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So hawt.

Darknessthecurse aka TheSaneRevelation is a shitty ranter/game reviewer on YouTube. He rants about shit nobody cares about, mostly does Sonic reviews and reviewed games that the AVGN has already done, makes drama videos so his fanboys can flame people who hurt his feelings on the Internets, so Darkness won't take the blame of his faggotry he caused himself, and reviews the same games as the other failure game reviewers do. The difference is when Darkness does a game review or rant, he tends to scream a lot to the point where your ears get raped. Darkness does not like to label himself but he calls himself a goth more than anything. Too bad he screams and bitches and whines all the time. He hides his gay side by having a girlfriend so no one will think he is a faggot. It's too bad that no matter how hard he tries to be straight, he knows he cannot deny his homosexual side. He also did a panel on Twilight to hide the fact that he's an actor in the God Forsaken movie.

He also likes to make videos bashing his own fantards when they go around defending him from anyone who criticizes him, or when they misconstrue something he said in an earlier video. He's so great, even his own fans aren't worthy. Of course, all of his fantards who comment on the videos about them talk as if they think they themselves aren't guilty of what he's talking about, and that it's everyone else who's the problem. So when they praise their "Dark Lord", they can get all "holier than thou" and condemn each other, just like what Christfags do it other Christfags. Mr. Sane still insists that he doesn't like to cause drama.

If you ever ask him to review a game, make a rant about something, or ask him why it's taking so long for his next video to come out, he'll reply "THIS IS MY CHANNEL AND I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT AND I HAVE A LIFE OUTSIDE OF YOUTUBE AND I DON'T HAVE TO PLEASE YOU PEOPLE YOU GET TO SEE MY VIDEOS FOR FREE SO YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN!!!1"

Mr. Thecurse claims he isn't a weeaboo. That's why the background image on his YouTube channel is always of a girl from some anime or videogame.

Rapist! You Hypocrite!

he really likes them, especially hoagies

GamingPalooza VS. The Dark Lord[edit]

Around the faithful time of November 2007 through January 2008, Darkness decided to go and help a few people on a page they called GamingPalooza. When Aftershock's (GamingPalooza's leader) computer broke down, he asked the emo fag to tell everyone his computer was down for two days and it will be back up. But since Aftershock did not make Darkness the GamingPalooza leader in an earlier debate because Darkness' fanboys wanted Darkness to be the leader of GamingPalooza, Darkness said fuck you to Aftershock and remained his selfish self.

After Darkness and GamingPalooza broke up, Aftershock and another user named Wrestlevessle continuously kept owning on the little emo fag with video after video, showing Darkness' true colors. Wrestlevessle's main line was "DOES YOUR PUSSY HURT" and he usually placed Darkness's real name Josh and used it in their video PaloozamaniaIII when GamingPalooza totally owned on the Darkleader (Everyone knew it was Darknesstheemofag). That is when the whole GAMINGPALOOZA IS STARTING STUPID SHIT AGAIN!!! Another YouTube faggot with even more aids and fail than Darkness, MetroidJunkie2007 decided to record the saying onto his phone and made it his actual ring tone so he can get a hard on for Darkness everytime his phone rang. The last video they owned, Darkness on was PaloozamaniaIII, and since Darkness's fanboys were cocksucking Darkness so bad, they attacked GamingPalooza and ordered the video removed. They ignored their bitching and left it up since GamingPalooza does not bow to aids and failure. Since after a member from GamingPalooza has died alone, and his page is no longer available due to a butthurt Darkness fanfuck decided to haxed his channel to claim great victory. HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS

boomstick545 VS. The Dark Lord[edit]

Once upon a time, a fag named boomstick545 took the cock out of his mouth long enough to pwn Darkness by making responses to his videos. Darkness then got butthurt and blocked boomstick, but the fag got bored with his catamite and kept making videos about him. Darknessthecurse calls him a stalker, boomstick even admits this. Darknessthecurse has a lame emo crush on boomstick545 because all emos are closet fags, but not all of them are emo considering how much joy is sprinkling out of boomstick545, or maybe that's just jizz.

For a while, Boomstick545 spent most of his time obsessing with Spax3, his new Youtube boyfriend. He was too ashamed to do it on his first account, so the butthurt fag did it on another account, boomstickforever, representing the boner he gets from watching Pokemon. This new account has since been suspended.

After his Darkness owning days were over, Darkness offered boomstick some buttsecks. Boomstick accepted it and became one of Darkness' butt buddies and took down his videos against him. The two of them were not on speaking terms now. Darkness refuses to talk to Boomstick, because bad old Boomy is a bully. We can only hope the will realize their love for each other one day.

