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Demcad in his dark basement with his dirty gypsy-prepper backpack

Demcad walking with his bugout backpack and dead rabbit on his head in the hood of Flint totally doesn't look crazy

Demcad (Powerword: Reginald Kagler) is a 29 year old unemployed paranoid nutter conspiracy black man that lives in his momma's basement in the hood of flint michigan and Youtubes for a living. His youtube channel is doom and gloom talks about stocking up on guns and food storage and tells people to prepare for economic collapse. He is a devout truthtard that believes 9/11 was an inside job and practically any other conspiracy he can come up with at the moment.

His channel on Youtube is always about news articles negative about the economy, bitching about women and feminism and having no money, talking about his massive gun collection and how we need to prepare food storage in case of economic collapse. He likes to take walks to nowhere in Flint with his bugout backpack to get used to walking long distance and looking for a place to hide during the collapse. His ego has gotten so high he thinks he actually is the next black Alex Jones who can change the world from his basement.

His sole living is earned from fear mongering on Youtube as a Youtube partner. He has said he makes about 1000 bucks a month after Youtubing for 3 years and thinks somehow eventually he will be able to make a lot of money for a living on Youtube. As the economy gets better demcad has to shout more doom and gloom and conspiracy theories to keep his viewers in fear and keep watching. Most of his viewers are as broke as him and when they do get a job they stop watching his channel.

Demcad has made it clear that he would rather spend his money on buying a new gun or food storage then taking a girl out for a date. Rumour has it he may be a closet faggot. He also hates his own race and believes whites are superior. All his friends are white and he says he is only attracted to white women.

Demcad the first black Nazi[edit]

Demcad in 2009 came out in a video where he exposed that his grandfather was an SS officer in Nazi Germany. Demcad later explained that his grandfather wedded his grandmother in secret when the Nazis invaded northern Africa.

Demcad's grandfather was a very brutal and efficient killer. He got honors by Hitler himself for his special torture techniques on Gypsies and Jews. Demcad learned to speak German and heard all of his grandfather's World War II stories as a boy. He also realized he had a deep hatred for black people and his own race. He has on many videos said he doesnt like black women and is only attracted to Aryan white women.

File:Rommel Tank.jpg
Drawing of Demcads Grandfather During Africa Campaign

Demcad the Nazi

Demcad has also linked to other white supremacists on Youtube from his channel page such as sacramiacsmc and thababyg. When he was called out on doing so he decided to just do video responses to them secretly. Demcad was also willing to have George4titles sponsor Jonathan Lebed until he found out he wasn't the red head Aryan and learned Jonathan Lebed was actually a Jew with ties to the Russian mafia. Although demcad was desperate for the money, he declined the sponsorship because his loyalty to the white race was more important.

Demcad now linking to his white supremacist buddy in secret after being exposed

Demcads Medical Diagnosis[edit]

Paranoid Nutter[edit]

Demcad spends his days planning for a collapse scenario. He believes that starting fires will be difficult once the economy has gone bad. Apparently he think we will be so poor that he won't be able to afford a pack of matches. Demcad is routinely seen carrying a gypsy-like backpack around the more wealthy Michigan neighborhoods. They probably get confused seeing a fat black dude walking down their street talking to himself. This also serves little purpose for exercise, because he video blogs at the same time and never gets his pulse up.

Fear and Loathing Alaska[edit]

Demcad was living in Alaska when he went to volunteer there. Along the way he suddenly got paranoid and locked himself inside a log cabin (full Walden style). He would come out rarely, to axe chop wood, and practice firing his rifles. He would also routinely listen to Alex Jones on his Ipod as he walked around his cabin. He would monitor for Federal agents who he believed were closing in on him for knowing the truth about 9/11. Although there was salmon in the river, he preferred to eat canned foods he had stored in his cabinets to prepare him for nuclear winter. His paranoia eventually grew into a general fear of white people who he thought were going to attack him for being one of the few blacks in the town. This eventually drove him out and he went back home to Michigan. Although for some reason he is mostly spotted going for walks in the white neighborhoods of Michigan.

Demcad Seen Leaving His Log Cabin To Take a Dump

Demcad REAL Reason he Left Alaska Because He Feared Getting "Lynched"

Fatass with eating addiction[edit]

Demcad is obese and worries more about economic collapse and politics than trying to get healthy and in shape. He thinks doing stupid walks every once in awhile is going to make him magically fit and lean. Everytime he was asked about doing a fitness channel he got pissed off. He doesn't want to do it because he is not serious about getting fit and its much easier for him to be fat and lazy and doom and gloom from his basement.

