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Donny Long

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Police.gif Donny Long just got a LOLSUIT and he's gonna harass and defame Cloudflare and Sanford Law Firm, P.C of Fayetteville, Georgia for doing so!!!
A picture of Donny, while pointing at a dick he wants to suck.
Donny Long is a pornographic god and hero, porn director, porn production company owner, porn studio owner, porn webmaster, super porn star extraordinaire and porn star retiree. Donny is considered a hero for standing up to the faggots and crossovers that have ruined straight porn and kill wood of straight porn fans everywhere.


An excerpt from Donny's article on Porn Wikileaks, which he undoubtedly wrote himself.

Donny Long (real name Donald Carlos Seoane) is a homosexual deviant, failed porn star, and criminal who hides in third world countries because he'll get arrested if he ever returns to the Jewnited States of America, has a huge case of Unwarranted self importance, and spends his worthless life fucking ladyboys and making stupid threats.


Donny's failed boat business

Don't deal with Don's Mobile Marine or Affordable Marine Inc. off US1. Run by an individual name Donald Carlos Seoane. This guy has no clue what he's doing. He is a moron and why this jerk owns a company that deals with boats has me completely confused. Has no clue how to run business. In an awful location. Why do all the boats he is selling look like he salvaged them? Why do all the boats look like he bought them from a Cuban Junk Yard?

15 to 25 boats out here at any one time just rotting. I never see anyone here maintaining these derelict looking boats so where is the "owner" and why does he have no staff taking care of the docks?Two of the boats look like they have partially sunk. I've been here several times and Mr. Seoane is never here. The last time I stopped by the place was closed and it was 2 in the afternoon. Who runs this donkey show? I will never return here to do business. Unprofessional and dangerous. Imagine someone who's not familiar with boating coming here and getting killed by stepping into a area and the boat tips or sinks… and imagine buying a boat from this irresponsible way of doing business.



—Customer review of Long's boat business by Darren Maclusky.

Donald Carlos Seoane/Donny Long was born in Miami, Florida on February 15, 1980. Little is known about his early life, other than the fact that he had multiple run-ins with the law His first known arrest occurred on May 14, 1998 when he was eighteen years old. He was charged with burglary and grand theft. Following his 1998 arrest, Long got arrested several other times for various other felonies, and was even convicted for assaulting an ex-girlfriend in 2006.

tl;dr: Even before he was a cock sucking faggot, he was a thief and an abuser of women.

Shortly after his first arrest, Long opened a boat repair business called Don's Mobile Marine, which he claimed was the biggest business of its kind in the upper keys. As evidenced by the above review, he was really a fucking moron who kept customers waiting, had no one helping him, and his boats had holes bigger than the aftermath of his asshole after taking multiple black dicks.

The 2005 hurricane season pissed what was left of his already shitty business down the drain.

Donny's failure at sucking dicks for money

When it was obvious to Donny that his only real talent was opening his own holes to damage like what happened to his boats, he decided he was going to enter the porn business, since he let his business fail because he spent all his time looking at porn anyway.

After donning a gimp suit and spreading his ass with the words "HIRE ME" written in magic marker on his asscheeks, which he sent to several porn companies in the hopes he'd get his butthole plugged with some sweet, sweet cock, he got hired by Bang Bros, who told him they needed him to fuck women. Being broke, he swallowed his anger over not getting to suck cock and was hired.

His first porn film was Nasty Hardcore Latinas 3., and ever since he finally got his dick wet plowing a bunch of spic whores, his USI led him to claim to anyone who cared to have done an extremely large amount of work, appearing in over 500 scenes in his first two years and over 1,000 in total. The actual numbers seem to be much lower, although he states that this is because much of his work was done with websites like Bang Bros and Brazzers.

In reality, he actually did do this many scenes, but only if you include all the scenes where he was bottomed and pissed on in gay and shemale porn, which he doesn't like to admit to these days because he's "straight".

However, Donny would not last long sucking dick for money, as he has a lot of self hatred for being a filthy sodomite and has taken out his sexual shame Ted Haggard style since 2008 on the porn industry, getting into numerous stupid fights over "crossovers", or porn stars who do gay and straight porn. Ironic, as he's done it himself. According to the self loathing dick licker himself, there is a "Gay Mafia" headed by a porn producer named Mark Spiegler, and these sodomites secretly control the very industry he was once so proud to bounce on the cocks of.

Since he only started saying all this after the porn industry threw him out for having AIDS, acquired after one of the biggest ladyboy orgies in Thailand, whether he's telling the truth or pissed he will be forever denied all the crossover cock he can gobble remains an open question.

