Darren Reed

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Darren Reed and Theo de Raadt in the throes of passion.

Darren Reed is the gent who wrote IPFilter, the wonderful program that allows your Solaris machine to work as a NAT router and Zones, a way to keep your daemons safe from hackers.

He's also known for fighting with Theo de Raadt over something as inane as his license not allowing for OpenBSD to modify without authorization, and redistribute at will, thus sending Theo off the handle. Theo subsequently removed IPF, with no other tool available in its stead, and Darren had to create his own OpenBSD with IPF distribution.)

Darren Reed also co-wrote the IRC protocol with some Finnish sperg.

Has been known to get severely inebriated at USENIX Security Symposiums, and attempt the horizontal mambo with l0pht's mudge.