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Dimensional Entertainment (also known as Dimensional Manga) are a UK based manga publishing company whose titles are all written by company owner and certified nut job Dil (due to his poor writing skills he never got as far as getting a surname). Dimensional Entertainment are notable for the fact that in the time they have been running they have failed to get a single volume of their shoddy merchandise available to buy in a high street book shelf. And in partnership with Mike “shit cock” Towers they have been the source of the most DRAMA to hit the UK animu community in years.

The Company[edit]

The mighty publishing entity known as Dimensional Entertainment currently consists of four people (that we know of)

Dil (surname unknown)

Company owner and one man tripe spewing machine. Responsible for writing all the stories that make up the companies extensive paper weight collection unreleased catalogue.

Philip Knott

Chief artist, assumed to be either clinically brain dead or possessed of the strongest bullshit shield known to man. There can be no other way for any normal human to withstand the physical and psychological abuse of having to convert Dils retard like scribbling into drawn form.

Huy Truong

Artist, used to be a school teacher and as a result is now emotionally dead and hollow inside. This would account for how he is able to cope with Dils streams of incoherent story ideas.

Ng Keng Yeow

Chief ink artist. As poor Ng is based out in Malaysia a more fitting job description would be “Sweat shop labourer” as Dil is obviously trying to save some cash by farming the inking out overseas so he only has to pay half a cent to get a book inked (and boy can you tell).

The company’s flagship character and mascot is the living afterbirth known as Pwanda which they also use as the mascot for their marketing and event stealing façade, The Manga Alliance.

And now for a quote from their press release, as they let us all know what Dimensional entertainment is all about.

Dimensional Manga believes in providing fans with a top quality experience through stunning storylines captured in amazing manga graphic novels. Dimensional Manga’s ultimate aim is to push the barriers within the comic books arena and introduce never before seen concepts and content encapsulated in a perfect balance of action, comedy and excitement guaranteed to amaze.


—What they believe and what they actually produce are two very different things

But what is this powerhouse of homegrown UK publishing hoping to bring to the market that no one has seen before? Apparently it’s the pioneering concept known as Feature Manga; here are some quotes straight from the horse’s mouth.

Our flagship and industry first Feature Manga, encapsulates a whole anime into one book. This original concept will be brand new for eastern and western audiences. Feature Manga has wide appeal that offers something for both adults and younger readers alike. It will undoubtedly raise industry standards and reach new audiences as a result.


—Can you feel those standards rising

Central to our work is the concept of "Feature Manga", where we incorporate an entire movie into a book. We ensure that the story remains concise and that bonus extras are provided in the form of extra stories, behind the scenes and much more besides. We are passionate about ensuring our readers really do enjoy our stories, and find out about the unique concepts that they explore.


—Be blinded by the brilliance

A feature title is what you expect to see in a book or movie, in other words a "complete story". Manga and comics do not do this as they are always in many parts. Calling these books "oneshots" would do these books/stories no justice as you are getting a complete story. Also in all the features you get bonues art/profiles/extra stories etc.


—So getting a complete one off story is different from a oneshot... riigghhhtttt

This author nearly shit himself in excitement when he read these, a whole story! In one book! I had to put down my copy of Watchmen lest my tears of joy stain the pages.

Further evidence of this companies “originality” can be seen in the highly derivative selection of titles available for preview on their website.

Dimensional have 10 series/features listed on their site but currently only books from two of them have been released (volumes 1-5 of demon prince and Pwanda). Those desperate to rush out and buy any copies will encounter severe disappointment (though not as bad as the disappointment when they actually read a DE manga) as none are available in any high street shop. This is because no right thinking retailer wants this tripe taking up valuable shelf space, as such you can only order online or pick up a copy from Dimensional directly if you happen to be at an event they are attending.

