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Discord is the result of a stillborn infant being forcefully vacuumed out of Skype's womb, sprawled out in the center of a bloody pentagram, and resurrected to become the internet's next social media Antichrist. Thirteen year olds and furries regularly praise it for being easy to use since they don't know how to compile an IRC client. Thanks to this, Discord is probably the fiftieth final nail in the coffin for IRC.


Having been in active development since Last Thursday, Discord was shat out for the public's resentment on May 13th, 2015, towards the end of GamerGate. Originally conceived as a group messaging application geared towards vidya, the humble beginnings of Discord were, naturally, dominated by communities and individuals who actually just wanted to play video games together. As most of these people were relatively normal, this era is markedly uninteresting; all forms of lulz were nonexistent. Little did they know, however, that something awful was brewing: Discord was set to become an unruly safe haven for massive amounts of unbearable faggotry, USI, and god-awful autism—a fate that the platform was invariably doomed to meet from the very start.

It wasn't until the 2016 election that Discord really took off. A large amount of /pol/acks, already being lifeless husks, migrated to create an arsenal of support servers for their favorite Israel-loving kike shill, Donald Trump. The spike in lulzy hate crimes eventually made the lamestream (((media))) believe it was a platform for the alt-right and Trump supporters. But thanks to the moola Discord was making from this increase in users, they took little action.

Richard Spencer's AMA on his alt-shite server

Thanks to their own mistakes, the stranglehold that the alt-right had on Discord didn't last forever. On August 11, 2017, a protest in Charlottesville, Virginia, was organized by many alt-right Discords, including Daily Stormer's own. Aptly named the "Summer of Hate" by the Daily Butthole Stormer, it was also referred to as the "Unite the Right rally." Unsurprisingly, the protest soured when nu-age middle-class Communists started inciting reactions from the Neo-Nazis. This ultimately escalated to some dumbass driving a fatty whale over.

As a result of the outcry, large corporations such as Google, GoDaddy, Discord, and several other irrelevant no-name services run by lefty twats began the slow-boiling process of terminating service to the salt-right, mostly to appease the moral majority. In other words, to make money by looking good.

Discord, being a strong, independent black woman, takes an inspirational stand against only one of many instigators of political violence. Goodnight Alt-right!

Even though Discord tries to shed its old skin of political extremism, both spectrums continue to make even more servers on Discord. In fact, it was revealed that there was another attempt to hold another Charlottesville rally.

How Does Discord Work?[edit]

As explained before, Discord was born through stealing amazing features from other voice and face-based apps, before concentrating it into its own super dumbed down and modernized IRC. Everything is kept simple to appeal to the guaranteed idiocy that the consumer has.

These "amazing" features include:

Talk about redefining the wheel, huh?

The sad and disturbing truth about Discord.

Discord Nitro[edit]

What a person with Discord Nitro's profile looks like. Now that cash was very well spent, right!?

And, for just $4.99 $9.99 a month, or $49.99 $99.99 a year, you can upgrade your account with Facebook Discord Nitro for access to your cuck badge, such as:

It's important to note many of these features were heavily requested by Discord's users, or, in the case of custom emojis, used to be free-to-use features. Nice paywall! Now you are finally learning from EA

Jew Scheming 2: Nitro Boogaloo[edit]

In late 2018, the staff of Discord realized that they weren't making enough money from auctioning off your data, so (((they))) added another benefit of Discord Nitro. If, for whatever reason, you're wasting your money on this IRC-for-zoomers client, you can now get access to a claimed "+$1,000 worth of games." Sounds a lot like an Xbox Game Pass. This is also when they significantly upped their price (from $4.99/monthly and $49.99/yearly, to $9.99/monthly and $99.99/yearly.) Why don't you just buy the games instead of supporting Discord?

As a result of adding this gaming-subscription bullshit, Discord revoked the right to sue them, alleging that class-action lawsuits could easily be abused. Now anyone who sues has to settle through arbitration (settling disputes/lawsuits/whatever outside of courts.)

