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Doesn't surpirse me that he also likes having buttsecks with BigALTherantmaster.

Dailymotion is the YouTube for French faggots.

Despite its gayness, it is more tolerant of porn, copyrighted material, and shock videos than YouTube will ever be. If you frequently fap to fucking gay porn, this site might be for you. The only redeeming factor is that there aren't as many furfags as there are on Jewtube,making the site alot more tolerable. Dailymotion is also considered a safe haven for fatties because they can't seem to grab a break with the all mature fucktards that make comments like "ZOMGZ FATY EaT CHEEEEEzUSU BRUGERZLOLLLLOOOOOOOOLOOl". Since it's not as popular as JewTube, it's a lot harder to troll people, considering that you actually have to work to find that rare McFaggot out of all the fat bastard game reviewers.

Things you can upload to Dailymotion

You don't even have to be a furry to fap to this.
  • Grubby 20 second webcam BBW videos
  • Things with incomprehensible foreign titles that turn out to be grubby 20 second webcam BBW videos
  • Episodes of your favourite anime in 32 seperate 1 minute sections
  • Music videos with french subtitles
  • Live performances from some obscure folk band
  • Taylor Stevens videos (once a fat webcam BBW, now a dumb Canadian attention whore with horrible fake tits)
  • Milena Velba videos (hot Czech MILF with ridiculously huge natural b00bage)
  • Fuck scenes, as long as they are cinematic and tastefully done. Like the alien sex scenes from Species.

Note that it is also a place for HasslineX and bt_fan and etiopfr2 and rezalb to post 500 crappy fake boob videos a day.

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