The public reaction and critical acclaim garnered by Dimensionals work has been universal, with everyone who has ever had the misfortune to read a DE title agreeing that it’s like having acid covered barbed wire forced through your eye sockets. In fact a recent survey amongst the general public has revealed that ten out ten people would prefer to read Twilight rather than a DE manga, because at least with Twilight the book is heavy enough to beat yourself to death with once you lose the will to live.

Pwanda has proved so unpopular that when Neo magazine printed an excerpt readers requested they drop their manga preview section entirely.

As for Demon Prince even Dimensional think it’s a pile of horse anus as they have cancelled it midway through its 14 volume run (the fact there are nine more volumes of this to come is depressing enough) so they can redraw the 5 volumes that they have released so far.


Self proclaimed story writing visionary and all round batshit crazy retard, Dil has been running DE since he set the company up in 2006. He is a man of many mysteries, some of the largest being:

1) How the hell he has stayed in business this long with only 6 published books that you can’t actually buy from anywhere.

2) Why he feels he can write when the scribbling of an epileptic retarded chimpanzee on the worst acid trip of its life make more sense than his scrawlings. For fucks sake he can’t even write a single sentence without fucking something up.

3) Does he have a surname and what is it? Current popular theory says it’s “Doe”

Dils favourite pastimes when not trying to shove his poorly written Manga down everyone’s throats is to go on at great length about his ground breaking story writing techniques of “layer shifting” and “fifth dimensional thinking”. Now what the fuck is fifth dimensional thinking I hear you cry, well here’s an explanation by Dil taken off an earlier incarnation of the DE website.

The First Dimension

Stories with little or no point or plot. The basis is just plain fun or entertainment.

The Second Dimension

Where the basic premise is that of Good vs. Evil. Black or white if you will or right and wrong.

The Third Dimension

All of the above but with added 'twists'. This adds more layers as well as just 'black and white'. The mentality is that things are never just 'black and white'.

The Fourth Dimension

The story mixes 1D, 2D, 3D, but... it questions the validity of all those dimensions as well as its own - 'Bending the rules' we take for granted as 'solid or real'. Our reality may not be as 'solid' as it 'appears'. The 'signal' that reaches your brain and then 'processes' through your 'filters', makes it solid. But what if you were able to 'see' or even 'interact' before this filtering stage occurs... That is fourth dimensional. In any case, conspiracies and theories of high magnitude fit this dimension too.

The Fifth Dimension

A five dimensional story has all the other dimensions with extreme depth in its 'construction', (this is very central in this dimension) as well as content. A five dimensional story cannot be predicted or predictable like 1 to 3 dimensional stories. This in itself is a key feature, using layered and multi-faceted techniques of manipulation. All the dimensions were created in the fifth. The very 'rules' that govern all other dimensions stem from this alone. The fifth is 'the point of creation' to which the very rules we play and live by, exist. There is a clear distinction between the fifth dimension and the rest – the fact that the other dimensions are tangible and yet the fifth is not. Dimensions 1 to 4 have rules we 'use', 'identify' with, 'tag' and 'label', or apply a 'logical or emotional' stand point.

Suggestion: try to apply dimensions 1-4 that you have just read to; FILMS/CARTOONS/BOOKS. See what fits where....



Sounds like someone was hitting the wacky baccy a bit to hard as this is the biggest load of bullshit we’ve heard since L Ron Hubbard came up with a fantastic idea for spiritual enlightenment.

Evidence of Dils true intentions can be found in this article on A.M.I. lol worthy excerpts follow:

I wanted to make anime but had no contacts within the industry. It was as if I was living on a desert island desperately trying to make myself heard. The next best thing therefore, was for me to create manga and open the gateway from the west to the east.


—Why will no one listen to me? it's not like i'm always going on about pusedo mystic bullshit... oh hang on.

So Dil wants to be an animu Playa™ but is all butthurt because he’s a talentless waster who can’t hold down the most simple of jobs.

My inspiration stemmed from continuous redundancy in mundane jobs.


—where have I heard this before?

Dil sounds a lot like another useless pus filled sack of dog carcasses we could mention.

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