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Daniel Sieradski

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the most prominent Jew of antifa


weev, after Sieradski tried to frame him for the Jewish bomb threats

Sieradski, pregnant with his first child

Daniel Sieradski, aka mobius1ski and Twitter-favicon.png selfagency, is a Jewish troll and member of Antifa who, like many "tolerant" liberals, advocates violence against alleged Nazis. Ordinarily, this would place him in an unremarkable group of garden variety social justice warriors not worthy of an article, but Sieradski is the author of a knockoff of Coincidence Detector called "Nazi Detector", whose criteria for inclusion is a loose amalgamation of people he doesn't like, people who follow people he doesn't like on Twitter, and supporters of Donald Trump. Sieradski's "Nazi Detector" was yanked by the Chrome add-on store for abuse, after his criteria for inclusion was exposed. Sieradski's list of "Nazis" would be nothing new because calling people Nazis is the latest craze in the social justice crowd, but Sieradski's has opened himself up to a lolsuit by advocating violence against the "Nazis" on his hit-list.


Sieradski and influence

Sieradski has been trolling the Zionist Occupational Government of Israel for years, with his self-written Wikipedia biography describing him as a "thorn in the side" of the Jewish establishment. Sieradski is an unhinged and deranged person, prone to childish tantrums, such as referring to El Al Airlines as "kikes" before issuing a hollow apology, and declaring that he is "fine with a white ethnostate".

Despite his racist views and violent and radical rhetoric, he is accepted by the Jewish mainstream because of his SEO abilities, which he utilized in 2004 to displace the top Google result with the TOW article on "Jews" by utilizing the tactics of a classic Googlebomb.

Times have been tough lately for Sieradski, with the birth of two children, his enormous weight gain, and his unemployability after the Jewish Telegraph Agency expelled him for his racist and radical rhetoric. His resume reveals he has stooped to writing crapstubs for pay, in violation of Wikipedia's acceptable use policy, and now he has resorted to writing attention grabbing plugins for Google Chrome in a desperate attempt to remain relevant.

Nazi Detector

Sieradski's "fash basher"

Sieradski has called on years of intergenerational butthurt and a thorough knowledge of copy and paste to devise the now removed "Nazi Detector", basically a ripoff of the Coincidence Detector, but instead of surrounding the names of Jews and mainstream media writers with "echos", his ripoff surrounds the names of people he doesn't like with swastikas. Despite Google Chrome yanking his add-on due to legal implications, Sieradski released his stealware under a free-content license, and forks still exist on GitHub.

There are those who argue that Sieradski's tactic of composing a list of enemies is also ripped off of the Nazis themselves, who were well known for keeping lists of Jews for more effective roundups. Now that Sieradski's abusive add-on is out in the wild and can not be retracted, he has joined voices with his fellow warriors for social justice in advocating violence against Nazis, aka those on his hit-list.

BS Detector

Sieradski has turned his sights on the media, and has written a new plugin called "BS Detector" that censors fake news sites. Similar to the Nazi Detector, several sites have been accidentally placed on the list, and even Zuckerberg banned it from Facebook for being "unsafe".


Sieradski is also an advocate for violence against children

Sieradski's worsening butthurt has manifested itself in several ways. Despite now having two children, his weight has ballooned to several hundred pounds due to sitting all day on Twitter and arguing with people. His Wikipedia userpage is quite telling:

(cur | prev) 00:20, 26 May 2016‎ Mobius1ski (talk | contribs)‎ . . (22 bytes) (-391)‎ . . (←Replaced content with 'I used to be somebody.') (undo)


In addition to whatever prompted the above, Sieradski's butthurt has extended to vandalizing Wikipedia with fake news about Donald Trump then bragging about it on Twitter.[1]

On February 10, 2017, something prompted Sieradski to remove "punch nazis 🤜 🐸" from his Twitter profile, and to pin a dubious disclaimer to the top of his Twitter profile:

"punching nazis" is ultimately a euphemism for fighting oppressors by any means necessary. if you're anti, you're probably the oppressor., >implying adherence to nonviolence makes you the oppressor

EDiots predict Sieradski's worsening mental health will manifest itself in suicide or further weight gain followed by a divorce, or death by flashing .gif.

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