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David Hogg, as he appears in the minds of repressed homosexuals.

Daisy Hogg is a beautiful Second Amendment activist who currently serves as every single /pol/ack's E-crush following their tragic breakup with Auschwitz Andersen and Zyklon Ben. A prime example of what happens when the completely inept, basement-dwelling, heterosexually-challenged virgins of 4chan's /pol/ stop repressing their closeted homosexuality, Daisy Hogg is a chantard's perfect waifu – an angelic being possessing both the face of a whiny, 17-year-old liberal manchild and the penis of a whiny, 17-year-old liberal manchild.

In a scene eerily reminiscent of the episode of South Park where Cartman attempts to turn Butters gay by sucking his bollocks, Daisy Hogg was born when the fucking geniuses on /pol/ decided to shop the lovely face of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student and gun control slacktivist David Hogg onto the body of a woman so they could furiously masturbate to photos of the succulent 17-year-old boy and still be able to argue that they aren't actually gay.

Why the fuck did this even happen, you ask? Some /pol/acks actually seem to believe that continuously fapping to photos of tranny David Hogg will force his parents to send him away for Conversion Therapy where he'll eventually kill himself and rid the world of his liberal idiocy forever. Others believe that the creation of Daisy Hogg was an attempt to emasculate David Hogg by turning him into /pol/'s literal bitch – although this theory is obviously bullshit since there was nothing to emasculate in the first place.

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It's not gay because he has a feminine penis. About missing Pics
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/pol/ would rather fuck a genderswapped David Hogg than his camwhore jailbait sister.

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