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Days Gone is an exclusive game for the GayStation 4 that is glitchier than all hell and will have you rebooting your system 3 or 4 times, in succession, before you get the clue that this game makes Fallout 4 and all its bugginess look like Mana from heaven.

It attempts to follow on the heels of better Zombie/horror - post apocalyptic games such as Resident Evil 2 with the added bonus that instead of looking for your brother, wife, child or survivors that you get to be biker trash that somehow married over his social standing to a PH.D. botanist.


A minor glitch

If you've seen any zombie movie then you will know that it's set in a post-apocalyptic world and the whole zombie apocalypse was caused by or helped in some way by one of the major supporting characters.

Your whole goal in the game, starts out with you trying to find your wife that is a Ph.D. and somehow willing to be a biker bitch that will lay down for the whole club.

The game, as a whole, was mostly created to glamorize the biker lifestyle and show them in a positive light. Show them as the 1950s, Jack Kerouac inspired drifter that is trying to find himself and his own personal America after the war instead of the Meth Head, racicially driven criminal that defines the biker of today.

As we have come to expect, it is another 100+ hour opus, where for the majority of the time you will be running quests that have no bearing on the advancement of the main plot.

Important Characters[edit]

Name Description Picture
Deacon St. John Your obligatory main character/reluctant hero that will bring about a change in the world he lives in by growing as a person. His quest st as rts out with him not caring about anything or anyone except for his friend Boozer' because he thinks his wife died in the initial zombie attack of Farewell Oregon. It's when he discovers that his wife Sarah might still be alive that he starts to grow as a person and a character because he needs help from others in finding her and even once she's found, he still requires the help from people he has assisted through the game in getting her back because she has kidnapped by a Psychotic militia Colonel that thinks himself a modern day Noah and has built an ark inside a mountain and predictably, she is one of the chosen. Now the question you should be asking is how the hell did his wife get security clearance with the government when he proudly sports a 1%er patch on his jacket advertising himself as a criminal biker?
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William "Boozer" Gray Friend of Deacon St. John and helps set him off on his Hero Quest when his arm is badly burned and Deacon must do everything in his power to help keep him alive. For being a central character, pivotal to the growth of Deacon, he has very little growth or characterization, the most growth being seen is when he becomes suicidal after losing his arm due to the burns he received on it that is all to easily resolved by Deacon finding him a Dog to give him a reason to live.
Sarah The wife of Deacon St. John. She's a biologist and partly responsible for the Zombie horde infesting the world because she actually believed the Government when they told her that her research into plants and viruses would never be weaponized or used by the military. For being such an important character, she hardly exists in-game, even when she is found. In fact, her whole being responsible for the zombie horde is written off as a You can't trust the government Conspiracy instead of delving into her personal responsibility or the personal responsibilities of those that create weapons of mass destruction. She serves to show that if games aren't writing wimmens as Mary Sues that they can't give them any depth and they end up as fuck pieces to the main character.
Deacon's Bike Probably the most interesting of the characters is your bike. Unfortunately, much like Sarah, it starts to lose its place in the game, despite having it's own story line, when you get a big enough gas tank that you don't have to go scrounging around for gas every five minutes because all you have to do is gun the engine twice and you're out of gas. Highly modifiable, it's unfortunate that there's no new game+ because the game would have more replay value if you could start a new game with a large gas tank.



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