Darkness' Girlfriends[edit]

How could Josh say no to this sexy piece of ass?
Going to the Prom, Edward Elric style.


Resident Pikachu otherkin and faggot, boomstick545, once fell for Josh because he was a blip on his gaydar. In denial of the fact that he is an apparent homosexual, Josh raged and decided not to associate with boomstick ever again. This is because Josh is a self-hating faggot and is homophobic, despite having hard-ons for masculine women who can pass for men, thus being in denial of his obvious gay tendencies


Trying to disprove of what Darkness' haters say to him about not having a girlfriend Darkness got some shemale off the street after he said he would pay her to sit next to him in his videos can call her his girlfriend and now he posts her in most of his recent videos now so everyone thinks that the Darklord now has a girlfriend. After he pays her she leaves him after his videos are finished to his boyfriends he has trapped in the closet who are MetroidJunkie2007 and Boomstick545. Since his "3 year" relationship with his girlfriend has ended, and is too ashamed to say it in public because he is a pussy.


Darkness had a new girlfriend who is even more of a weeaboo then his last. The only reason she is his girlfriend is because he raped her with his tiny penis. He threatened to rape her more if she said no to being his dick boosting slut. This dumb bitch says she is no longer in the anime fanbase yet her mind is so clogged with animu that it's flying out of her pussy (which has never been shaved by the way, guess that's why Darkness likes her so much). Her voice is so low pitched it is believed she was once a guy. Which is funny because in one her rants she said that she doesn't approve of Online dating, yet she dates this desperate faggot for attention and subscribers, which makes her a hypocrite.

He reunited with his old girlfriend[edit]

After a few months, The Dork Lord dumped her and went back to the first weeaboo that he was dating after she begged him and cast super awesome pagan spells on him to make him fall in love with her again. Seems Darkness can't make up his mind who he wants to be with: witch or bitch? Tough call. DISREGARD THAT HE LOST BOTH OF THEM.

Most Women[edit]

Although Josh is fawned over my several unattractive, fat gaymergirlz that think they have a chance with him because his hair is long and pretty and he looks like a bitch, the truth is that he falls for girl after girl and get constantly friendzoned because he is too much of a pussy to be assertive. He tends to go after the type of woman who can give him a swift kick in the nuts and fuck him in the ass. This masochistic behavior is a result of several years worth of getting his ass kicked at school by the super cool popular kids at high school, and probably getting teabagged in the school stairwells.

Over this past year, Josh has been friendzoned thrice, one of them by a girl he was dating at the time. If Josh is in love with a girl and they decide to go out with somebody else, he will RAEG and feel this ridiculous inflated sense of entitlement as if he is entitled to be your boyfriend, despite not doing anything other than be your friend.

His Gigantic Ego and his fanboys[edit]

e-begging is Awwright according to him.
His fans realized of how much faggotry he caused on his channel.
He might become the next Spax3.

Darkness once asked his viewers if he had an ego. Well, after 99.5% of his fanboys lied to him and said NO, he made a video called The Dark Lord's Challenge REDUX!!!! and he wanted all of his mindless drones to make him tribute videos. Of course, many people then him accused him of really having an ego, so he canceled his challenge and took the video down because he wants his fantards to always kiss up to him no matter what, even though he's an asshole to ppl, because they are all so stupid, they will do everything he says.

Since denying his ego isn't enough, he made a rant about how retarded his fanbase is.

His tribute videos.

Darknessthecurse also likes to file his opinion videos under "Education", like he's trying to present his opinions as fact. He's still convinced that he doesn't have an ego.

His Infamous Emo Bashing Rant[edit]

Since Darkness got sick and tired of people people bashing emos, he got really offended and made a rant to tell people to stop picking on emos and to make love with them. He claimed that he used to be a stereotypical emo and got beat up at his school everyday and he was really close to becoming an hero. Since many people find his rant lulzworthy many comments were flooded with haters and /b/tards trolling the shit out of him until he removed the video due to butthurt. But there are still some video responses that poke fun at him.


On April 28, 2009, days after the media wouldn't shut the fuck up about the swine flu craze, the emo lord decided to make another stupid rant about how people should not worry about the flu and he believes if people catch the flu, they will be fine. He also made a remark saying the reasons why Mexicans die from swine flu is because they don't have proper heath insurance and people who die from it are either really old or really young. This rant pissed off a Mexican pig Xbot named SamueltehG33k and he made a video response wherein he called Josh "darknessthecunt" because of how offended he got when darkness made that rant. Then Slobuel goes on how if you catch the flu once, you are done for because it's a pandemic and you will never get better again and have to take flu shots every year to kill the virus. Then Darkness got butthurt, and just like with his "emo bashing rant", and made a follow up about how he got attacked by a bunch of angry Mexicans that don't have the swine flu yet and repeated himself from what he said from his previous rant, and he is Sorry that people died from swine flu, even though he really didn't give a shit. After the baaawwwfest, he mentioned useless shit that didn't have anything to do with swine flu, and admited that he can't kill insects and usually feeds them.

