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A typical Daily Stormer reader.
Their #1 youtuber who they circlejerk to [1]. Thinking he is a tru neo nazi.

The DailyStormfag is a play pretend Alt-Right website for angry asshats who refused to become trannies, as required by ANTIFA. Typically blame Jews and the odd nigger for everything wrong with their lives.

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The Site's Creator[edit]

Typical content of a serial rapist's basement

The Daily Stormer was created by Andrew Anglin, your typical beta male manlet who thinks lifting will magically make him taller. Views the site's viewers as his personal army.

The site eventually gained national notoriety when some nobody took pictures of himself masturbating with the confederate flag surrounded by pretty flowers, which he uploaded to the site, shortly before going all Elliot Rodger on some random group of black people.

As a result the news media gave Andrew all sorts of attention that his parents never gave him, egging him on to keep pushing for more negative reinforcement. This started a long cycle of stupidity as mainstream media continually used Andrew as their personal Neo Nazi whipping boy and Andrew in turn kept bending his butt on over their knee begging for more.


The article that pushed the Daily Stormer onto the dark web
Move along you "Nazis".

In August the site's domain registrar GoDaddy decided they, thankfully, had enough of Andrew's antics, especially after it became abundantly obvious that the site was pointing out that Heather Heyer was killed by one too many packets of Ho-Hos, instead of the media narrative that she was crushed by a Nazi car. Being a complete, dishonest coward, Anglin kept insisting the entire site was just an ironic troll-job. Even thought it led one of their users to go trashcan bowling with SJWs; it became abundantly obvious that the site wasn't simply a social experiment gone terribly wrong.

Daily Stormer - GoDaddy.png

They also attempted to get a Russian domain but were likewise booted. CloudFlare also booted them from their service, along with dozens of other supposed Neo Nazi websites which have also been perma-fucked from the world wide web. One might question of course, even as retarded as the Daily Stormer is, isn't this going a bit too far? Doesn't this pretty well shit all over free speech? And, well, yes it does! But that's a GOOD THING in this case. Why you ask? Simple, since corporate controlled DNS has now, ironcally, gone all SIEG HEIL on the world and has started burning sites like Hitler enjoyed burning books there is only one alternative... that is, alternative DNS configurations.

Remember, destruction breeds creation!

The Site's Users[edit]

Repressed Homosexuals[edit]

Attila Richard Lukacs 'Love in Union, Amorous Meeting' (1992).jpg
These are the people primarily drawn to Angliln's talks about fitness and being "manly".

Tryhard Edgelords[edit]

Daily Stormer - 09.jpg
The reason why Anglin appeals so hard to the kids in high school. Aware that there has always been a market for edgy 13 year old boys, Anglin makes the site as "memey" as possible

Naked Troll Rats[edit]

Daily Stormer - 07.jpg
Pepe avatars on Twitter

Social Rejects[edit]

Daily Stormer - 04.png
Uses the term "roastie" excessively. The primary audience for the "All white women are whores" articles and the ones usually getting butthurt at a woman who has gone to college instead of getting knocked up at age 15 like a proper Aryan woman. Gets way too excited when the third sexbot article of the day has been posted. Still values "tradition" somehow

The Site's Supporters[edit]

Andrew "Weev" Auernheimer[edit]

Someone you take seriously

Needs no extensive write-up as everyone knows weev.Lost his fucking mind during his stint in white collar prison. A somewhat inactive writer these days although he occasionally posts a bizarre, even for DS standards, article. As he spends most of his time squatting in shithole countries while on the run from imaginary US government agents.

Weev - Acting Nutty.jpg

Michael Coombs aka Mikemikev[edit]

Mike was banned for this post.

Neo-nazi lolcow Mikemikev used to post regularly on The Daily Stormer and was friends with Andrew Anglin. However, Mikemikev was later banned after encouraging violence against Jews, writing: "sad that 'not advocating violence' has to be the official position of this site".


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