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AKA Zicam; they stopped making these because of kids like you who keep stealing from Wal-Mart to feed your DXM addiction

Erowid.gif Dextromethorphan (abbreviated as DXM) is a questionably efficacious cough suppressant and dissociative hallucinogen in the same class as ketamine and PCP. To the great fortune of middle schoolers everywhere, it is available over-the-counter in Robitussin and most other brands of cherry-flavored snake oil that people buy when they have a nasty cough or feed to their sick kids to get them to STFU.

One day, a rogue pseudo-neuroscientist named William White decided that kids needed help getting high off of cherry-menthol syrup, so he created an extensive FAQ describing how to do it. Purportedly, the intent was to keep kids from killing their livers and/or themselves by taking random doses of random over-the-counter products (e.g. Nyquil or Coricidin) in a desperate attempt to get high. Consequently, he decided he would instruct them on what to buy, where to buy it, how much to take and the oh-so-awesome things to do while under the influence.

Online communities centered around this drug - DXM communities - are like any other stupid shitty fucking online community: filled with drama and lulz.

DXM Communities[edit]

The Third Plateau[edit]


The Third Plateau Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg (Wayback Machine) (T3P) was originally created to house White's DXM FAQ (DELETED) where countless tards using search terms like legal highs, or trip maxxor balls, could find a surefire quasilegal way to make junior high a little more interesting just by walking down to their local drug store.

Since everyone knows the best method for creating a new, super cool group is to have a forum in which people can hurl slander, the forums (DELETED) were born, hosted on a machine hosted by a tard called Greendrag. These were quickly flooded by lonely, ostracized dexheads and overwhelmed the static pages in terms of relevance and frequency of use. For a time, there were no other websites with awesome green text on a black background that focused solely on tripping-balls by taking OTC drugs, so lots of newfags flocked to the scene.

During the halcyon days of T3P a fabulous elixir was born. Marketed as Zicam, it was a DXM-only OTC cough suppressant spray that normal people used by spraying the foul fluid directly into the cocksucker. The dexheads quickly realized one could remove the top off of this little bottle and chug the .75oz of ingredients inside and trip mass balls. This lead to the worship of the new Lord Zicam and many trip reports (DELETED) resulted in its disappearance from drug stores across the nation.

As time went on, newfags continued to flock to the "phorums" with posts such as OMG! I can Getz high off Robo!???!!" and the burnt-out oldfags responded with "STFU Noob and go Eat Your Triple C's" (Coricidin Cough & Cold or CCC). This apparent angst differential was derived from the magic of the high being gone for the grey-pube members and the jealousy over the magic the newfags were experiencing with the tussin. Out of this schism, the Dextroverse was born.

Since the community was founded solely on the virtuousness of eating mass quanities of OTC meds, half of the forum posts were by dexed out users and conversations trended towards the lowest common denominator. As time progressed, DXM abuse lost its magic for the older community members and they subsequently and put less and less work into their conversations. Fron this, a new meme - "[nt]" - was born and gave way to drug fanboyism and corotardation.

The Dextroverse[edit]

The totally hardcore logo

All the newfags loved The Dextroverse Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg (Wayback Machine) (DV) because they could have lame-little animated avatars and felt like the site was more mature than T3P because you had to write a gay little essay about why you wanted to join to be accepted. Many users went to the Dextroverse and messaged their OL friends to come along as well and spread the gospel of brain-numbing goodness of the tussin. As a result of these internet heroes, more kids are addicted to a cough suppressant than to meth (according to a completely unbiased report (DELETED) coming out of California).

The site was originally supposed to be centered around harm reduction. ("Take the blue pill, Neo, and not the three boxes of Coricidin.") Instead, it morphed quickly into camwhory and a bunch of braindead fucktards trading phone numbers, cybering and phone sexing it up.

The forum was littered with terrible shitposts like:

# Post your Pic Thread
# Things to do while robotripping
# Look at my new pics!!!
# What do you do while robotripping???

Essentially, history repeats itself faster when you're dousing your brain with robo.

A beacon of progressivism and ending the war on drugs: The Dextroverse was a gay-friendly website, and while being no surprise that a forum with such a high AIDS/faggotry content present on its boards would champion itself as a queermo safe space, the community was notably very racist.

One of the funnier forums on the Dextroverse was the Butt Can, a forum where ridiculous posts were moved and locked frequently. Some of them were funny in their own right, but most were best left in the can so they didnt start an un-needed flame war.

The Dextroverse runs on contributions from it's members and at times has been accused of "selling" Ops or Mod Power through donations.