Response videos from his fantards and haters

METROIDJUNKIE2007, The Biggest Fanboy of Darkness[edit]

As mentioned above, MetroidJunkie is Darkness' fanboy and an obvious lolcow. MetroidJunkie2007 has made many videos about Darkness to the point where it is just creepy. Since MetroidJunkie2007 fails to get pussy, he decided to become the pussy for Darkness. Even though this one time Darkness made a drama video accusing MetroidJunkie of being a stalker. If you call him a Darkness fanboy, he will usually get butthurt and start flame wars with you and say "you are listening to what ED says" even though you can tell that he has an obsession with Darkness and realized that he needs a waaaambulance. MetroidJunkie2007 also fought alongside Darkness during the time Darkness fought GamingPalooza. MetroidJunkie2007 was owned as well as he failed miserably to defend his fuck buddy. Since MetroidJunkie got butthurt when people flamed him to death, he removed all of his fangasm videos about him and now makes shitty parodies.

MetroidJunkie recently made a shitty article about ED saying it fails, but because of his butthurt, he may apologize when he gets the sand out of his vagina. Word is that MetroidJunkie2007 wasn't filling Darkness' gay needs so he dumped him in favor of Boomstick545. Darkness opined "What can I say? His stick booms."

Even his biggest fanboy is making fun of him, and failing at it.

Watch people INCLUDING his own God Darkness pwning MetroidJunkie2007's unfunny videos, and fail miserably at it.

The Emo Lord Calls It Quits (Like The Pussy He Is)[edit]

On Thursday, July 30, 2009, after a session with the razor blade, Darkness decided to close his channel. His 11,000 fanboys all collectively wept and decided to commit ritualistic suicide whine to anyone who cares doesn't give a shit.

Strangely enough, lots of Darkness's videos are still available. Already new accounts are being created posing as Josh, such as Darkne55thecurse, Darknessthycurse, and notdarkness. Someone help me!


—Random Darkness Fantard

This is a big deal, and you should all care.

The reason behind him closing his JewTube account are unknown. However, it is pretty clear that no one fucking cares.

His game reviews can still be found here and here.

A Farewell To Legs[edit]

*facepalm.jpg* He still fails.
Even Darkness' fanboys are just as or moar emo than he is.

After closing his account on YouTube, a reliable source claimed that Darkness was in the hospital. According to this source, Darkness had lost his legs after he slammed his faggy ponytail in a car door. Even though this story sounds like complete bullshit, his fantards actually bought it.

Holy shit..

I hope his ponytail's alright.


—Another Random Darkness Fantard

Oh god, please tell me this is a joke. I can't believe something like this would happen! I'm not a religious person or anything, but I'll keep him in my thoughts and wish him the best...


—Yet Another Random Darkness Fantard

**blinks twice** .....lost..for words..


—Yes, Another Retarded Darkness Fantard

And this just in, HeavybassX has revealed it was just a ruse and that the Fangirls are gullible retards and the whole thing messed up his Longplay Because they didn't let him in on what they were doing, and fired all of the Fags with his Epic Sunlauncher. And it was fucking obvious it was fake from the fact that the video above used Marshall Tucker Band Music, which JustKeepThatInMind, the guy who oddly resembles Darkness to an extent, who posted the video, would never use that Shit for anything serious in his entire life, even if he was High.

Darkness made a video telling his fantards that they were fucking idiots to believe that bullshit and freak out about him closing his account, but why did he do it? According to him, it was a social experiment.

He's Back[edit]

His new channel as of November 7, 2009. Note a blatant disregard for aesthetics and how he makes the text the same color as the background.

Since closing his old account on YouTube (and losing all of his subscribers), he created a new one called "TheSaneRevelation". Being the pretentious cunt that he is, he doesn't realize that calling yourself "TheSaneRevelation" is just like calling yourself "ImAlwaysRight". He thinks his shit doesn't stink.

In this video, he claims to be a reader of ED and insists that everything on ED is satirical, and therefore, none of it is true (2:32, 3:10, 4:14). So just because somebody said it on ED, it's automatically impossible for him to be an emo, to have an ego, or to be a drama whore.



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