Do You Want To Play With My Balls

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Police.gif This book is known for pissing off Libtards and SJWs so be sure to leave it on your coffee table if you own it

Do You Want To Play With My Balls is a lulzy work of Anti-humour that was written by the Cifaldi Brothers as a parody of Children's literature and was originally published in 2012. It, like most published literature in the United States that isn't a colouring book, comes with a free balloon or has the name Stephen King on the cover, was pretty much ignored. It wasn't until May 2015 when a Jewtube video of someone reading the book was posted that SJWs and parents, convinced that this book was in Elementary School libraries through out America and either heralded the coming of Satan or a second coming of 1950s style sexism and gender specific roles and expectations, felt motivated enough to put their potato chips and fast-food down, get off their couches, waddle to the computer and demand its immediate burning through the use of limited, fat American style protests such as posting an angry Tweet about it and expecting someone else to do something about it.

The Book

Do You Want To Play With My Balls is a Satirical take on the juvenile literature market and the learning to read genre. It follows other famous Anti-humour, children's styled books such as Shut The Fuck Up And Go To Sleep, Jamal Has A Big Black Cock, Let's Play Flick The Bean and Winona's Got A Big, Brown Beaver.

The Book, Do You Want To Play With My Balls, like most American literature, is written in easy to read sentences and has no real narrative. The book mostly folows a theme, children playing with balls and shows the children, illustrated in the book, interacting with each other in ways that set up a double entendre, with the word balls, where the reader can interpret the use to mean Balls as a spherical toy like a Basketball or Balls to mean the more risque, colloquial use refering to a man's testicles.

The book was originaly published with a small original production run of 100 units that are now collector's items. When the book became a viral hit after its YouTube reading, the publisher (Bum Bum Books) reissued the book to a much larger production run.

Now out of print, the curious, interested or just plain stupid can purchase digital copies on Amazon or ITunes. Rather than spending money on something that you will most likely only read once and then let rot in digital Hell to decompose to it's base parts of ones and zeroes, do what most internet savvy people would do and look for someone who has already uploaded it to their tumblr and spend your $15 on something that you will appreciate like a case of beer.


It's just an innocent children's book

Like most things that involve the stupid, parents, and the internets -

concerned parties, like most Democrats, felt that the most reliable information could be had from rumors, CNN and misinformation.

Believing that Do You Want To Play With My Balls was an actual children's books and was on the shelves of Children's libraries across the nation they did what all misinformed Libtards looking for a cause do and protested something they were poorly informed about, (See Bonsai Kitten.

Fearing that what they were looking at was the blueprint for their imminent End Of The World fears and would influence children to shoot up their school, smoke cigarettes and want to have sex PTAs and religious groups described this book as "The most disgusting and evilest children’s book ever created!”

Like most protests that come about because of misinformation and massive stupidity, it was quickly forgotten about and all involvement was denied by the protesting parties soon after all outraged members declared their cause victorious despite all it doing was bringing attention to something they found offensive that most people wouldn't have even known about or ever heard of until they brought their unwanted attention to it.

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Thanks to libtards you can expect to pay close to $400 for a used second printing

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