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Defil3d = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.

I decided that I'll just fuck with these people




Defil3d was none more than your typical less-than-social RuneScape player, till one day when a few of his friends thought it would be funny for him to pose as a woman. Although there were already thousands of trap accounts on the game, Defil3d (being a high-level player) rose to popularity through making numerous machinimas, usually about fighting stupid monsters and flaunting e-wealth. Eventually, Defil3d captured the attention of YouTube Favicon.png TehNoobShow, a 14-year-old from Canada who found that exploiting stupid Runescape players was an ironclad way of making fast cash on the internet. Disappointed that Defil3d would not join his cabal of famous players working together to make money on YouTube, he unleashed his e-vendetta against him, beginning a long saga of butthurt and tears.


Pre-fame Defil3d

Defil3d's early days were spent much like those of any other Runescape player, inside with little interaction between the outside world and himself. After realizing he had the option to chance his gender, Defil3d did it for the hell of doing so, and moved on with his (e-)life. Soon Defil3d began making machinimas demonstrating his pointless in-game achievements, and thus began gaining popularity on the tubes.

Rise to power

Historically, the raging hormones of 13-year-old male gamers have taken the best of them, and caused them to allow useless females into their online societies. Such is the case with Defil3d, overnight popularity emerging from a pair of pixelated boobies (known as "bobs" to avoid the ******* chat filter). Instead of informing the hoards of e-daters lining up for a possible cyber-session that he was in fact a male, Defil3d thought it would be lulzy to continue to let the hormonally-charged players think he had a vagina. Even so, this was all relatively unimportant until the day he became a bit too popular.

The Great Runescape YouTube Civil war

Tehnoobshow, known e-tyrant (and what a cute little guy!)

During a timespan lasting from roughly 2008-2009, Runescape celebrity Tehnoobshow declared an act of war on Defil3d for being a no good dirty liar. Accusing Defil3d of being a man as well as breaking almost all written rules of the game, he opened the channel YouTube Favicon.png ThinkDefil3d (now closed) to expose whatever there was to expose about this dastardly individual, clearly taking the internet too seriously. This lead many reasonable fanboys to suspect he was doing so merely because Defil3d was gaining e-fame while he lost his. Nevertheless, 1337 trolls and fans of both players began rallying on the tubes, hoping they'd get some sort of acknowledgement from either players.

The opening ad hominems

Tehnoobshow kicked off his crusade with endless hours of e-research into Defil3d and pals, hoping he could find some juicy ban-worthy material. Ultimately, they ended up releasing numerous videos in which Defil3d's friends admit to logging into the account, using bots, etc using social engineering tactics they read off of Wikipedia.

And his fanboys

Defil3d's reaction

An example of one of the many who were trolled
Looks like a 12 year old's first flame/attempted troll

Being a semi-normal person (as he still posed as a woman on the internet, and furthermore, played Runescape) Defil3d's immediate reaction was to lol at the YouTube kiddies, all trying far too hard to drive him off. He responded with a simple message posting in his channel info, which successfully further enraged the Tehnoobshow fanboys.

I am not here to impress you with my real life. Questions related to my real life will be ignored.This channel is based on a web based mmorpg ie: Runescape not reality.You should view this channel for my videos and not my personal life. I'm just a girl that thinks differently than everyone else and has ideals and dreams while not selling myself out. I'm not emo i can't really be streotyped as one there is nothing more that i can say.


Defil3d reveals himself

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