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Watch Out! Thumb ltd a189.gif This faggot waits for the child to make the first move in a sexual situation.
You can help by contacting Federal Authorities and alerting Chris Hansen.

And basically [my friend] said he really wanted to kill himself and I said "I mean if you want to yeah" and he really killed himself lol


— Destiny, expert in morality

Destiny in a nutshell.
At least he's honest.
Don't worry Steve Mommy's got you.

Destiny Fedora icon.png (powername: Steven Kenneth Bonnell II) is a pedophilic Internet Tough Guy that loves incest but has a dick (and a body) that’s shorter than his baby daughter. He streams himself playing video games while debating with retards on “ethics” and “morals”. It’s either political/Trump talk or shit no one cares about. Despite him always fighting retards, he looks like the dumber one each time because he’s an awful debater. 30 minutes into the stream, he spergs at every different opinion from his without evidence or a compelling argument. Don’t point this out though because he’ll DMCA you like a pussy.

N00dz leaked[edit]

On the 25 August 2012 a thread was released on Reddit detailing a falling out between Destiny and his ex-girlfriend after she found out he cheated on her, released her nudes and called her the Archive today-ico.png "Real life reincarnation of Shrek" because of her butterface. Of course she did not take this well and hacked his Gmail account releasing his nudes to everyone he knew. It's fine though because "she only showed the good ones because she's so nice". Archive today-ico.png Here's the thread for all to read. Destiny, of course, tried to damage control his way out of the shit he stirred justifying his decisions by saying Archive today-ico.png "(he) only showed it to two people" as if that makes it in any way better.
His fans, being the retards they are, saw Steven and came to him in his time of need wanting to help him, and what better way of helping someone with their n00dz leaked than releasing n00dz of your own! Archive today-ico.png (No srsly, one user even posted his disgusting bleeding dick on imgur).


In the leaked group logs above, there is also evidence to show that Steven is also an ephebophile as he appears to have taken nude pictures of a 15 year old girl and his friends, instead of wondering why they were friends with somebody that said Archive today-ico.png He'd wilfully get arrested for a random 15 year old, then preceded to ask for the pictures themselves and comfort him by saying Archive today-ico.png "who tf cares it's not like you're 40 years old" and the only reason he shouldn't fuck her is because Archive today-ico.png "(young people) are usually so inexperienced" suggesting that his freinds are also as much of a sick fuck as he is.

He's also argued that child porn can be moral because it can stop will stop pedophiles from abusing children. Live Leaks Video

Near the end of 2017, Destiny and his circle-jerk were caught grooming a 12 year old girl on IRC. [1] [2] [3]

Incest is a-OK (and bestiality)[edit]

In a sad attempt to show off his debating prowess to his circlejerking viewers Destiny has resorted to taboo topics such as bestiality and incest. For incest his argument was "if birth control is used what's really wrong with incest?" and for bestiality "if the animal isn't hurt, what's wrong with it?". He has repeated many times throughout the argument that this is not his stance on incest or bestiality and that he's playing devil's advocate (re: obligate contrarian attentionwhoring faggot) but that still leaves some room to question if this is what he truly believes or not. Either way Destiny making such arguments further solidifies the hypothesis that he completely lacks morals.

Full stream
Autism highlight

Drama with JonTron[edit]

Yes, he did really say this.

Let’s add some context of how this happen. After the fucking crazy year that was 2016 and all the liberal lunacy from Brexit, the Alt-Right and the 2016 Presidential Election, even normies had enough. In January 2017 Jontron participated in a stream with Arab wannabe faggot Sargon of Akkad. In the last two years Sargon was labelled controversial. During the stream Jon more listened than talked, but basically agreed that this outrage, liberal, straight white men are evil culture needed to stop. Fast forward to March 2017. Some who gives a fuck congressman named Stephen King tweeted "We can't restore our civilization with somebody else's babies." In other words, get these spic anchor babies out of here. Jon defended King online. Destiny, who at the time was some unknown midget that played MMORPG games against Koreans on Twitch slithered out from under a rock and decided to challenge Jon to a debate.

The Debate
Destiny's version of the debate'
The aftermath (with Sky Williams)


The media backlash against Jon.

