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A Dead-Pool from Deadpool

A Dead-Pool is a game where a group of people pick 10 celebrities that they think will die in a given year and make a wager that they will win by either having quantity, more people on their list that have died or quality, win by having more all around style points. A Dead-Pool can also be where a group of people, say a military squad, get together and pool money to bet on who will be the first of them to die.

☠The Celebrity Dead-Pool☠[edit]

The Celebrity Dead-Pool is probably the most done, and favorite type of Dead-Pool as it is done like any other betting pool with a group of people and only requires the average person's favorite past time of following celebrities.

How it works is a group of people make a list of, usually, 10 celebrities they think will die in the next year. Depending on how they are betting, either the person with the most celebrities on their list or the person with the most style points will be the winner and collect the pooled money.

The two different types of Dead-Pools are as follows:


Probably the easiest of all Dead-Pools to play as all it needs is a group of people to pick ten celebrities who the believe will die in a given year.

This type of Dead-Pool is usually spammed with ancient and aging celebrities such as Kirk Douglas, who as of writing this is 101 or Olivia de Haviland, again 101.

To make it more interesting, and ensure that everyone's list isn't the same because they're all spammed with geezers, bonus points are given for younger celebrities so someone such as Kirk Douglas would only be seen as 1 point but if someone young like Lorde were to die, she would be given 5 points, because at her age, death is statistically less likely.

The best way to play the odds with this kind of list is to try to have a combination of archaic celebrities like Kirk Douglas that have a high chance of dying, celebrities with high risk lifestyles such as musicians who are known for doing drugs and celebrities with known psychological issues.


A much more difficult but an insanely way more fun to play a Dead-Pool because style points are granted to the way a person dies on your list. In other words, you are not just betting that a person on your list will die but hoping that they will do it in a specular, hopefully, lulzy way.

For instance, if Kirk Douglas happened to be on someone's list and he died at home of natural causes, those conditions would earn the better 1 point. Now if Kirk Douglas, for some reason, decides to An Hero by doing a swan dive off a building after shooting up a sorority - massive points for style will be given.

The quality type of Dead-Pool winner is usually decided at the end of the year with the betters deciding who had the most spectatular death. If, as was earlier said, a better had Kirk Douglas going to a sorority in his motorized wheel chair, killing all the girls there to then jump off a building and another player had 10 boring deaths, the person with Kirk Douglas wins.

To ensure that there is no cheating or favoritism a point system is usually created and may look like this:

  • 🔩 Old fuck that died at home of natural cause - 1 Point
  • 🔩 Murdered

This has differant break downs as celebrities can be killed in different ways.

  • 🔩 Killed by an obsessed fan

Max points. Some people like to add bonus points based on how famous or relevant the celebrity was so someone like John Lennon would get 10 points plus another 10 for relevance where Rebecca Schaeffer would get 10 points but only 2 or 3 points for relevance.

  • 🔩 The Rapper

Depends on how they're killed. For instance, if they're a has been and killed in the street buying drugs - 1 point. Killed in a feud by another rapper - 10 points plus bonus points for relevance. Killed in prison, 5 points plus bonus points for relevance.

  • 🔩 Random murder such as how actor Sal Mineo was held up and then killed by a friendly black man, 3 points plus points for relevance.
  • 🔩 Suicide

Much like the murdered scenario, this one is often broken down with differant points being given.

  • 🔩 Overdose

This scenario is usually given a standard 5 or 6 points with bonus points being given on the unlikelyness of them dying by overdose. Someone like Sid Vicious would only earn 1 bonus point or none at all because it was only a matter of time but someone with a good-girl or boy image like the Jonas Brothers, at the height of their fame, would get a 10. Bonus points for relevance can also be added so someone like Tommy Page from New Kids On The Block would get 5 points for an overdose, 8 points for his good boy image and maybe 1 point for relevance at time of death, earning him a total of 14 points.