Since he was banished from being paid to inhale semen, he started a porn based Wikileaks parody called Porn Wiki Leaks, claiming to have the dox and STD history of every porn star he could find.

Donny has always tried to pretend he does not have any direct control over PWL while approving what it does, but the fact all the articles on people he hates have really detailed shitty attack articles while his is Unwarranted self importance dot text, the writing style is the same as every other site he owns, the fact he uses a place he says he can't control as a threat against people and they magically defame whomever he wants, and the fact the site is dead except to suck his dick and shit on his enemies can only mean one thing.

Donny Long's porn career About missing Pics

Donny the Internet Tough Guy

Donny Long is psychotic. If he doesn’t like you, he goes around your neighborhood sticking up posters saying you’re a pedophile.


—Mark Spiegler

Let the following video of Donny getting his ass beat by Thai hookers set the tone for the rest of this section.

What Donny Long doesn't want the world to know is that, contrary to his claims of being a badass, he's actually a gigantic weeping pussy who would never hurt anyone IRL. As you can see in the above video, women half his size handed him his ass, and because he's such a loser, he resorts to attacking people on the internet.

These are the following ways he attacks people:

1. Email: Via throwaway emails, mostly through Gmail, he'll send all sorts of nasty threats and claims of hurting you, and he'll get some sockpuppets to join in to make you think he has a personal army. In reality, he's just an angry gay man ranting like a crazy fuck, and you can just send his gay love letters to your spam folder and he'll eventually go away when he realizes you don't care.

2. Dox: Like many other butthurt manchildren on the internet, he thinks finding all your social media accounts and your Facebook counts as dox, which he adds badly photoshopped pictures of shit like calling the target a child molestor, then he posts them on his attack sites, like Pornwikileaks and AdultFYI, and he tries to make it sound like he's got tons of visitors and that all the bad shit on you on internet searches will be so bad for you no one will think you are anything other than a sick fuck, and if you aren't fazed by that, he'll do this to your friends, relatives, anyone he thinks he might hurt, and do the same to them, hoping to either get them to turn on you or for you to do whatever he says.

Unless you are a dumbfuck, his doxing skills suck and even if he does get your dox, all he does is post it with bad photoshops on his attack sites, where he gives himself away as batshit insane because he'll say you do all sorts of horrible things in ALL CAPS while calling you a fag and projecting his own perversions on other people.

Contrary to what he says, most of his shitty websites don't get a lot of views and come off like the rantings of a lunatic, so unless you are a total pussy who actually believes people will take his rants seriously, you can just ignore his retarded threats of spamming blogs and websites with defamation on them.

If he's really butthurt, he'll threaten to hassle your employers and get you fired, and those of your friends and anyone associated with you, and if you're worried about that, getting a lolyer is something you can do if you want to throw money at the problem, but if you are too cheap to do that, just warn everyone this sad, cock craving internet tough guy might threaten and tell them not to feed the troll. Besides, he usually is stupid enough to threaten your employers while trying to get you fired, and unless they are fucking idiots, they will tell him they will call the cops on him instead of believing him.

If this fails to get anything done, he usually gives up because that's basically all he can really do to people.

Aside from these tactics, he can't do shit, and while it would be lulzy and awesome if you could get him arrested, he runs around multiple third world countries and hides all his gay websites behind Cloudflare because he's a pussy, so unless you are loaded, shutting his ass down is probably not going to be effective, so it's best to just ignore him and let him die of the multiple STDs he got from guzzling ladyboy semen.

Donny always claims to not be himself and always uses fake names and socks when fucking with people, even though the socks always suck his dick, have his enemies, and he and they all have the exact same typing style.

Donny's various shitty websites

  • His personal site for sucking his own dick.
  • His Jewtube channel
  • XXXFilmJobs: His "adult modeling site". Don't go here even to troll because he steals information and uses anything you post against you as dox.
  • His gay porn site.
  • His blog
  • His Twitter (banned)
  • His Facebook
  • Porn Wikileaks: His revenge site, more or less. The wiki is a huge collection of bullshit about porn stars in an attempt to ruin the industry that wants nothing more to do with his STD riddled ass. It's basically dead. The blog and forums are all Donny socks talking to each other and him spewing crazy bullshit about anyone he doesn't like and uses to spread bullshit about people. Donny has always denied running the place, even though his article on it is the only one that isn't being a shitty ED clone.
  • Official Mike South: Donny's hijacked attempted to pass himself off as the real Mike South, another guy in porn Donny shits on. Filled with all Donny Long bullshit.
  • AdultFYI: Yet another Donny Long defamation blog.
  • Kiwi Farms Profile: He's had several socks on the Kiwi Farms, they all got merged and redirect to this profile. All accounts are currently banned.
  • A site named after the mother of Joshua Moon, owner of the Kiwi Farms. A combination revenge forum and wiki, with the forum being where Donny, his socks, and some trolls faking being on Donny's side masturbate to thoughts murdering anyone who posts on the Kiwi Farms and tries to scare people into doing what he says by posting his blackmail to them in public. The wiki is where he mirrors all the dox he posts on the forums and is meant to serve as another place to defame people and try to scare them into doing what he wants.