Basically, right out of the gate, Destiny told Jon that because he’s so popular, its problematic for him to think the way he does because people listen to him. The beginning point was basically Jon saying America is Europe Version 2.0 and therefore pretty much a white culture country, but Destiny insisted that because WOPs and Micks were insulted in the 1890s, that America doesn’t even view other whites as whites. Next Jon blamed liberals for identity politics and the WHITE MAN BAD movement of the last 30 years. Destiny responded WHITE MAN DID SLAVERY, SO WHITE MAN BAD. Next Jon said you can’t keep blaming white people for shit from 30 to 170 years ago, especially when people aren’t affected by it now. Destiny’s response was it fucked up grandma, who fucked up mom, who fucked up Felisha. Jon subtlety said this shit is going on all over the world, maybe it’s in their DNA. Destiny then brought out something he uses all the fucking time to dodge an issue, “I’m only talking about America, you can’t compare America to somewhere else!” He then went on to say, “You can’t tell darkies to fix their shit, its whitey’s fault”, to which Jon responded, “It’s not whitey’s job to fix your shit”. Destiny then; with little provocation, called Japan racist.

The debate got to the meat of it which was Jon asking, “Why is it so evil for White people to want to stay a majority? Nobody wants to and nobody should become a minority in their own fucking country. So why is it okay for spics to take over America and sand niggers to take over Europe, but it’d be racist if whites took over China, Africa, or the middle east?”. Destiny responded with some liberal bullshit about harmony and progress, then he proceeded to blame Jon for ACTUAL FUKKEN NAZIS ZOMG insulting him on twitter. Jon told him to fuck off with his guilty by association bullshit and told him that if he was going to blame Jon for Nazis, he could blame Destiny for Communists giving him shit. When Jon subtly called Destiny a racist back, Destiny started sucking Jon’s cock about how beautiful it is that a half-Iranian and a white guy could have a discussion like this. Yes, he really fucking said that. Jon laughed in his face.

Destiny then denied that there are riots in Europe at which point Jon snapped and started screaming that there in fact fucking are. Like many MSM outlets, Destiny went on to misquote Trump to paint Trump as a racist. Jon started to drop being polite after being spoken to condescendingly and trying to be led into gotcha moments for 25 minutes, and told Destiny that he was the same sort of faggot that bitches about the plight of the Indians, but fuck white people when it comes to Mexicans taking over. Destiny again deflected a point Jon makes with “Hurr I only care about America, stop bringing up other countries!”. Jon stated the obvious, well obvious to non-faggots, that spics come to America, form shanty neighborhoods and towns, refuse to learn English, demand schools speak Spanish, wave the Mexican flag, and are essentially trying to turn America into Mexico. Destiny denied this because he had AIDS. Jon was then like, “Dude…c’mon”. Then Destiny called him a racist. Then Jon said that rich niggers commit more crime than poor whites. The MSM lost their shit over this.

Destiny started spiraling down basically saying that the courts and the schools are racist. Jon then said illegal spics only come here for the gimme dats, to which Destiny stroked his own cock saying Mexicans are hard working and more lies to be spared in the coming race war. Jon then said that spics ruin the job market for Americans working in food and labor because they work for pennies. Destiny’s most retarded response to this was saying “Oh, its okay for American culture, safety, job market and racial demographic to be ruined. Because spics work for less it helps the economy, only the economy matters, fuck America’s way of life. In fact, America’s standard of living is better because poor people can afford iPhones.” Yes, he really said that America’s standard of living is better because poor people have iPhones. Jon said our culture is more important. Destiny just kept saying you can’t compare America to Europe over, and over, and over. Jon also brought up that sand niggers are bad too, which Destiny just kept calling white people bad. Then Destiny flipped Jon some shit about how he knows about the middle east, to which Jon shut him down by telling him that he’s a half Arab that's been to Iran, and that Destiny has never left his fucking house. After it ended Destiny proceeded to let his army of 14 year old boys jack him off in his stream.

After this the MSM tried to hang Jon out to dry and Jon’s own company; NormalBoots, kicked him out and shitty game Yooka-Laylee cut him out. Also Ethan of H3H3 shit on Jon too like that backstabbing jew he is. But Destiny still remained a faggot.


Destiny thinks money is more important than America not turning into a brown shithole and is a faggot.

The Racist Against Racism[edit]

When Pewdiepie said nigger during a let's play video, Destiny went on a bitch fit about it on Twitter, only to be outed for being a hypocritical manlet who has said nigger in the past. To make matters worse for himself, he went on to call a black twitter user an Uncle Tom for mentioning this and blocked someone for providing evidence when Destiny said he'd pay anyone $10,000 to show a single incident of him saying nigger.
Why don't these Uncle Toms get that I'm against racism?

DMCA takedowns[edit]


Despite being a "centrist" Destiny is 100% anti-freedom of speech. If you dare upload any clip of his crappy live stream that is negative in nature to JewTube or Twatter he will DMCA it and take it down.

Telling people to kill themselves[edit]

At least he's self aware.

Even though he claims to have graduated at the top of his class in morality and ethics, with over 300 confirmed PhDs, he has on many occasions has told different people, some his friends(just kiddding, he has none), to kill themselves.

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