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Be aware of that, you mindless hater.
Who knew DLAbaoaqu hated questions so much?
A joke that would've been funny back then made in 2015
When in Rome, claim someone is a sock puppet.

While the best trolls, commentators, or what have you know how to troll certain faggots on the tubes, they also know when to stop and find better targets. However, there do exist individuals who remain on the same bandwagon, continuing to suck an already milked lolcow dry, often using the exact same points and excuses, even when said faggots are already outdated. People like these are common amongst Irate Gamer haters. Now yes, the Irate Gamer is a total faggot, but that should already be common knowledge. Have you ever heard of someone who makes a living whining about someone nobody gives a shit about anymore? Well, DLAbaoaqu is that kind of person.


Pronunciation: DEee-Ell-Ayyye-BaaaaOw

You might be thinking, this article'll just consist of trying to get everyone on some random user's ass. Back then, it would've been the case, but these days, DLA is just a few trolls away from becoming milkable. DLAbaoaqu is a text commentator who primarily targets, well, every game reviewer who isn't the Angry Video Game Nerd, clearly taking inspiration from some autistic ginger. He is the host of the series, "I Can't Believe it's Not AVGN" (better known as "I Can't Believe There're Other Game Reviewers." It should be noted that the AVGN fanbase is amongst one of the most obsessive fanbases ever. There're more people like DLA in the fandom, but considering how DLA continues to treat the IG like he's a relevant target, he has made himself into the king sperglord of AVGN fans. Because the internet is home to faggots of all shapes and sizes (and because hating the Irate Gamer was cool at the time), he has gained a heavy following (though still not as big as IG's following). An interesting fact about DLA is that he has never shown his face. Whether this is for better or worse is up to you.

Hatred of the Irate Gamer

Remember, if you just so happen to be bald, you're automatically ripping off Armake21 - wait, isn't DLA supposed to be mad about people ripping off the AVGN?

DLA has made his hatred of the IG known since the beginning. He hates the IG (and incidentally, every other game reviewer out there), as much as the Westboro Baptist Church hates gays. A grand bulk of the episodes of his series revolve around the Irate Gamer, which would be understandable to the average hater, but keep in mind, you don't need to make 20+ episodes stating shit people already know. It should be obvious from the first mention. If that wasn't enough, DLA has spawned a series of followers, and it has evolved into a clusterfuck of AVGN fanboys whining about the same thing. In spite of these followers dropping off of YouTube, DLA continues to whine about the Irate Gamer, even releasing an episode of his series in 2015, a few years too late to do a commentary on the IG, don't you think?

Followers/Similar Users

DLA has spawned a heavy amount of Irate Gamers through inspiring these nobodies to whine about people stealing from the AVGN.

DJ, promoting himself on DLA's channel.
  • YouTube Favicon.png DJCuell: The most notable of them all. He's essentially the same as DLA (from the text commentaries to focusing on reviewers who commit the unforgivable crime of doing video game reviews), only he's far more calm, and he focuses not only on reviewers, but his haters too. He has since left YouTube, presumably to do the world a favor. He uses the Nostalgia Critic as his icon too. How does a persona who complains about movies from the 90s compare to shit video game reviewers? God only knows.
This was acceptable, shockingly.
  • YouTube Favicon.png Shadsilvson11: Unique amongst the bunch, as he uses his actual voice in his commentaries. Doesn't excuse the fact that he sounds like he suffers from severe brain damage. Oddly enough, he doesn't focus on Irate Gamer exclusively. Indeed, he has mostly gone after another notable rip-off and reviewers who criticize Sonic the Hedgehog games. Did we mention he's a Sonicfag, and that he has gotten away with using a Silver recolor. Ironic, since another user used a Silver recolor and got hated for it while Shadsilvson11 got away with it for years. Also has a massive hate boner for Mariotehplumber and is notable for making videos where he kills the things he hates in five different ways. Has also left.
  • YouTube Favicon.png SonicFan3346: Essentially the same as Shadsilvson11, only that he's a text commentator who's apparently too stupid to superimpose text on video footage. Has made nearly 10 commentaries on MarioTehPlumber (a troll) and gets irritated very easily. Has either an heroed or decided to leave his room for once in his life. Note that there's no audio when his walls of text appear in his videos.
  • I Can't Believe It's Not ICBAVGN: (powerword Jack Hollenworth) We might've reached a whole new level of sad. A fanboy of an AVGN fanboy. Mostly does responses to responses made by DLA or any of the three above, and he seems to have a crippling obsession with a certain troll. He has since retired, and nothing of value was lost.
  • YouTube Favicon.png sasspd22: Started out by making shitty text commentaries on, what else, AVGN "rip-offs", though he has since moved on to making commentaries on relevant targets, even revealing his slurred voice. He is universally hated in the commentary community these days, but even he doesn't give a shit about it.
  • YouTube Favicon.png DoubleEdgedSword2: All he does is copy DLAbaoaqu (and of course, focus exclusively on Irate Gamer). In other words, he's the Irate Gamer of Irate Gamer commentators.
In addition to whining about the Irate Hack, DLA is your stereotypical fundie Christian.

False Flaggots Piss DLA Off

Around 2011-12, there was a time when false flaggots started abusing the YouTube takedown policy to take down his videos, pissing off DLA and his subscribers. One went under the name Cry Wolf Productions and took down a couple of his videos. Sadly, they were restored or reuploaded, but much lulz were to be had with him and his "fans"


In 2011, the antithesis to DLAbaoaqu emerged, taking the form of Callaidbio. He's a text commentator who made commentaries on AVGN videos. From the get-go, it should've been obvious that he was just screwing with the easily triggered AVGN fandom, but alas, many AVGN fanboys took the bait, and this included DLABAAAAWWW. Callaidbio's trolling is meh at best, but even he knows when to simply give up, having successfully served his purpose and fucking off into obscurity.

Reactions to Criticism

Due to getting popular off of something nearly everyone hates, he doesn't get criticism as often as his targets. Indeed, whenever DLA receives a comment that doesn't include a sliver of positivity, he just hides the comment. To him, this is a troll-proof strategy, but to those with a functioning mind, it just shows how fragile he truly is. If you plan on trolling him, make sure to screencap the comments right away. He also claims that he'll block you, but this rarely happens.


  • DLAbaoaqu is a Christian.
  • Like a majority of his followers, he's a big fan of Sonic the Hedgehog. This shows in a bulk of his commentaries.
  • DLAbaoaqu is also a Brony, as can be evidenced in some of his videos.

Ways to Troll DLAbaoaqu

  • Tell him that the Irate Gamer, in spite of sucking more, is still far more successful than he'll ever hope to be.
  • Furthermore, tell him his parody videos aren't funny.
  • Do a commentary on an Angry Video Game Nerd review.
  • Keep posting comments on his channel or videos.
  • Remind him that Irate Gamer stopped being relevant a long time ago.

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