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No wonder she's covering her face. She's an ugly fat fuck.

Deviantart-favicon.png Danielle McDaniel is a 13 14 year old fatass girl from deviantART who thinks it's okay to change the colors of Sonic characters and claim them as her own. She HATES criticism and doesn't take it lightly if you even mention that her characters look like recolors.

Danny also has a horrible temper and gets angry very easily allowing her to fit perfectly into the retarded online Sonic the Hedgehog community. It is generally regarded as an immense shame that she did not partake in The Great Sonic-cide of 2007. Strangely enough she is obsessed with hippies and tries to promote peace 24/7. She is also an enemy of FAW. Not to mention that she is always talking about leaving DeviantArt FOREVAR!!!1 50 days is equivalent to 50 seconds for her. Because she cannot close her account, that means she HAS to stay on DA

PROTIP: NEVER even try being friends with that bitch because she will talk shit behind your back with her other "friends"

Remember this, when you troll her....

An IRL pic of her and her info! :)

DESCRIPTION: "I'm an annoying girl who has brown skin, dark brown-black-ish hair with red streaks in it, and brown eyes. I like to express my feelings by drawing and writing. I don't like the dark, but don't like the sun. I might be thought of as some sort of vampire 'cause I don't like going out in the sun 'cause it hurts my head and I usually stay in dark places and I like to go out at night. Also, I love my cat Lucky ^^ he's so sweet. Also I love my best friend Diana"curlyfry95",she's the best she's awesome and has awesome art and stuff and is an awesome friend. And I also love my friend Claribel"Shadey", she's awesome =3. That's about it."


Danielle has now officially lost all of her online friends. They got into a fight over a virtual twinkie and when Danielle threatened to kill them for it, they told her to become an hero and left. Devastated, she said she was leaving the internets forever!!1!1one! What she didn't tell everyone is that she would be sneaking on to her shitty website and updating it daily, even though noone ever looks at it except for the lulz. Eventually, she found herself a IRL bff. Probably a carcass of roadkill but we can keep her dreaming. WRONG! It's her Deviantart-favicon.png cousin. They have become lesbian lovers and Danielle has transformed into a hyper-active valley girl. Be warned to troll and then immediately GTFO before it spreads.

Oh yes, and her mom probably saw this page and her pictures and screamed, so they disabled right clicking on the site. Too bad they don't know about screenshotting, lulz.

Danielle big.PNG

IRL pix of the Walrus

Examples of her recoloring

Recoloring? Here? NOOOOO...

Pairings with cartoon characters

She's starting to make them look like her too.

She is such an awesome person, that every character she likes has to be romantically involved with a turd that she shits out every few minutes.

Sonic - Sonic+Sabrina / moar Sonic+Sabrina / Sonic+Danielle

Tails - Tails+Tara

Knuckles - Knuckles+Nicole

Shadow - Shadow+Silhouette / moar Shadow+Silhouette / even moar Shadow+Silhouette

Big - Big+Birthday

Espio - Espio+Espy

Charmy - Charmy+Honey

Vector - Vector+Verbana

Bean - Bean+Pea / moar Bean+Pea / even moar Bean+Pea

Metal Sonic - Metal Sonic+Danielle / moar Metal Sonic+Danielle / moar Metal Sonic+Danielle / Metal Sonic married Danielle

Spongebob - Spongebob+Spongebeatrice



BTW, my new evil name is Gothic


—Danielle on being hardcore







Please comment.




This is the new 2006 style of Danielle The Hedgehog! I know, she looks even more like Amy(Danielle's new outfit style looks like Amy's outfit...a little bit...), but now she's SUPPOSED to look like Amy. Danielle looked so much like Amy, I thought "Why just complain about her looking like Amy? I'll make her look even MORE like Amy!" so, I did! This is the 2006 style! Don't worry, she'll still have her other outfit on, and other outfits, too! The 2006 version wears different outfits all the time! I'll get some pics of her in other outfits up soon. And she'll have other hair styles too!


Anything that isn't Sonic, SUCKS!!!


And here comes another shock...DANIELLE IS NOT WITH METAL ANYMORE!!! She's with Lucky AND Shadow!!!!!! Yea, biiiig surpirse but I didn't like the character Metal anymore, so...Danielle doesn't like him either, that's why Shadow, Danielle, and Lucky are looking at Metal like all like they don't like him. And look at poor Jim in the corner, BECAUSE FREAKING METAL HAS HIS FAT HEAD AND HAND IN THE WAY!!!!!! *attacks Metal* Anyway, oh yea, Danielle is backwords, that's why you can see the two spikes on her back, she's not from the front, so incase you thought "what the hell is with her shirt, or does she even have one on? O.o" so yea...


