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She is thoroughly in celebration of her obesity
Deo likes to lecture republicucks how the economy works in Communism. Her proof: Obesity = Abundance.
The appropriate solution to the furcunt ANTIFA problem
Isn't it intolerant to be intolerant to the intolerant? Did you not know a Hate Hater is a Hater too?
Deo Con Cucker
Deo fails to understand that intellectual property such as patents, copyrights, and trademarks are in fact a form of private property.
Deo perfectly exemplifies the true spirit of Communism: Blood thirst

DeoTasDevil - IRL: (((Jenna Nicole Kinyon ))) - , also known as Deo Vacuus or simply as Deo for short, is exactly a quarter-century-old obese dyke and a communist furcunt who successfully managed to have an entire furfaggot convention cancelled due to posting hostility towards her fellow furfaggot convention attendees and tweeting threats that she will commit assault against them in public. In brief, (((Jenna Nicole Kinyon ))) is the female version of Michael Moore: they talk shit about capitalism, yet they go to capitalist food-chain giants to fill their mouths with capitalist hamburgers. As a matter of fact, Deo's obesity actually exemplifies the opposite of Communism; i.e. she is a fucking whale, not a Holodomor survivor.

Can't wait to punch these Nazis.


Deo's autistic screeching moment'

I've broken people's bones. My nose has been broken 9 times.


Deo prefers having her period through her nose.'

When most people think about the Furry Fandom, they assume a self-segregated sub-cultural community that is intensely egalitarian and all-welcoming to a diverse variety of degenerates whose kinky interests are more extremely degenerate that even goes beyond Yiff. In spite of furries being truly tolerant and open minded to these uncomfortably bizarre kinks and fetishes, they are actually hostile to each other on a political spectrum. In an exemplification, furfags of the extreme left – e.g. ANTIFA, SJW, Communists, etc… - have declared a truce-less war against their fellow furfaggots whom they conveniently label as “nazis” as an excuse to resort to violence against them. In other words, leftarded furcunts like ((( Jenna Nicole Kinyon ))) want to cleanse the fandom of furries who voted for trump or furry members of the alt-right, as if Communists own it. She earned her reputation and tremendous amount of attention online after she managed to have an entire Anthrocon cancelled due to her tweet threats.

Rocky Mountain Fur Con [Cancelled][edit]

Inspired by the feces and urine consuming cuckold who punched Richard Spencer, all the dildocratic lunatics of the far left had a huge orgasm and established themselves the duty to commit assault against people who they labelled as nazis on sight. Deo, for example, tremendously exemplified this radical leftarded behavior when she threatened to commit assault against any RMFC attendee who is either member of the furfaggot nazi group “Furry Raiders” or someone who does not side with Deo's crusade against the fucking fascists. Even though the Furry Raiders agreed to RMFC’s request not to wear the armbands at this year's convention, that was not enough for Deo, so she resorted to acting like an autistic screeching libtard and tweeted threats that she cannot wait for the opportunity to punch some Nazis. As a result to assault threats made by Deo, she accomplished to have an entire furfaggot convention cancelled due to lack of funds to increase security to prevent violent political clashes like the ones that occurred at Berkeley University.

Deo's main target: Foxler[edit]

When "Rocky Mountain Furry Convention" was announced to be in Denver, Colorado at Marriott hotel in 2017, Deo learned that her most sworn enemy, Foxler, 'the founder and current leader of the Furry Raiders', will have been attending this event this year. In order to cool down the tension between Deo's circle and Foxler's Raider group, the organizers requested members of The Furry Raiders not to wear the armband hoping that it will not trigger the leftarded furcunts. Despite this, Deo was still triggered at the fact that "there are nazis in mah fandom". She threatened that if she sees Foxler at the convention, she will not hesitate to attack him in public. As a consequence, a report has been filed to the police department of Denver to take an investigation. After Deo realized that she upset a lot of furfaggots, she resorted to making false accusations of her being threatened by alt-right furtards bringing their guns to the con. Obviously, this was a lie, as she wanted to have Foxler get blamed for the cancellation. This commissioned artwork requested by Deo perfectly exhibits the hostile and violent nature as well as the desire to cause harm to others. In other words, the convention lacked the funds to prevent a possible physical violence that Deo would have initiated against Foxler; for that reason, Marriott cancelled the entire event. Good job ruining the safe space in your own fandom, Deo. 👏 👏 👏



Trace Wars[edit]

Deo is indisputably an individual with below average intelligence, which explains why she is quite the hypocritical type of communist. For instance, she proclaims to be thoroughly against private property, yet she resorted to file a DMCA claim because someone traced her Twitter profile picture and started a meme. In other words, when her twitter's profile icon was traced she completely lost her mind and demanded the perpetrator to stop. As a matter of fact, she even went on explaining how trolls and furfaggots from the alt-right had no permission from her to use her intellectual property, and intellectual properties such as copyrights are in fact private property. As a result, she committed what communists oppose the most, resorting to the utilization of the American capitalist laws protecting private property rights: filing a DMCA claim. How Ironic! Even more so hilarious is the fact that she now opposes Fair Use due to the fact that her fursona's face has become a viral internet meme just to trigger the fuck out of her.

17 U.S. Code § 107 - Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use

Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright. In determining whether the use made of a work in any particular case is a fair use the factors to be considered shall include—
  (1) the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes;
  (2) the nature of the copyrighted work;
  (3) the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and
  (4) the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work.
The fact that a work is unpublished shall not itself bar a finding of fair use if such finding is made upon consideration of all the above factors.
Deoexploitable.png Deofacememe.png

With this in mind, you are entitled the right to use this exploitable image above for parodies or memes. There is absolutely nothing Deo can do to make you stop. Troll her with it! What's she gonna do? Block you on Twatter? Oh No, so terrifying a butthurt coward resorted to blocking.


Archived tweets of deo weeping about people using fair use law to troll her:

Deo face meme About missing Pics
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Deo figured out a secret formula how to defeat Capitalism. First step, be guilty and hypocritical: use capitalism to gain capital from providing art related services to other furries. All the profit generated from this procedure must be sent directly to Doctors Without Borders. Consequently, with the massive influx of non-European migrants flooding to Europe, this event will make it easier for communists like Deo to usher in Communism in a future where she as a white person is the minority as well as becoming vulnerable to rape; to be more politically correct: she will be vulnerable to cultural enrichment by a gang of Pisslamists. Allah Akbar, Diversity is our greatest strength. You can help Deo achieve this goal by purchasing one of these fuck-me-pillows with Deo's fursona face on it. All profits will be donated to Doctors Without Borders. Help Merkel Deo get raped Culturally Enriched by the very people that Doctors Without Borders want to save. Give her your shekels now and enjoy your purchase.


Deo's Livejournal history[edit]

Deo has been a trouble maker online for more than five years. A brief history of her past online activity demonstrate that she has bad attitudes to others, trash talks about her fellow furries, and undoubtedly she is a huge drama queen seeking for attention:

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Deo made Zoe Quinn furry art![edit]

Zoe Quinn, famous for eating at Five Guys Burgers And Fries for fame and playing the role of the victim card from women in gaming spend some of her victim bucks on DeoTasDevil to make furry art of her on January 8th, 2018. DeoTasDevil has done the impossible and made furry art of Zoe Quinn and three other furries she sucked off. Eyes have been burned from innocent viewers.

Here's a more accurate and much better version.


Not only does Deo hates people making fun of her fursona's face, she also hates it when the "wrong people" get their hands on her T-shirts.






TELEPHONE NUMBER(S): (563) 424-4800


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