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Dilton Doiley is an epic 4chan-born meme started by a /b/tard that was encouraged to create a new meme. This may possibly be the most epic new meme to ever grace the tubes. This is the first time any Archie comics character rose to meme status so quickly. Weird then the death of Archie hadn't turned into a meme yet.


So it Begins[edit]

A meme that was bigger than mudkipz was born when a random /b/tard posted a comic of Dilton, the lovable Archie comics nerd, with a RealDoll that he had to deflate because of his height. The thread, although saged so early in it's life, was an epic win nontheless. At least 100 people posted in the thread before it had been saged into the bowels of interbutts hell by another /b/tard who disapproved of what would've become the graetest meme EVAR.


Dilton Doiley is a meme that has been subdivided into many mini-memes. These memes are WOOSH, RealDoll, and IS THERE NO JUSTICE FOR THE LITTLE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD. These memes all originated from the comic.


The following was from the second thread:

Sup /b/

I'm in love. Not with a real guy, but with a cartoon character. That cartoon character being Dilton Doiley. I have been having fantasies about this man for a few weeks now. Just thinking about him makes me horny. If only he were in the real so I could touch him, make love to him, or do anything I could possibly want to do with him. Right as I posted this, I got horny thinking about him. Sure, many Dilton fan girls claim to love him, but what is love to them anyway? It can't be as deep as mine. My love for him is much greater than any other squeeing fan girl's. Oh the things I'd do with him if I could....


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