Discord Servers and Users[edit]

Discord is swamped with Ecelebs and titty streamers who spawned their own servers to further their own megalomaniac fantasies. Even porno-drawing "artists" have their own Discord servers. If you're an aspiring e-celeb, and you don't have a Discord, you're already falling behind. Discord also has their own classification for these servers ("partner servers"), to help you avoid the narcissists and obsessive fans stationed in them. These partnered servers are closely watched and groomed by Discord, to make sure no one says any bad words, lest that server be stripped of its cow partner status.

Don't the icons of these partnered servers tell you enough about this biohazard?

Beyond partnered servers, Discord's popular-but-not-popular-enough servers are located and promoted on third party sites that are dedicated to pimping these servers out. Here you will find servers based around anime, LGBT rights, politics, roleplaying, and more excessively useless drivel. The toxicity in non-partnered servers is arguably worse, as the cult of personality centered around paranoid mod worship and being a stubborn, hateful prick far outweighs the potential to have anything close to an insightful and illuminating conversation.

The darkest recesses of Discord is home to many near-illegal or indisputably immoral servers. Doxxing and harassment, brigading-oriented servers, zoophilia-promoting, jailbait - you name it, it likely exists, just underground. More often than not, servers have home-brewed, tin-can junker bots, made out of sloppily written C++. It's also not uncommon to have your server pwned by a gorillion raid bots which spam images from Offended.

This is what your standard Discord user looks like.

The festering shithole of Discord, like any other social media site, is home to sad and sick fucks alike. Never far from gaming-oriented sites, drove of incels, neckbeards, atheists, and autists feed on Discord like a plague - and yet, due to its mainstream status, there is an overabundance of furries, SJWs, flamers, and the alt-left as well. The resulting culture clash is an unprecedented level of faggotry that exceeds even reddit and 4chan.

If you can bear the retardioactive storm, Discord is one of the easiest and most effective platforms to terrorize. Servers have various methods to protect users, but comes at the expense of user convenience, which makes server settings a frequently overlooked option. Instead, most server owners will instill shitty amateur mods, usually "trusted" friends, to enforce some twenty-odd arbitrarily written rules. They'll sissy out the moment they see gore or a bot raid though - so much for being trusted.


Among Discord's global moderator, or Trust and Safety team, is one allthefoxes (Powerword: Sam Antonovich). This furfag has a history of moderating Reddit communities such as r/gaming and r/pics, acting like a circlejerking E-whore while doing so, until he was later banned. He is also known for constantly abusing power, banning people for biased reasons, acting severely unprofessional on e-mail responses, and showing preferential treatment towards keeping cub porn on said platform, which actively purges underage pornographic material.

On January 1st, 2019, a YouTuber by the name of QuackityHQ was kicked out of his Discord call with his friends and fellow YouTubers. After attempting to log back in, he was met with a ban message, and opened a ticket for his appeal shortly thereafter. A Discord staff member reviewed the appeal for all of 5 minutes and then rejected it. Once the account got deleted, Quackity opened up with a video explaining the situation, stating that it was due to a video he had made on Awful Furry Discord Servers. From how it was described, allthefoxes was the one who rigged the ban and appeal process, thus creating the #DiscordUnbanQuackity Twitter movement in order to get Discord to fire allthefoxes. However, the damage may already have been done, as there is evidence to suggest that furfaggotry may have already infected others in the Trust and Safety team. QuackityHQ has since recieved a message from the Trust and Safety director, and has made a follow-up video, but is still banned.

The FBI investigation[edit]

Because the Discord Trust and Safety Team is filled with furfag autistic unwanted failed abortions. Cub art is apparently allowed on the platform. This, among other things (such as the fraud marketplaces selling credit cards and accounts), warranted an investigation by the FBI.

The ED Discord Server[edit]

Yeah that's right. We were just bitching about it, and now we're linking you to our official server. It's a bit more active than the ED forums and our IRC, but it's basically the closest thing to 4chan that you will ever get on there.

The server itself is full of everything listed above, but with gay moderators and smart people trying to be edgy. As of now we don't have a teamspeak server, but you are inclined to make your own fan teamspeak server that everyone will join.

Go and join it now, you faggot.

The Demographics of Discord[edit]

Discord is a very diverse platform full of many unique and intelligent people. The following is list of what individuals compromise the community that is Discord:


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