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A sample Dilbert strip.
Rule 34, baby!
Typical web episode.

Dilbert is a comic strip by pot-addled high-IQ pupeteer Scott Adams. The strip is highly successful because it attempts to satirize every possible scenario in the business world.

Dilbert is popular among cubicle dwellers because they can identify with being a worthless wage slave at the bottom rung of the corporate ladder. Ironically, they are worthless wage slaves at the bottom rung of the corporate ladder because they waste all their time reading Dilbert instead of advancing their careers by getting shit done, taking it up the ass from superiors and helping people in senior management bury dead hookers every now and then.

TV show

The TV show is still about the business world, therefore it is still unfunny. Trying to cash in on the success of Family Guy and Futurama, the show lacked the ability to make people laugh, as well as having an overly prominent musical score that sounded like it was orchestrated by a bunch of clowns with Down's Syndrome. The show's only redeeming quality was the diabolical Dogbert, who fucked with Dilbert all the time and frequently used humans as guinea pigs in his cash-grabbing scams.

The show got canceled after only 2 or 3 seasons and is now widely forgotten about, except by the faggots who thought it was funny in the first place.

I'm Dilbert as fuck.

Moar Dilbert Strips

Dilbert is possibly the most exploitable comic ever. Due to the lack of word bubbles, dialogue has essentially no length constraints.

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