She. Never. Shuts. UP.

It's bad enough that she draws crappy recolors, but when she does summaries of her pictures she just goes on and on...ALWAYS about useless shit no one cares about.

Example: "Yea, this is a pic of Danielle... there's also ones of Jim, Shadow, Lucky, and Paul(a kinda somewhat new character but also in a way an old character...I'll explain him when I put up the pic of him)

Anyway, as some of you know my cousin Jim is coming here this June and I'm trying to make the house look good 'cause we do this kinda roleplay game where we pretend to be our characters and go on very weird adventures and stuff... anyway, I made this new idea that the characters have a club, called Club Chaos, and almost anyone can join Club Chaos, but there are 5 presidents of the club; Danielle, Jim, Shadow, Lucky, and Paul. Anyway, I made the pics of them because I made them to print them out and tape them to a little box, that now is hanging in the back room of my house that is Club Chaos, it's just a little box with all of the Club Chaos main members on it, Danielle, Jim, Shadow, and Lucky on the four sides, and Paul on the bottum. That's the only reason I made the pics.... That's all."

Her love interest

Apparently she's too pathetic to find anyone in real life, and thus has to resort to being in love with her cat, Lucky. Because she is in love with him, and he's in love with her, they can "talk telepathically".

She also rapes her cat because she loves it "so much."

She has no feelings

"another cat died. oh well. i can't even feel depressed anymore, i think i've lost all of my feelings, i can't feel at all anymore. i'm an emotionless robot.... i think i'm going insane. i think something's been killing my cats. or maybe someone. maybe it's my disgusting next door neighbor. he shoots animals, i hate him.

i know i haven't updated much.

that's cause i might leave.

and not come back.

this website SUCKS, i'm having my own website that's done my way, because i don't like the way all these other dumb websites are made" - sauce

So go tell her how much she sucks. She won't be able to feel it because she has no emotions.

How to stay on her bad side

lol, JERK
  • tell her what's wrong with her pictures
  • cuss in front of her
  • don't cuss in front of her
  • say you like Sonic X
  • tell her thanks for the password on deviantART
  • call her a jerk

Her mother and cousin

Her mother is a failure as a parent and at art (as seen below). She tries to protect Danny from the horrors of internet predators, but sadly they find a way to contact Danielle anyway. She treats Danielle like the Queen of Wales (and Whales also) but in return, her daughter calls her a bitch/jerk/etc and basically hates her mom. Did I mention neither of them is romantically involved with a man? Other than Danielle's grandfather.

Danielle's cousin is a younger version of fail-in-a-can. He's basically her ass-licker, but is nevar around to show it much. Whenever she leaves a website, so does he. Even though he was barely there to begin with, but that means less fags for us.

A wonderful artist

Don't ever call her art crappy. She is SUCH a great artist! Every few days she comes out with her "BEST PIC EVAR!!!1" If you EVER, EVER, EVER say anything non-super-positive-happy-kawaii-desuuu! about her picture, she will sic her mother/friends on you and try to get you banned.

Surprisingly enough, she calls her mom a bitch 24/7, yet always begs her for help when it comes to mean people on the internets.

Gallery of fine art About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


Yes, we all know she's said many many MANY times that she's leaving, but this time it's 4 RELZ!!!!!! She might nevar come back, only after a few years! But she did not leave , she is still active at Deviantart, drawing shit.

She will nevar set FOOT on DA again!

Of course, she just left DevianTART because too many people were "being meanies" to her on there. Now she's spending all her time on her FAC account. She came back to DA.


She also has shitty Sonic YouTube Favicon.png recoloring videos up on YouTube. Note how there's no music. You can waste part of your life watching this shit, but I'd advise against it.

BFF got butthurt by this article

Imma worried about gettin' myself banned from dA.

I've been arguging with this person.: kiki-kiti.deviantart.com

She created a stupid page about a friend of mine >.<! It's not even good. She missed out on stuff that would've been funny, anyway, and she wrote it mostly because she got butthurt by mah friend.

She's really rude, too.

BUT, I do love mah ED 8D! Even though I don't like the articles about people.

... yeah, I know. Imma just bein a big baby XDD; .


Lj-favicon.png BFF

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Contacting her

If you do contact her, her mom might threaten to call the cops on you for online harassment.

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