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Xenuria and his cat

Xenuria aka Aaron Bongart is an aspie who has convinced himself that the internet is serious business and will stop at nothing to attempt to prove himself right through devotion to the great xenu, tl;dr this guy is the epiphany of a self hating ED User that has proved himself so retarded he's starting to accept how much he is truly hated by others and incorporate it into how he acts online.

Darviela: is a Philosophical Genius[edit]

Darviela claims superiority over most people because he started going to college sucking dicks when he was only 14. He often has an uncontrollable compulsion to argue with republicans and pro lifers, masturbating himself with his autistic logic.

A failed agenda[edit]

Darviela was running for the CSM on Eve Online to bring his ideas of what he calls "LGBT issues" into full circle, using the incredibly summary of logic he sucked out of Secondlife's endless supply of rainbow cock, he thinks that because the in-game models lack sexual organs and the ability to hop on poseballs and fuck while having textsex that it would be good to use as a vehicle to propel his ideas to the masses.

This idea, was of course shot down harder than a Goonswarm titan that jumps instead of bridges.

He is obsessed with this concept and continues to push for autism. There is no chance of him being elected to the CSM as the entire community of Eve Online thinks he's a goddamn fucking nutcase. The reason he is "qualified" to be on the ballot is because there are 100 or so alts supporting him so that he makes a fool out of himself.

CSM Primaries which he is still not ontop of.

Vote for Xenuria! Bring the trash of Secondlife into EVE Online]

The Eve community is accurately represented by this act of vandalism.

Another failed agenda[edit]

In attempt to foil the great Pasta Syndicate, Xenuria stole about 10 thrashers and proceeded to spam dog pictures on the Eve Online General thread. The Pasta triumvirate will forever live on as the infallible triumvirate, pasta, ravioli, italia.

Gaming Journalism[edit]

Darviela was hired by TheMittani.com as a writer and has since farted out several articles about the psychology of internet spaceships. He was also featured on the Meta-Show where he waxed autismal about EVE_Online and other dumb shit.

Darviela: Anagrams[edit]

Xenuria admitted on that all of his nicks are anagrams for other word or names. While some of the names he has used in the past make little sense when put through an Anagram Generatorthere is a pattern that only pathetic autistic can comprehend. Below is a listing of the more common names that he has identified himself as.

Xenuria: Funfacts[edit]

  • Xenuria tried to get hockles (12 year old boy) to strip naked and show his cock.
  • Xenuria now says that anyone trying to get in contact with hockles is going to jail, that says it actually happened.
  • Xenuria has a vagina.

Darviela's "Dox"[edit]

Darviela Maravarona's Dox

Practice fedora awareness at home kids.

See Also[edit]

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