The Dextroverse IRC channel is always hopping with discussions and pissing contests relating to who has seen whose tits, who ate how much DXM and the latest gossip on the forums. Most of the IRC members are either:

a) homosexuals
b) dorky suburban kids or
c) crazy loners living in Wyoming/Alaska/Idaho/etc.

The Dextroverse IRC channel has, over the years, regressed into a whirlpool of 17 year olds arguing whether or not dextromethorphan is physically addicting. Stating the obvious will quickly get you b& from the channel. While faggotry reigns supreme there, at least it's not full of emo's, half-assed traps, or shitty mods.

The Fourth Plateau Was Born[edit]

Tranlsation: Start Hanging with Corotards and You Will Die an Early Death
Green on black? How novel!
The all knowing Green Eye

Users tired of the massive trolling efforts by TimberWolf and Ashtar decided to strike out upon their own and create a new website Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg (Wayback Machine) called The Fourth-Plateau, aka T4P. At first, this was considered Sedahdrol refused to ban the pompous Timberwolf who tossed about racial slurs with every post and threatened to kill everyone repeatedly. His respose to every post was wildly angsty and recklessly douchebagish. Just like some of the retards that are killing ED, he used the word nigger as a verb, pronoun, noun, adjective, and anything in between.

You black person corotards will feel the wrath of my black person if you keep black personing up all of my black personish tops. Fuckin niggers. I'll nigger you all to death.


—Sample of Timberwolf's highly offensive language

Though this was amusing for all ittle while, it got rather old after weeks of the same. Instead of the weary core members:

Initially, the forum was designed by the people and for the people, with the overall vibe being that of newfag catharsis. But Basskitten's attention whoring eventually led to rifts among members and her camwhoring ran off the other, less attractive females. The psychonautic sausage fest endured regardless of this continued bullshit.

It was quickly realized the other online communities did not like T4P's existence; as mass trolling soon became the norm, a user registration process was enforced. Still, the site continued to be bombarded by T3P and DV trolls, so more strict registration was enforced and the Most Active of the DXM community was moved into private. The other forums are rarely used but still available for public read-only access.

As time passed, people became burned out on the idea of harm reduction and the forum took the shape of a back alley full of broke-ass drug addicts that spent all their time downing insane amounts of DXM and pondering the ethereal world. A few members died, namely Amenti, DeadEvilFrog, D3viantMind, Duvet and Lord^Decil. Though these deaths were not related specifically to DXM, these statistics were not good for the forum considering how few active members there were.

Recently, Encyclopedia Dramatica user fraggin, AKA fragz, started a blog (DELETED) to ridicule the ridicule of DXM abuse and post a few videos of a tru-fag which is one of the board members. Again, history repeats itself and the once-newfags of T4P are now greypubes and when a true newfag enters the arena, the resident trolls get angsty and whiny, resulting in calls of "GTFO newfag Corotard". Occasionlly, an ostracised member of the Dextroverse ends up at T4P after being struck down by the banhammer.

How to get this shit[edit]

Lord^Decil and Duvet are both deceased

Dextromethorphan can be obtained in ridiculously high quantities by being a pretend chemist. You'll need one gallon jug of distilled water, the tallest bottles of Delsym brand cough syrup available and coffee filters.

NOTE: this shit is completely harmless, and if you buy that i've got a bridge for sale in Brooklyn. you totally couldn't die from taking too much of this, or have serious organ damage. that said, delsym is pure DXM polystyrate, so its in a suspension. if you want to trip balls for a few hours, and then possibly puke said balls up later this is THE way to go.

  • STEP 1: pour 9001 bottles of Delsym cough syrup into a one gallon jug of distilled water.
  • STEP 2: let it sit for a while and the DXM will literally settle to the bottom.
  • STEP 3: cut the top of the jug off, drain out the excess water, and save the sludge in the bottom.
  • STEP 4: either eat that shit while its goop, or strain it through the coffee filters. it tastes like sand.
  • STEP 5: ???

You'll regret this almost immediately as it tastes remarkably like the sand from a litterbox or playground. try and forget you ever ate it. between a 15 minutes and last thursday you should get incredibly fucked up. its like being drunk and retarded in a carnival funhouse, only it's IRL. enjoy that, as when you come down you'll vomit out your own taint and wish you had never listened to me. two bottles of delsym is enough to make you hesitate to do this more than once, and since thats probably a good thing i recommend that as a starting point. if you decide to do more be aware that you're pushing the max your body can handle, unless you're a fat fuck or emo in which case you should feel free to add 4 or 5 bottles per jug of water.


Two 16 year-old girls tripping balls on dxm
This is what it's like to get high from abusing cough and cold medication
N00b fails at robotripping and vomits from ingesting non-DXM ingredients

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