  • 🔩 Hanging

3 points are given for this cause of death but max points, 10 points, are awarded if the celebrity killed themselves through auto-asphyxiation like Keith Caradine. Again, points for relevance can be added.

  • 🔩 Gun powder mouthwash

4 points. Bonus points for type of gun, where they shot themselves and how many times they shot themselves can be added. A shotgun (6 points) would get 10 points for a headshot and 1 point because it would, obviously, take only one shot for a total of 17 points. A .357 would get 3 points but could earn a lot more points if the celebrity used 5 shots (10 points) to shoot themselves in the gut, chest etc and another 10 points for finishing themselves off with a head shot for a total of 23 points. On the other hand, if they went straight for the headshot, they'd only get 7 points.

if Chris Benoit was your 2007 Dead-Pool pick you would have won

The champion of the suicide scenario and will almost always leads to an instant win of a Dead-Pool because 10 points is automatically given for everyone they kill, and along with the style points for the cause of their suicide, this scenario usually makes for an instant win. For example, Chris Benoit would have received 20 points for killing his wife and son, 3 points for hanging himself, 8 points for relevance and the 10 points for becoming An Hero plus the media attention that comes with it, such as blaming Roid Rage as the cause of his snapping, usually will make this person an instant win and, usually, can only be beaten by another An Hero as Chris Benoit earned a total of 41 points.

  • 🔩 Accidental Death

This is when a celebrity dies through no fault of their own an usually receives an automatic 10 with points being added based on their relevance. For example, Owen Heart, because he died from a fall while being lowered into a wrestling ring, would get 10 points plus 7 points for relevance. Addential points can be added for media attention, 4 points, giving Owen Heart a total of 21 points.

☠Rare Bonus Point Scenarios☠[edit]

10 points are automatcally added to a players pick if they meet the following conditions.

  • 🔩 Live action Death
10 Bonus points

This is when a celebrity dies live on television. Someone like Budd Dwyer, John F. Kennedy or Owen Heart meet this requirement.

  • 🔩 It came out of no where

This is when a person picks an unknown, usually a Youtube celebrity, and they come out of no where to gain media attention. Someone like Randy Robert Stair would fit this scenario. Under the An Hero scenario Rando would receive 10 points for every person he killed, a total of 30, 4 points for the gunpowder mouthwash, 6 points for using a shotgun, 1 point for the head shot and 10 points An Hero bonus for a total of 61 points.

  • 🔩 Cultural Figure

This is when a person becomes famous enough to become a part of our societal consciousness. People like Charles Manson, members of The Beatles and Elvis are examples.

  • 🔩 Conspiracy Theory

If a conspiracy theory appears, in the same year the celebrity picked dies, that argues against the real cause of death and suggests that some dark, shadow cabal was behind and orchestrated the death of the picked celebrity you can add 10 points.

☠The Group Dead-Pool☠[edit]

Group Dead-Pools work in 2 possible ways. The simple bet and the tontine.

  • 🔩 The Simple Bet

In the simple bet form of a Dead-Pool is usually done by people in dangerous profesions such as the military. Players join in by betting an already decided upon amount of money that is placed in a pool and the better selects a person in the group who they believe will be the first of them to die, usually the noob. To avoid ties players try to pick, as accurately as they can, when their pick will die - such as saying the noob will die 2 weeks from today. In the rare chance of a tie, the pooled money is divided equally.

  • 🔩 The Tontine

In the case of a tontine you are betting that you will be the last one to die. Much like the simple bet, an already established amount of money is put into a pool and is usually placed in a high intrest bank account or money market.
Not for the poor because large ammounts of money are expected to be bet to participate in this type of bet.
Pretty much illegal because when this type of Dead-Pool is made open to large groups of people, cheating runs rampent with people using new born children as their entry because, statistically speaking, a newborn child will usually outlive a 30-year-old person.
Usually the government ignores the small group tontine, one made by a group of soldiers or businessmen, until what can only be described as an Agatha Christie novel starts happening because someone decides to start killing off the surviving members so that they can get at the money.

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