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Doki Doki Literature Club

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DDLC: Not even once

Doki Doki Literature Club (Alternative titles: Most Overrated Game of 2017, Not A Game: The Game, and "I'm Not Scared, You Are!") is a brand new amazing visual novel dating sim created by Dan Salvato that attempts to lure unsuspecting gamers into playing a cute anime visual novel, but surprising them with suicide and "horror." Typical edgelord bait-and-switch writing.

Although it is frequently called a "game," it is not a fucking game. The majority of the time spent "playing" DDLC is either used clicking "next" or skipping if you want to get through Encyclopedia Britannica worth of dialogue, and if you think that should be considered as playing a game, you should play the game of reading an actual fucking book. Even after all of that, the rest of the garbage is clicking random words to complete a poem because, just in case you forgot, you are playing a fag in a literature club. Between this and watching paint dry, it's better to just drink bleach.


Plot summary

Like all Visual Novels. There is no plot.

DDLC' focuses on the main character going to a school and for no reason, in particular, joining a new club full of half-heartedly designed hentai girls. Like every single other visual novel, you play as a guy who, in the real world, would have killed himself yesterday, but because this is not real, you get a harem of girls after your nano-sized cock.

Here is an easy to learn guide in case you have terminal cancer and is wondering how to spent the last six hours of your life as uneventfully as humanly possible.

1.) Pick anyone:

2.) Pick Monika:

It is also straight up pointless to get to the ending after wading through the shit because if you were stupid enough to think you could at least fuck their dead bodies at the end, you are in for a revelation for just how much time you have wasted.



What characters?

Because Salvato is a creativity deprived hack, he only created four pieces of cupboards cut-out for this game. They are all uninteresting cupboard cut-out ripped straight off from other pieces of media, and those that aren't are cliche anime tropes that have been done to death several times over. Similar to other garbage like other games of the same popularity, fans of DDLC will say all the characters in this game are deep and thoughtful, but people who are not insane can clearly see through this cheap cop-out.


Generic perfect anime girl that everybody wants to fuck, making her the best girl among normalfags everywhere despite being unfuckable in-game.


Obvious trap.


Logan Paul found her.


Masochistic emo whore who has a fetish for knives and cutting. Most popular among gurofags and 12-year-old boys because of her big tits which conveniently mask her complete lack of character or any type of personality besides being eye candy for the weebs that play the game.

Project Autism? (Libitina)

According to several edgy Reddit and YouTube users last Thursday, the entire purpose of this pile of shit is but a bait for the upcoming game coming from Team Salvato's anus. To find out the game's secrets, people such as Mithost and Warchamp7 used their autism magic. Turns out the character file for each of the four characters DOES have secrets, which include:

  • A shitty fanfic written by Team Salvato's director.
  • One crappy image that requires Photoshop to turn it into a white girl.
  • Another crappy image which turns out to be a dumb teaser written by Monika for the new game.
  • A crappy edgy poem written by Yuri saying something about having the third eye opened somewhere on her body.

It's truly amazing how Team Salvato made these people wasted their life to do something this pointless.

(Over)reactions to DDLC


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See also

  • ProJared - Who actually ranked this shit above games such as Super Mario Odyssey and Sonic Mania in his 'best games of 2017' video because he is a faggot who thinks his opinion is special.
  • Yandere Simulator - Edgy garbage game like this one as well except it's actually a game.

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