Tale of the Hindu Zit[edit]

In late 2010 Demcad had a large zit grow on his forehead. It persisted for many weeks. Rumours swirled that it was actually a Hindu zit and that Demcad had converted to Hinduism.

Tribute to Demcad's Zit

Demcad faggotry[edit]

Demcad is an outspoken proponent of gay rights. He also likes to talk about his porn collection and what women he likes. There is something peculiar about Demcad and he gives off a faggotry vibe. Rumour has it that most of his porn talk is just a cover so he doesn't have to come out of the closet. He may be banging the wall dry guy that makes occasional guest appearances on his Youtube channel.

Demcad is Gay

Demcad Broken Down Van, Broken Dreams[edit]

Demcad's Pride and Joy

For some reason Demcad thought a black van would be essential during a collapse. He realized after he bought it that his measly Youtube Adsense check wouldn't be enough to pay for his gas an insurance. Since then it sits in his driveway gaining rust as he hasn't figured out what to do with it. Maybe the real reason why he bought it was because he wanted to feel like Mr. T.


Demcad : The First Black Alex Jones[edit]

Demcad listens intently to every word spoken by Austin Texas talk show host Alex Jones. Demcad is very paranoid of the world and Alex Jones help fuel this fire. Demcad has aspirations to someday be the first black Alex Jones and make lots of money.

Demcad Parodying Alex Jones - His Ultimate Hero

Similiarities to Ewoks[edit]

Demcad looks like the Ewoks from Star Wars


Similarities to Fat Albert and The Nutty Professor[edit]

Many people believe that Demcad is a real life version of Fat Albert. The similarities are quite astounding. Demcad has on many occasions mentioned Fat Albert which perhaps indicates that he models himself on that cartoon character. Demcad also an uncanny similiarity to Eddie Murphy's comedic role as the Nutty Professor.


Demcad Versus George4Title[edit]

There has been a long standing rivalry between George4title and Demcad. Demcad is jealous of the success of Geprge4Title but refuses to admit it in his videos. He thinks if he gives George4title attention that George will get extra money and views at his cost. George4title tried to help Demcads channel when he first got off the ground and once Demcad had used George as much as he could he dumped George to the curb. George also tried to get Jonathan Lebed as a sponsor for Demcad to help him earn extra money, but Demcad declined because Lebed was a Jew. Demcad then doublespoke by later pretending he only accepts sponsors on moral grounds which is total bullshit. The real reason is Demcad hates Jews. George4Title tired of Demcads holier than though attitude and ignoring him after being used, called out Demcad on his bullshit in a video. Demcad then bashed him back in another. Today Demcad will refuse to discuss George4Title with anyone, even on his blogTV. It was rumored there was a pact made between George4Title and Demcad at sometime. This rumor was dispelled when one time George4Title called into the show and Demcad hung up on him live.

George4Title Message to Demcad : Please Check Yourself So I Don't Have To

Demcad Vs. Uspimpclub[edit]

In 2010 Uspimpclub did a tribute video to Demcad. Afterwards Demcad ignored him and didn't want to talk about him when he was going through his homeless problem. Everytime someone brought him up he got a disgusted and annoyed look on his face. Demcad didn't even want to watch his channel despite Uspimpclub talking about the same topics as Demcad, having over a thousand subs and doing that nice tribute for him. Months went by and people kept asking why Demcad got irritated when talking about Uspimpclub. It was later revealed that Uspimpclub has a slavic nationality and accent and Demcad hates Slavic people. Poor uspimpclub, he was ignored by that evil bigot Demcad!

Why is Demcad Ignoring USPIMPCLUB?

Demcad supports violently beating women[edit]

George4title exposes Demcad as the sick individual he is

Demcad's Final Solution[edit]

Demcad has always said he never blocks or removes comments on his youtube channel. However, he makes sure he hires a mod on his blogtv Vash57 who kicks people, sometimes just cause they enter the room and he has a personal agenda against them. Demcad also has reported peoples videos to Youtube to get them to remove it, just cause he didn't like what was said. Demcad outsources his censorship so he can play the no censorship libertarian card, just like a SS officer compartmentalizes and outsourced various operations to different people so one person wouldn't know what the other was doing. Demcad apparently learned these authoritarian techniques from his Nazi grandfather.

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