Don't ask, don't tell

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Exactly what will happen.
I can't shoot him! He'sss Gorgeousss!

Don’t ask, don’t tell was an Americunt military policy that barred dirty faggots from joining the only military endorsed by God Himself™.

After crunching the numbers, military intellectuals were infuriated that they were not given the opportunity to send thousands of faggots to their deaths and demanded repeal. The faggot-run government, however, insisted on sending the freedom-hating homos to the safety payed for with the blood of hard-working heterosexuals.

This blatant act of reverse Darwinism was crushed by the mighty fist of God in 2010. No longer will God-fearing, apple pie loving heterosexuals die alone while hateful homos are out reaping the rewards.

God Bles America American flag animated.gif

The Aftermath[edit]

A bunch of queers got killed in Iraq and nothing of value was lost.

In the Navy[edit]

"Don't ask, don't tell" was abandoned in 1930.

Seafaring gentlemen may be particular sunday post 17 feb 1929.jpg


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