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Dear Hasbro will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

Dear Hasbro, (also known as, Dear Habro/Dear Habo) is a meme that has been seen and originated on 4chan's board dedicated to MLP after a bunch of moralfags BAWWWWW'ed to Hasbro over a wall eyed, retarded background pony called Derpy Hooves claiming it was offensive to aspies.

It involves writing hypothetical complaint letters to Hasbro. Overtime, the criticism later expanded to other non-pony Hasbro products.

Creating a Dear Hasbro letter often uses a generic letter template, such as: Dear Hasbro, This pony is offense to me. Please remove him. Sincerely, You.


Steroids, children!
Dear Hasbro, One of your character infringes on our patented minty tooth brushing goo's trademark. Please remove this character.
Dear Habro, why did you make princess Celestia pink? wtf.
Dear Hasbro, I see you keep using this offensive character to depict illegal immigrants. As a son of mexicans, I respectufully ask you to remove this charater or at least give him a cool name. Like Jesus the mule. Also give him a sweet muscle car with a painting of the virgin Maria and make Danny Trejo voice him. RSVP, Jesus the gardener. STFU Spic
  • Dear Habro, My brother died 3 months ago due to complications related to steroid abuse. My family and I find this character very offensive. Please remove him.
  • Dear Habro, I was raped by a weightlifting nigger in the shower at the gym, and this character made me cry, and made me remember the nigger in my asshole. Please remove him.
  • Dear Hasbro, I'm allergic to horses. Please remove your show.
  • Dear Hasbro, It's me BBC. Remove Doctor Whooves or we will sue your yankee arses.
  • Dear Hasbro ,Twilight Sparkle is an offensive character. She dominates Spike and makes him her slave, and I am offended by slavery. I also hate books, I was raped by a book and my mother was killed by a rogue book rapist. Please remove her.
  • Dear Hasbro, A few months ago my cousin was impaled and killed by six gang members. The amount of gang members coincides with the number of mane characters. Please remove the characters at once. Thank you.
  • Dear Habbo, I was paralyzed from the waist down by a pony, and everytime I see or hear about MLP, it only brings me pain. Please cancel your show.
  • Dear Hasbro, I take offense at heterosexuals. Please remove everyone but Rainbow Dash and Spitfire.
  • Dear Hasbro, My son went on the internet and I saw your sick, twisted depictions of the horses engaging in sexual intercourse, and now he is addicted to "Clopping". Please remove your vile porn filth from the internet or I will SUE. Signed, Concerned Mother!
  • Dear Hasbro, I was born with an extra X chromosome, and as such, have suffered through life with smaller than average testicles. I find this character with his non-proportional wings pokes, making fun at my condition and has inflicted upon me great psychological trauma. Please remove this offensive character.
  • Dear Habro, My family was run over by a train. I find your portrayal of trains as a mode of transportation, and not the bloodthirsty murder machines that they are, offensive. Please remove all trains from the show and toy line.
  • Dear Hasbro, I sue you for encouraging animal abuse by taking a shit on the My Little Pony franchise for 20 years. With love, the person which bought the rights to Fire-Fly.
  • Dear Hasbro, I am colorblind and I find your use of colors offensive, because I am unable to see them and it makes me depressed. Please remove all color from your show.
  • Dear Habro, I am a poor rock farmer, and you depiction of a magic rainbow shattering the lifestyle of my people is wildly offensive to me. You very clearly imply that the life of a rock farmer is to be looked down upon and magic is required to save them. Please ban the offending characters and episodes.
  • Dear Hasbro, I lost my both legs at my war, and find offensive watching these ponies running. Please remove their legs.
  • Dear Hasbro, Ponies with derped eyes are offensive, but illegal immigrant donkeys are fine? wat.
  • Dear Hasbro, White Pony is slang for cocaine, it's my suggest drug use. Please stop making white ponies.
  • Dear Hasbro, I am illiterate. Your show often features scenes of ponies reading flyers or books, every time that happens I break into tears because I am reminded of my illiteracy. Your show is disrespectful to the 1% of Americans who can't read. Please make all the ponies in the show illiterate. Yours Truly, An Illiterate.
  • Dear Habsro,
We from Apple Inc ©, still care deeply about our old logo, see attachment. However it has come to our attention that one character in your show, titled, "My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic" known as "Applejack" sells apples and apple accessories.
Sometimes portrayed next to this "Applejack", is a pony named "Rainbow Dash" with a rainbow coloured mane.
This strikes us with great grief, as it reminds us that people around the world will now start to associate, rainbow color; apple, to ponies instead of our glorious empire company.
Please remove any association with apples or, Rainbow Dash's mane
Sincerely, Tim Cook, of Apple.
Thank you.

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