.

Early on in the show they featured an episode concerning cultural appropriation in which they attempted a pseudo-self aware white bread rap segment in which they basically accused white people of stealing... everything. This white guilt routine had about as much coherent introspection as a megalomaniac coughing up cocaine off coon cock as it proudly proclaimed its creator's lackluster rap fame was enough game to garner a pass to the ghetto glory hole for has-been hack artists. If this wickety lurch "MC Serch" had any semblance of self-respect he wouldn't have wrecked himself with this infectious reject routine...

Reversing The Retard Train[edit]

Back... tha'fuck... up.

This idiocy unfortunately works in reverse as well, without a hint of hypocritical self-awareness these same segregation supporting SJWs will very often turn right the fuck around and start looking for ways to wash over historical material with proverbial palette swaps of gender and race. For no directly coherent reason at all, but rather simply for the sake of reactionary intentions, instigating in-fighting and afflicting agitation within communities and cultures they have no genuine interest in at all. It's the SJW crybully equivalent of trolling, wherein they pitch a fucking fit whenever their imaginary diversity quotas aren't being met (by other people), pointedly accusing any detractors of being "literally Hitler" or worse.

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