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President Trump's decision to rescind DACA made The Loud House into a far better show overnight.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA is an Obama-era policy in the Jewnited States of Americunts that delays the deportation of the spawn of illegal immigrants and helps them steal jobs from hard-working Muricans. Last Thursday, President Donald Trump confirmed that he would be ending DACA. By ending DACA, Trump is literally taking America back to the 1950s—a wonderful era of black people being lynched by the KKK and child pornography being perfectly legal—although how exactly we came to this conclusion is a mystery considering the fact that DACA didn't even exist until fucking 2012.

Like all of President Trump's best decisions, the loony left immediately responded to news of Trump ending DACA by accusing him of being a heartless bastard and a racist Nazi who hates brown people – to which Trump responded by not giving a fuck and continuing to fight for the rights of all legal American citizens, regardless of the colour COLOR (in proper 'murcan) of their skin.

Who The Fuck Are DREAMers?[edit]

This ungrateful little shit is too young for DACA and will be dragged kicking and screaming back to San Salvador.

The DREAM Act (short for Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act) was a bill originally proposed in 2001 by senators Dick Durbin and Orrin Hatch and partially based on a prior bill that was proposed by Luis Gutiérrez earlier that same year. In 2012, after failing to pass multiple times, then-president Barack Obama signed an Executive Order to create DACA – a poor man's version of the DREAM Act.

Despite the name change, DACA recipients are still referred to as DREAMers for some retarded reason – probably because bleeding hearts really, really want to hammer home the idea that these ungrateful little illegal bastards are merely children who are chasing "The American Dream" or some gay shit like that.

Contrary to what the Fake News Liberal Media wants you to believe, DREAMers are not children. The minimum age to apply for the DACA program is 15-years-old, and the majority of DACA recipients are actually in their mid-20s and still watch My Little Pony in Spanish despite living in the U.S. since they were 3.

How Did This Happen[edit]

Like all supreme level social clusterfucks DACA was the product of endless liberal "good intentions" run amok. Democrats basically want to try and "save the world" but have no idea how to actually do it, nor are they aware on any level, of their inherent limitations. They're like a crazy cat hoarder who wants to take in every other stray cat they come across, even though they don't actually have the means or money to care for them, which invariably leads to ALL the cats being horribly neglected, abused and then suffocated to death by Luka Magnotta.

This proverbial road right on into hell on earth is always paved with the "good intentions" of dumbfuck Democrats who never even give the slightest thought as to how their saintly feats can be compromised, abused, taken advantage of, or outright exploited to incur epic ruination on all levels. It's like wanting transsexuals to be able to use any bathroom they want while completely ignoring the legions of sick fucks who will exploit that want for their own criminal, pervy intentions.

Reactions from Libtards[edit]

The type of vile, racist scum that supports Trump's decision to kill DACA.
This is a sad day for our country. The decision to end DACA is not just wrong. It is particularly cruel to offer young people the American Dream, encourage them to come out of the shadows and trust our government, and then punish them for it.


Zuckerfag, wanting to keep Facebook's cheap labour Archive today-ico.png (archive)

New York will not demonize diversity.

We will not stand by as 42,000 NYers are deported.

If President Trump rescinds #DACA, we will sue.


—Andrew Cuomo, calling illegals "diversity" Archive today-ico.png (archive)

Donald Trump is saying in every way possible that power in America is white, straight and male and all else are targets. #DACA



—Charles M. Blowjob, spewing jizz out his mouth Archive today-ico.png (archive)

The end of #DACA will go down in history as one of the most cowardly and cruel acts undertaken by this Administration.



—Jackie Speier, being an idiot Archive today-ico.png (archive)

Trump's decision on DACA is the ugliest and most cruel decision ever made by a president of the U.S. in the modern history of this country.



Bernie Sanders, jumping the fucking shark Archive today-ico.png (archive)

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