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Ninja are like Macs because they only have one button

The Day of the Ninja is December 5. On this day everyone is encouraged to dress like a ninja and act like a ninja, though not to speak like a ninja because ninja do not speak. The official Day of the Ninja website is, unsurprisingly.

The Day of the Ninja was invented by the creator of Ninja Burger thus cementing the fact that the only thing he will ever be known for is being a ninja. In 2006 the ninja joined forces with the Ninja Burger ninja to promote the Day of the Ninja and generally assist in saying ninja as many times in one sentence as possible ninja.

In 2007 NPR blew the cover off the holiday on Morning Edition.


Every year since 2003, a group of French ninja have dressed up like ninja and taken photos of themselves in Outrageous poses in front of famous French landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower. In French the Day of the Ninja is called Journée Mondiale Du Ninja which literally means "Journey Mondale Du Ninja". In France December 5 is held on December 4.

They support, too.

Another well known supporter of the Day of the Ninja is the infamous Jessy the Teen Librarian who works for the William E. Durr Branch of the Kenton County Public Library in Independence, Kentucky.



Relation to Other Holidays[edit]

As the Day of the Ninja takes place in December it is often lumped together with the other Winter Holidays that fall in December, including Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, The Winter Solstice, Thanksgiving, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Boxing Day, Wrestling Day and Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. However it has nothing to do with any of these holidays.

Unlike racist holidays such as Christmas, the Day of the Ninja is multidenominational. Ninjas of all faiths, colors, creeds, nationalities, sexes, races, etc. can join:

  • Canadian Ninjas - Canadianinja
  • Christian Ninjas - Chrinjas
  • Jewish Ninjas - NinJews
  • Nigger Ninjas - Ninja, Please
  • Hindu Ninjas - Hinjas
  • Redheaded Ninjas - Ginjas
  • American Ninjas - Michael Dudikoff
  • And so on.

Completely coincidentally, the Day of the Ninja takes place on the same day as the Dutch holiday Sinterklaas, in which their version of Santa Claus delivers presents with the aid of a mysterious dark-garbedskinned figure named Black Peter, who is obviously a ninja. Either that or it's racist.

Ninja Day vs Pirate Day[edit]

In many ways the Day of the Ninja is the ninja response to International Talk Like a Pirate Day which is held on September 19. This naturally means that Halloween, which is exactly halfway between the two dates, is officially Ninja vs. Pirate Day. Unofficially.

In an interview, Josh Homme of the band Queens of the Stone Age was asked about the Day of the Ninja, and he sided with Pirates by saying that they were more "flamboyantly elegant" which means that they like to dress up in frilly clothing and hang around on a ship with other men for extended periods of time. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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