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The fact that the name of this software is named after a My Little Pony character should tell you how shitty it is.

Discord is an online chat software whose user base consists primarily of otaku, gamers, furries, the alt-right, and 13 year old boys and is popular for its user-created servers. It looks like its a retarded blend of Skype, IRC, and Teamspeak trying to be the one in all solution to all communication problems but failing miserably. It has caught on with people who can't afford better services like Teamspeak. In exchange, the FBI is monitoring all conversations and will be ready to V& any and all illegal activities.


Discord was founded in early 2015, right around the time GamerGate was dying down. Eventually, enough Neets from Reddit and 4chan managed to stumble across it, and so it started to become moderately successful. However, what really made it take off was the 2016 election, during which many alt-right fags and /pol/tards decided to jump onto the website and create servers for supporting their favorite Israel-loving kike shill, Donald Trump. This eventually made the lamestream (((media))) believe it was a platform for the alt-right and Trump supporters.

Jew-loving faggot Richard Spencer doing an interview on the server.

Eventually, in the summer of 2017, dubbed the "Summer of Hate" by the Daily Stormer, a major protest largely orchestrated by servers such as and the Daily Stormer erupted in Charlottesville that resulted in the loss of life. Google, GoDaddy, Discord and several other services run by Marxist millennial twats began the process of terminating service to the salt-right protestors involved and their websites due to pressure by the media and Twitter faggots. Despite there existing hundreds of terroristic leftist discord channels involved in doxxing and ruining the lives of people, Discord only took action against the right-wing side, (I wonder why) by terminating the discords for and the Daily Stormer. However, this did not put a stop to the faggots on the alt-right, and so they continued making more servers, even attempting to have yet another Charlottesville, showing their lack of intelligence and strategy and their weakness at public relations.


Discord has many shitty features, which totally weren't stolen from another platform for voice and face-based communication. Some of these amazing features include:

  • Voice chat
  • Group chats
  • Voice calls
  • Face calls
  • Friend lists

and lastly, the most important piece of any communication software

As you can probably tell, Discord is incredible and unique platform.

Structure & Business Model[edit]

The Discords interface includes chat channels where people can communicate with text it's just like IRC with emojis. For those who can afford a microphone will use the voice chat to communicate after trying to connect over 9000 times, having the software not recognize that a mic is attatched, then finally get patched through only for the server crashes and everyone ragequits. Discord keeps a record of every game you're playing and displays it to everyone that you're playing with yourself. The reason Discord does this is because discord snoops through your shit and whatever you give it access to. This include your nudes, any social media accounts your are dumb enough to give them access to, etc. Being able to create an account without an email makes it really easy to flood and no one can do anything about it. You can get bots on your discord just like IRC and no one uses them. Unlike IRC Discord lets you upload videos straight to their server and I totally don't recommend spamming their servers with videos no one watches.

Just because our previous business was sued into bankrupcy from breaking privacy laws, doesn't mean you can TOTALLY trust us now

Popular Discord servers[edit]

The experience you most likely will have on Discord.

Some of the most popular[citation needed] servers on Discord include:

Your typical chat
  • ScammerSubLounge: A community filled with WAY more autistic kids than mature functioning members of society. the server's main focus is to stop scammers but they're doing quite a shit job at it
  • MAX CROSS/MAX CROSS COMMUNITY is a community ran by an autist who seeks for attention.
  • Foot Fetish Gamers: Of course...when you dive into the deepest and dank urine soaked depths of, you get the fetish and NSFW servers and foot fetish gamers isn't an excuse. this server is filled with autistic losers with a foot fetish
  • GTAGivers, a community populated by thoughtful players of GTA Online who use mods to give players money to defeat R*'s stupid paywall. Unfortunately, it's also home to a lot of kids who join the server, refuse to read the rules and then promptly get banned.
  • CowbellyTV, a YouTube "comedian" and the so-called "King of Memes" who basically lets his viewers do his dirty work (using the clever mask of "User-submitted content") so he can lay on his fat ass all day doing nothing but laying in his pile of YouTube money.
  • ChronicCast: A community filled with unemployed potheads, edgy teenagers who've never smoked marijuana before and people who've been permab& from 420chan (if that even still exists).
  • Aurora Community: (AKA: AR, QR or The Aurora, Autistic Retards, etc.) Oh boy, Aurora has been quite busy in the past few months that this had to be updated by an autist in the community, The owner had lost his full ownership and nearly every brainwashed mindless cunt hates the original owner. aurora is not a safe place to be and nobody should touch the autistic slime that is the community. if you find a member of the community, block them at all costs. these autistic children must be stopped
  • Sparkalloon: A community which is filled with low-life individuals who are into fetishes. Created by Kyle, the founder of the YouTube Channel of the same name strives to improve the "experience" of the server when in reality it's just another fetish-based server that will get raided anyways.
  • Armada: Surprisingly not as active as the cancerous aurora community but it's also quite casual than any other server
  • LunaSoft Realm: A community run by an underage fake-ass Nazi who will most likely get his head sliced open or arrested for making death threats

People who use Discord[edit]

People who don't use Discord[edit]

Discord Nitro[edit]

What a person with Discord Nitro's profile looks like. Now that five dollars were very well spent, right?

In January 2017, the staff of Discord realized that they weren't making any money from selling all of your data you were stupid enough to let them access to the highest bidder, so (((they))) launched Discord Nitro, its membership service.

For just $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year, you can get access to basic features such as:

The laggy service[edit]

Since many tartlets with fidget spinners use Discord a lot, the staff couldn't handle the memes and often times the Discord servers would crash once or twice a month depending on your Internet speed. This became such a big issue that the Discord staff eventually had to address it and partially fixed it.


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