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Danganronpa (also known as High School Anime Murder Simulator 2010) is a game where you a play as a "the most badass character EVAA!!" by a name of Makoto Naegi (more like Memekoto Naegi amirite????), who got apparently trapped inside a school campus alongside with his best friends and now they need to kill each other because some bear said so. The ultimate goal of this game is to get along with each other in order to defeat big fat meanie bear known as Monokuma (which literally means Monobear, 10 points for originality), as long as you don't die and don't swear , JK of course, the real goal of this to survive throughout all 6 chapters, each one of them containing at least one murder (except for 6th chapter because developers run out of ideas by that point, not to mention the lack of people) that needs to be solved in order to advance further into a game. Now unless you're goddamn retard, you can already see that this looks like M-rated Phoenix Wright game intended for weeaboo audiences who have nothing better to do in their life, except to jerk off to their favorite animu characters, and then cry alone in bed when they see their same characters get killed later in game. This game also got two sequels, Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (real name High School Anime Murder Simulator 2013) and Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (real name High School Anime Murder Simulator Volume 3) who are just as shitty if not, shittier then the original, and the one spin-off called Ultra Despair Girls (which by the title, you can already guess that you're gonna play as some crazy feminists, who want the whole world suffer and be oppressed as they are right now).

Who created this piece of shit, how and why?[edit]

This game was developed by Spike, whom you might remember for doing those Dragon Ball Z fighting games you played on PS2 as a kid. But the real mastermind behind all this shit is a man called Kazutaka Kodaka, a fucking genius honorary aryan who was once visited by one of his unidentified friends to drink tea and plan an great invasion on China, and thus to become a God and Emperor a fucking pedo and child molester who thought it was really nice idea to feature a character who looks like underage girl but in actuality it is an underage boy who was apparently a trap, which means that not only he's a pedophile, but also works undercover in catholic church as a priest. It is also worth mentioning that he's also one of the biggest japanese video game trolls since he managed to pwn 33 fucking people in all three games, without counting feminazi spin-off game, thus pissing off a fuckton of weebs worldwide because their favourite characters got brutally murdered like unborn human fetuses that are ready for cooking from China.

This is just a tip of the iceberg.

The name Danganronpa has got to be one of the weirdest and probably most original names for a video game franchise ever which also spawned another shitton of sex jokes such as: "Oh my, my Ronpa is all wet! Please put your Dangan inside me, master!" however, when you translate it into English, it literally means "Bullet to Refute", which further proves the point that translated anime names and dubs are shit. But it wasn't always been that way, much like America wasn't always been a cesspool of racism towards white people and overall insane political correctness which literally makes this game look like it's a fucking masterpiece of humankind. Danganronpa used to be called Distrust, which by the way, was way more cool and appropriate title for the game itself, but one day, Kazutaka said to his friend Logan Paul to stop recording dead memes in forest and go help him develop a game jk of course, he decided to scrap the name and replace it with something "moaroriginal", thus the name "Danganronpa" was born.

The original game was intended to be more gory and violent, but due to the political climate of the West, "Muh originalitism" and possible millitary invasion from China, they decided to to recolor the blood of the murdered students from realistic red, to plastic radioactive pink because out of all colors, HE HAD TO CHOOSE PINK! And I thought I was unoriginal!

The game was released in 2010 in Japan for the PSP. Since it was a Japan-only game, it never caught the eye of various people in the U.S. of A. until some Something Awful goon named "orenronen" made a "let's play" thread about the first game which caught the eyes of weeaboos seeing it as the second coming of Phoenix Wright. Eventually the game became so popular it got offically released for the Vita in english to the delight of weebs everywhere.


The plot centers around a bunch of teenage shotas and lolis raeping each other in order to escape the high school from hell they're trapped in. And yeah...that's basically it.


The game is the most generic game ever; all you do is roam around a 3D environment, exploring until something happens, then followed by The People's Court at four, and it goes on, and on, and on.

The game states that it has "beautiful" art, when really, it's just typical 2D art you see in other visual novels.



Makoto Naegi - The protagonist of the first game who's literally just some dude with an ahoge. Way to get creative, Spike Chunsoft.

Kyoko Kirigiri - Makoto's supposed love interest that the mostly basement dwelling fanbase faps to.


Hajime Hinata - The protagonist of the second game who's also just some plain dude with an ahoge. Wow, SC isn't even trying at this point...

Chiaki Nanami - A boring and bland gamer girl that weeaboos still fap to nevertheless. In fact, there's an actual scene of the game in which she's stripped in a bra and underwear.

Nagito Komaeda - A whiny asshole who has zillions of fangirls and also has sexual fantasies of raping Hajime's sweet ass pretty much every time he's on screen. Why does he have so many fangirls, again?


Kaede Akamatsu - The character that gave otakus and feminists 10 fucking orgasms, as they could now play as their very own fap material. But SHIT THEY JUST GOT PRANKED cuz she gets pwned in the first fucking chapter of the game.

Shuchi Saihara - The true protagonist of the third game who's you guessed it, just some dude with an ahoge. Except this time he's emo.

Kokichi Ouma - An annoying fag that somehow has a bazillion fangirls despite the fact that he's a stupid asswipe throughout pretty much the entire game.

The Sequels[edit]

Somehow, in 2014, a sequel was released upon the masses. It's pretty much exactly the same game as the original, but... this time you're on an ISLAND!!1. They sure keep upping the ante, don't they? Another sequel was released in 2017. Same shtick as the first, moving on. Between the two games came a third-person, spin-off of sorts, nobody liked it.

The Anime[edit]

Because no Japanese video game would be complete without one nowadays an anime was released in 2013. The show itself is pretty much unbearable; showcasing cheap animation and a standard of voice acting that would make even Tara Strong blush.

A second, more original anime, was conceived a year later. This time, the Jew producers at the animation studio decided to split the second anime in two, with the only differences being the plot.


The general review is "THIS GAEM IS AWSUM!!!!!!!!!" but not everyone said this is true. Common Sense Media, who reviewed the sequels, considered the game "too violent for kids". While this is true, it's just Common Sense being typical "this is innapropareat!!!".

Regardless, it has received better reviews than most anus scum to come out of Japan's ass.

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