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Debra Lafave is a hot pedophile and sick fuck who was found guilty of having sex with a mentally retarded 13 year old boy.

A fapworthy pedophile

Why She Fucked a Young Boy[edit]

The 'victim'

She was unhappy in her marriage to some guy and full of regret for helping to launch the Backstreet Boys by confirming the gayness of a previous younger "man" who found buttsecks preferable to her demanding and perverted needs. So, Debra did the logical thing and decided to have sex with a very under-aged boy in her remedial English class because this was forbidden love. After getting a boner over Mrs Lafave since at least 100 years ago, this dumbass student had his dream realised and finally did it with her 42 times.

The Trial[edit]

The horny judge

The poor intellecually challenged boy who was statutorily raped by Lafave has fucktarded parents who think he is a fag, and therefore took the perverted teacher to court. How did his parents find out? Well, he bragged about it on MSN one time to some French guy he knew. That French guy turned out to be his dad trying to find innocent young boys to prey on. The case went to trial.


The judge did not make her go to jail for a few reasons:

Eventually community service was her punishment; she then decided to start a very popular course in sexual education.


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