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The picture that started it all

Dog-shit-girl (or gae-ttong-nyue as she is also known) is a Korean cultural phenomenon who has become bigger to Koreans than Rosie O'Donnell to women that actually stay in the kitchen.


On a merry day of June '05, the woman got onto the train with her dog (Who the fuck let the dog in in the first place?), the dog then took a nice steaming dump on the train floor. Her fellow train riders proceeded to bitch about it and a woman gave her a tissue demanding she clean it. Queen Bitch took the tissue and cleaned her dog saying "You said "it", I thought you meant lassie", she then got off at the next station, probably to go join a bunch of her giggling friends instead of making sammiches. A wise bystander took pictures for her local scatophilia club so her fellow members can rub off to the aforementioned pictures.


The pictures found their way to the internets and resident nerds went over the pictures like maggots on rotting meat to find out her personal information. Although they originally planned to use the information to stalk her and then raep her, they released it to the hungry hordes for the lulz. The pictures then became #1 topic for Korea's google rip off, the sick fucks. Because her university found out she was whoring herself and found out about the pictures, she got her ass handed to her and sent on her way out.


The Koreans, who seem to be aware that anything posted to the internets can turn into WWIII, became paranoid schizos concerning the resident nerds (And probably a resident evil themed movie involving zombie nerds.), they all ran to their "North Korean shitstorm" bunkers and shat themselves more than the dog ever will in it's lifetime. Those who did not go insane from the small space, too much loli (Since it is Asia after all) and overcrowding pleaded to the internet law to do something about the invasion of privacy, after many blowjobs and blackmailing, nothing was done.


She posted pictures of her dog to some shady Korean blog, probably so people kick the dog and not her, but that plan was made of fail . She is frequently called out to on the streets and occasionally gets shit thrown at her, prompting frequent wardrobe updates and new shoes. One person went to an extent and somehow filled her bathtub with the stuff, then partied hard and gave the bathroom a new paint job. She does not take her dog on the train anymore and cleans up it's garbage.

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