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Disgraced Encyclopedia Dramaticians

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Down from the heavens they went.

You do not quit ED. ED quits you.



Just as angels fell down from heaven, dramacrats and sysops have failed the lulz and had their positions...terminated. Once trusted with the most important duties on the Wiki, their innate faggotry, fail, and unwarranted self-importance would always surface leading to bannation, or worse: exile to Wikipedia.

Hall of Shame

All of the below were also disgraced ED sysops except as noted:


  • Girlvinyl - Shut down our beloved Encyclopedia Dramatica for Jew money. Also a fatass who won't play any game that requires the Wii-Fit.


  • A RAPE SPIDER aka Sokevinsays - Pissing off Girlvinyl via Lulzcon 07.
  • Arguecat - "An annoying, entitled, whiny, self-righteous cunt." - Girlvinyl
  • Aussieintn - Being Jacknstock, see below
  • Bastardman - Fell deeply in love with the delete button.
  • ByAppointmentTo - Facefagging other sysops on the Wikipedia Review, threatening to get on a plane and fight Ajt and being a chubby chaser.
  • Divx-Mongool - (For objecting when other mods opted only "good writers" should be allowed to edit on ED)
  • Jacknstock - Attempted coup of the wiki.
  • Januszeal - Started his own IRC network when ED IRC was down that became home to over 9000 /i/nsurgents including a bunch of raidfags who used it as a launchpad for a DDoS attack on ED and all manner of faggotry. He was subsequently forgiven but not reinstated to Sysop Valhalla. Can be found running shit at
  • Lmte - Fell deeply in love with the ban hammer, refused to help users and went on a doxing rampage.
  • Onideus Mad Faggot - Abused sysop powers while acting like a retarded kid for going on two years, pissed off every ED and EDF user by ~not knowing~ *modern syntax* and for using "^__^" and CAPITALIZED words a lot to the point of sounding like a 12 year old girl, making rambling walls of text at seemingly every moment, tried blanking Mantequilla's talk page, went ballistic when Likeicare came to power due to Onideus going full babyfur retard, and tried framing Likeicare for using money from drug sales to help keep the site running (when most people think he reported ED to Paypal to begin with). Essentially, everything a member of ED staff shouldn't do under threat of being labelled an eternal faggot. Eventually returned under one of several of his alts and managed to land Sysop again, only to get b& later for sperging out and spamming the site with unfunny pics he fetched off 9gag and facebook. Despite his universally loathed persona, Onideus seems to be incapable of moving on with his life, or lack thereof, and seems to persist on stalking the wiki, even in 2017, easily re-gaining his privileges due to being one of the only few autists still contributing to the site. Each time he gains his powers back and is allowed to sperg out without restriction, he usually kills the site, until the lazy ass admins get around to banning his sorry ass again.
  • Pokchu - His parents got sued over an article he wrote, later sold out ED to r9k.
  • VandalFucker - Being a faggot and acting like a hybrid of Jacknstock and Miltopia, instead of the cool way he was when he was Voronic where he had the most wonderful way of talking.
  • TKN - Being a snitch.
  • Tigercommander - Joined ISIS LOL
  • Vermin - For being an absolute pain in the ass and never taking a fucking shower.
  • WKD - Pool's closed due to Yiri.

Never Sysops

  • Anglo_Pyramidologist - A self-professed "victim" who doesn't appreciated the lulz and who confessed to only using ED as a revenge tool.
  • Another n00b - Blocked from Uncyclopedia and every other online community, Another_n00b tried out ED where, at best, he was marked off as another whiny cunt. Everything was "OMG LULZ POST MOAR GOATSE" till someone rightfully put him in his place, and ED witnessed the most rage-filled tl;dr leaving message ever.
  • BDSee/Starkiller88 - Vandalizing all the templates with his Wikipedia crap.
  • Blargh - ED's very own Cartman, was banned for being from Bakersfield, California.
  • Beefrave - Got banned for getting trolled by an attention whore in training and giving EDiots death threats on his talk show (presented in 360º Autism Sound), not to mention just flat-out being a faggot
  • Core - Never officially b&, Core left the building with Januszeal to form what became partyvan IRC. Core was actually supposed to be a Sysop but somehow pissed Weev off and was told that unless he submitted 20 pix of real girls with "loldongs" written on their tits he would be denied the banhammer. Being from Ireland, the pickings were slim and not to Weev's liking so Core kept getting rejected and told to get moar. Core then founded Chansluts to deliver said titpics and deliver they did. However since he'd cast his lot with Januszeal, he ended up leaving without ever having wielded the almighty banhammer
  • DatAss70 - Being an expert on dick sizes, being a pro Russian, constantly ignoring warnings on not to touch a certain article and removing content from it, and uploading too many pictures of white dicks and plastering it onto another article.
  • Grawp / JarlaxleArtemis - Jeremy got run off ED by dissident Wikipedos, ditched by EDiots for being unfunny old meme and was finally found to have been vandalizing ED for at least 100 years. Ended up facefagging ED sysops in his final moments of glory here.
  • Habermann - Had a vast amount of USI claiming to be the true voice of Encyclopedia Dramatica, tried to promote his own site many times, being Lmte’s tool and buttbuddy and ranted about how weeaboos and furfags were covertly taking over ED. Whether he was an asshole or martyred himself fighting a desperate attempt to stem the weeaboo invasion is for you to decide. Supposedly, he was going to rub it in Cash's face but never got the chance.
  • Kashiwaba Tomoe - using editor privileges for self promotion, finding cute little ways of making every fucking article about himself or his imageboard Bokuchan, which is permanently barred from having an article because of his unprecedented amount of shit contributions. He is also contaminated with high amounts of USI.
  • Matty - Pretended to be superior to everyone else, was a total sycophant to every sysop ever, faked being drunk on the IRC channel, and tried too hard to become a sysop. Also shitted up a fuck tonne of talk pages with bored rantings. Also, on a weekly, or sometimes daily, basis, attempted to have cybersex with several members of ED irc, including yiri, which got old pretty fast.
  • Miltopia - Deported to his homeland of Wikipedia, where he was executed for treason by Jimbo Wales.
  • PirateSmackK - Did something that was kind of sort of almost funny on TOW once and it went straight to his head. Constantly autofellated on ED and eventually went mad when no one cared about him. Provides real sysops with hundreds of proxies to ban.
  • RedMachineD - Threatened to machinegun Lulzcon (Seriously). YouTube Favicon.png This is him doing DDR
  • Samsara - Not laughing at loldongs.
  • TheDOSFag - Sperging on ED, getting trolled hard, and acting like a baby, and crying to Mantequilla whenever he gets really butthurt.
  • TroLOLOLMFAO - Being unfunny.
  • Zen444 - Being unfunny.

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