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Dancing Owen is a meme that was shat from the bowels of Jewgrounds.
OW ND.gif

The original unmolested photo.

Dancing Owen is a non-meme from the arse of Jewgrounds. A character initially known for being a character on a crappy children's show called Total Drama Island is now largely forgotten amongst a more immature audience due to a few brief threads on the unread forums.


This 'meme' was perpetrated by at least 100 fucking idiots who couldn't get it together enough to even write coherently on encyclopedia dramatica about it. Their logic was, 'if we quickly post a few threads on the NG BBS and then shit out a crappy ED page, we'll be the makers of an actual, verified meme!' In short, this was all a plan to give meaning to some people who had not yet felt the touch of a woman or the taste of a beer and achieved nothing more than potentially embarrassing the creators in a few years' time.

The forgotten precursor as seen on the TDI Blog.

A year earlier before the inevitable meme was brought to life, Canadian TV which is 70% American programming (with an extra 30% reserved for "Can-con" revealed the third episode of Total FAIL Island which is famous for scarring the lives of many Canadians with a scene showing Owen doing a victory dance with no clothes on UNCENSORED and resulted in Teletoons (lol even Canadian cartoon channels NAMES are gay) getting more faggots to watch it's shitty and poorly done flash animations by airing a censored version to make sure lawlsuits do not occur.

As it was an image from an unknown and unloved TV series, nothing happened until a year later when TOEZ posted the photo. A basement dweller saved it to his computer to fap to later and started to mass spam the picture on to other topics.

As the attempted meme quickly whithered in Newgrounds, and as very few fans of TDI have even heard of it, nobody pondered the perpetrators, or indeed gave a shit.

ED and TDW[edit]

The meme is known in the form of an article in Total Drama Wiki and has had its own version of templates on ED.


Just last Thursday, the image surfaced again to the dark bowels of YTMND, ironically only Photoshop molested with the words "Dancing Owen" and "Reloaded", hinting that the meme was trying to be forced onto another unwilling internet cesspool. The most tenacious spamming was done in the Stickam NG chatrooms, resulting in much rage.


Shut the fuck up already!

After getting butthurt repeatedly, the fans of this beaten meme think that raiding the Newgrounds Stickam rooms with this shit will turn their luck around by sparking a series of raids known as Operation Owen. Even though it lasted only twenty-two minutes, it did spark some lulz for everyone else, when the administrator banned the losers.

As a result, this is the first time ever that a forced meme remotely sparked some lulz in any website's history.

Fags blamed for forcing this[edit]

How Dancing Owen almost became the owned.[edit]

While it has been proven that a meme can thrive in Newgrounds unlike some other cesspools, this meme, unlike its other BBS counterpart, Dickneck, isn't interesting to the rest of the NG populace. As a result, the creators are lamely trying to insert this image wherever they can, pointlessly attempting to wedge yet another unfunny image into an already overcrowded internet.

Are You Doing It Rite?[edit]

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