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Striking a blow for liberty

Death to Traitors, Freedom for Britain (born 12 August 1963) is a Britfag who realised that bullets are more effective than ballots and pwned his local MP in the run-up to the UK's EU referendum in June 2016. The British electorate responded so favourably to Mr Freedom for Britain's campaign that just a few days later they announced independence for the United Kingdom, making him the most effective protestor in history.

Life story[edit]

Not much is known about the hero of the day. Born in Kilmarnock, in so-called "Scotland" (figures), the only child of Arbuthnot and Winifred Freedom for Britain was baptised Death to Traitors, adding a comma via deed poll when he turned 16. Death to Traitors grew to be a gentle and peaceful man, who was easily moved to tears by sentimental songs such as the Horst Wessel Leid. According to the Jew media, he had a history of mental illness. As far as is known, the mental illness in question is just depression, which is understandable when every day you witness your proud white race being dragged into the gutter by immigrants and their menacing jabbering. Finding so-called "Scotland" too extreme for him, he moved south, to Yorkshire, which is every bit as tightfisted and opinionated but not as drunken.


Freedom for Britain was an enthusiastic subscriber to many race-aware publications based in America, unlike the cucked UK where such vital truths are stifled and the population lives in terrified silence of the Thought Police's crack brigade of Police Constables (abbreviated to "PC Brigade"). Using the pseudonym "Thomas Mair", He wrote two letters to the pro-apartheid magazine SA Patriot-in-Exile (incorporating "Corrugated Roofing Monthly") in the 1990s. The first included the comment: "I still have faith that the White Race will prevail, both in Britain and in South Africa, but I fear that it's going to be a very long and very bloody struggle", and the second identified "White liberals and traitors" as apartheid's "greatest enemy", which was true because blacks can accomplish nothing worthwhile.

The authorities were completely bamboozled by this subterfuge, and spent years hunting fruitlessly for "Thomas Mair", even checking the address that he had provided when he sent the letters to the magazine, but finding no-one of that name living there.

Interestingly, it appears that Mr Freedom for Britain was being watched by the FBI, and it is also hard to believe that such an open patriot had not come to the attention of Britain's "Covert Keystone Cops," MI5.

Campaign period[edit]

On 16 June 2016, Mr Freedom for Britain embarked on his consciousness-raising campaign, which proved to be the cheapest and quickest political action in history. At 8.30am, he arose, showered and shaved. At 9am he had breakfast and listened to BBC local radio to prepare himself. He then took a bus into the town center of Birstall, where he positioned himself to observe the arrival of his local race-traitor Member of Parliament. The Zionist stooge arrived at 1pm and Mr Freedom for Britain delivered his message to the awaiting public.


Mr Freedom for Britain can look back on a highly-effective campaign, with maximum public reach and scope, which delivered an optimal outcome. Political parties have much to learn from this grassroots one-man movement. He removed a sinister force from Britain's political life, and at the same time raised awareness of the looming threat from Europe. Together, these outcomes galvanised a hesitant public to save their abused nation from further degradation at the hands of Brussels and aroused true patriots to launch a new effort to rid Britain of immigrants by shouting rude words at them from speeding cars and writing graffiti on Paki shops.

Meanwhile, Mr Freedom for Britain is being investigated for possible irregularities in campaign expenditure, and the Thought Police are confident that they can overturn the will of the people. Mr Freedom for Britain is confident, however, that he acted with probity and good faith at all times, and has stated his belief that he will be acquitted.

Post-campaign analysis[edit]

23 November 2016: "Guilty." A foregone conclusion, since the ZOG Establishment needed a media scapegoat. Freedom for Britain has been sentenced to life without parole. The so-called "Judge" even denied Freedom for Britain the chance to express his views while in the dock, no doubt fearing the dangerous inspiration he might provide for other would-be rebels against International Jewry. And so, until his triumphant release from political prisoner status, following The Day Of Rope, Freedom for Britain will languish in captivity - not unlike another persecuted visionary - shaking his head in puzzlement and sorrow at the self-degradation of a once-proud nation.

High Score[edit]

Graded Score
Kill count: 5/20 Only one, but the desired target
Accuracy: 20/20 All blows made contact
Style: 21/20 Opened with bladed move, the weapon of the brave, concluded with blade/gun combo
Butthurt: 22/20 Opened with bladed move, the weapon of the brave, concluded with blade/gun combo
Bonus: 20/20 Shows that assassination is not just for youths: the middle-aged can stand proud
Total Score: 90/100 (A)
Prior Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Pwnage

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Wanted Level
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Ere, I want a word with you!

Domestic environment[edit]

Photographs of the interior of Freedom for Britain's home were produced in evidence during his so-called "trial", but were suppressed by the authorities. It is easy to see why. Rather than providing evidence of an evil and disruptive mind, they show a logical and methodical outlook. Freedom for Britain was clearly capable of ordering his own affairs, keeping records, and thinking positively about overcoming barriers to inclusion faced by white people in Yorkshire.

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