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Info non-talk.png Were you looking for Charles Dance? Ironically, you'll find him at Game of Thrones.

A rare example of a naturally-occurring meme that can occasionally be amusing, Dancing Prince Charles came into existence on 19 July 2012, when the Prince and his illegal wife visited a school fete in the Channel Island town of St Peter Port. There, the heir to the throne had what Britons call 'a funny five minutes' and danced a little jig with a silly expression on his face.

A day or so later, his pose became an exploitable and shortly after that it was decreed by all on b3ta that it actually looked as though Charles was in the act of creeping around with mischievous intent. The incongruity between such behavior and his position in society added an extra frisson of mirth to the meme and, befitting its appearance, it continues to pop up unexpectedly to this very day.

The Man[edit]

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The Myth[edit]

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