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This page is about an attempted an hero.
Дми́трий Андре́евич Виногра́дов
Nationality: Russian  MiniflagRussia.png
Highscore Killed 6, injured 1
Top 50? No, has failed Russia!
Style Single player
An Hero? Sadly, no

Dmitry Vinogradov is person who commit shooting spree at warehouse in northeast of Moscow, Russia, in the name of Lulz and for great justice to russain bear. He was arm with Vepr 12 (a variant of a Saiga 12) a semiautomatic assault shot gun and also use Benelli M3 Super 90 shot gun. This rare combinate of akimbo shotgun earn him bonus point for style and for manage 6 kill with shitty wepon. Only Aaron Alexis and Jeff Weise manage better kill count with same style of gun (Said shotgun).

Backed Ground[edit]

Crime Scene Photo
Caught on Tape
Caught on Tape more
His hot ex-GF
Assaulted by cameramans

Dmitry Vinogradov was lawyer at Rigla pharmaceutisical company which own warehouse where massacre took place. Like typical russan, he was known to go on week-long alcohol binge and was harass by fellow employee (see: bitch) for it. Do not get between man and beer! He was sadly sent to court for his alcoholism and apologize to everyone explain how he has "no other choice" for his consumption. He was known to have suicide tendency; sadly was not An Hero. He was planning to go for High Score as early as January 2012. He had the philosophy that kill as many life form as possible make the world better place; only way to make world better world. It is true, u should be come mass murderer too! We write article on u and u will have thousands of fangirls like faggot anglo Eric Harris and his queer jew waifu Dylan Klebold have.

Breivik #2[edit]

He also publish hateful manifesto on internet. Similarity with Anders Breivik donned him the media name - "Russian Breivik". In his manifest, he explain how he hate all humanity and want mass murder all of us!


I am sure that I have good reason to believe all of humanity is cancer living on this planet. Already in 2011 the world population reached seven billion, and this is despite the fact that current consumption rates already exhausted the Earth’s resources. I hate the human society, and I hate to be a part of it, I hate the futility of human life, I hate this very life, I see only one way to justify it: to destroy as many particles of human compost as possible! Understand that you are not wanted here, you are the genetic garbage that is here on Earth because of an error in the evolution. You are trash that needs to be destroyed.

From observe his online footprint, he was known to be environmentalist. He volunteered for World wildlife fund and save some dumb bird that was cummed on by oil rig.

Girl Frind[edit]

He also have girlfriend (Russian girl are sexyst in world.) but stupid fucking bitch broke up with him! His massacre was said to be start cos he want get revenge on those responsible for breakup with his grill. During arrest he said “I was going out with one girl for a long time, but in January of this year we broke up. I tried to restore relations, but failed.” After filthy stupid bitch break up with him, this is what prompt his russian instict to drink like crazy. and get arrest.


He obtained his guns after going to college where study legal degree, program, IT. He got in as a lawyer quickly. Using the funds, he illegally bought medical inspect to buy fire arm certificate. He bought 2 sport gun from said fire arm ceritifice. He used weapon to train at many shooting range. Early in the day, before he went on rampage, he publish his manifesto for all to see. He drive to office and in backpack was where his guns were, and had lots of ammo. He change clothing in bathroom, call his girlfriend (to make sure she was in his office area) and went on to go postal, as we describe below!

Dmitry was well-known employee and thus had no trouble smuggling in akimbo shotguns. Around 10:00 AM, he infiltrate the facility. This was on November 7th of 2012; Nov 7th 2007 was day when Pekka-Eric Auvinen went Postal! This is evidence that Pekka also knew Dmitry and conspired with him to kill 5 yrs later.

Dmitry was dress in Camouflage suit / gear, and using his shotguns, he killed 3 men and 2 bitch, injuring another dude and chick but sadly the pair survive. He manage this impressive feat in 18 second flat, with fuckin SHOTGUN. We applaud him for expert military skill. Sadly he ran out of ammo and was tackled by people until security guard came from Partyvan to v& his sorry anoos. One of those injured later die during night at hospital LOL. The ex-girlfriend was sadly found to be safe :(


Now avaiable as Doom wad!

He was sentence to life imprisonment a year later, and order pay 300,000 shekel to victim family for damage. He was fine over 9000 for his manifesto. Four year later he get his own ED page when drunk russian idiot had nothing better to do with his time.

He aplologize for kill spree, and state he wanted to become an hero but was stopped. He went peacefully to prison but was photograph by dozens of reporter which prob caused him anxiety and fear, poor sod.

In his trial, victims explain how they thought it was prank at first because he dress like a clown. Atmosphere of courtroom was dreadful and his attitude was as well. As it is Russia, he is likely soon to become execute.

Collected Video[edit]

Info non-talk.png Learn Russian plz.

Arrest & CCTV.

More CCTV footage.

Excellent 20 minute report.

News report on him.

Other segment.


After massacre many quote came to be relate of him. We list them here for all world to see.

In March, I bought a rifle along with 200 rounds of ammunition and camouflage. I went to the office where Anna worked, said, ‘Hello, colleagues,’ and began shooting right in front of her eyes. I wanted them to see that I'm cool, and then I wanted to kill myself.



—Dmitry explaining how he did it, for the lulz.

This man harbored ideas of hatred and anger to the world and he was planning his evil doing, such as where to do it. The shooting does not fit with his manifesto, which is written in a clear and concise language. Most likely, it is schizophrenia. [The] catalyst in his situation could be ridicule by peers, inability to share his ideas with others, or just the fact that he did not fit into the team.



—Dr. Vinogradov

People at work mocked him somehow. Before breaking up with his girlfriend, he bought a trip for both of them to Edinburgh. But after the breakup he decided not to go by himself and then became heavily depressed.



—Dmitry Vinogradov’s mother

Idiot! You should have started with yourself and your own relatives first!!! Why did you leave them alone? I hope you live until one hundred and rot alone in prison.



—Russian pussies crying like little bitch after his massacre.

High Score[edit]

Graded score
Kill count: 6/20
Accuracy: 17/20 6/2 K:I ratio with shotguns.
Style: 14/20 Akimbo Shotgun CQC
Butthurt: 15/20 Severe Russian Shitstorm; rest of world didnt care.
Bonus: 18/20 Shotgun-only bonus.
Total score: 70/100 (C)
Learn how to reload faster, n00b!
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Wanted Level

Mall Cop


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