Donny's personal cumdumpster, Heather Deep

Heather's dick is bigger than Donny's.

Donny, like every self hating gay man who wants to hide his shame while still looking like he's actually gotten his dick wet with a woman, has his own beard, an Azn sex slave who goes by the porn name Heather Deep.

Thing is, even then he's cheating, because she's actually a ladyboy. Post-op, so it looks like he fucks women, but she's still a young boy he had castrated, pimps out for money every chance he get, and who basically has his cock fondling hands shoved up Heather's ass like a puppet so he can use him as an IRL sockpuppet.

However, Donny has reasons for this. Twitter, in a rare case of not being a shitty site, has banned him every time he ever set up an account on the site for being an internet tough guy, so he uses Heather's account to spam his own bullshit and occasionally has his ladyboy slave mouth the same bullshit he rants about in Engrish because, after repeated beatings and assrape, Heather is little more than a mindless puppet of a guy with a criminal record for abuse.

When Heather is not being Donny's meatpuppet, the ladyboy basically whores herself on Twitter, occasionally posting pictures of Donny allegedly fucking skanks most white trash wouldn't touch, just so he can make the world think he's not a cock craving faggot, even though his face is rarely shown most of the time, and his dick has to fight to stay hard because pussy is not the hole he likes to fuck.

Her origins are not clear, and some of Donny's critics have accused him of getting her from human traffickers to use as a sex slave, but no one knows for sure.

She has a Youtube channel, but aside from this and Twitter she otherwise just exists so Donny can claim he's not an asshumper and to do his bidding.

Allegedly, Donny has tried to have a child by Heather and he has miscarried more than once, but since there has never been any proof, it's pretty safe to assume Heather can't have kids with him because Donny's cum can't impregnate a hatchet wound where "her" dick used to be.

Donny versus Eddie Dzial

Donny and Eddie sharing a passionate kiss.

Eddie Dzial (Edward Bernard Przydzial III) is basically the Anthony Logatto to Donny's Chris-chan, and they have been trying to vent their homolust for one another via a very gay feud for the longest time over shit nobody cares about.

This sad and very gay leatherdaddy reject apparently had hot buttsex with Donny in a bathroom once, and when Donny wouldn't return his calls, he, like any other spurned lover, decided to stalk Donny, sending him gay photoshops as a not so subtle hint Eddie wanted more buttsex.

Donny, like any self hating faggot, has responded by doing the exact same thing and they duel each other on every forum, email service, and wiki they can find, neither one of them able to completely get over their bad breakup, and they are so butthurt that the other just won't let go that they will likely die alone, never to fill each other asshole with each other's man juice ever again.

tl;dr: Two gay men who never got over their bad breakup yet still want to fuck each other's ass raw anyway but are too pathetic to quit obsessing over shit nobody cares about.

Donny versus Wikipedia

Libelous and questionable information AGAIN! Why cant you guys keep the libel about cristianx and chasey lain off my page? its up again for the 500th time. You want to post about chasey lain then post this video that tells the truth. I filmed that and thats the truth, not the bullshit you keep posting. JUST DELETE MY WIKI SINCE NO ONE CAN RUN IT RIGHT.


—Donny Long, pissed that Wikipedophiles won't suck his dick like he make young boys do to him everyday.

Long once had an article on Wikipedia, but it didn't suck him off like a gay pornstar, so he kept vandalizing the page to get the page deleted. During a long and protracted deletion discussion, Long repeatedly vandalized the discussion page with IP edits. Long also did not seem to understand how the discussion worked, changing the votes of othersand accusing others of libel.

Donny versus the Kiwi Farms



—Donny, whose unwarranted self importance is flaring out of control.

On March 25th, 2016, the autists at the Kiwi Farms stumbled across this flaming queer and decided to discuss his faggotry, which, had Eddie Dzial (under the name "poser exposer") not joined in to trollshield, would've ended after three pages and Donny would have likely gone the rest of his life fucking ladyboys and black men in the ass until his HIV compromised immune system gave out.

Eddie's trollshielding got Donny to show his AIDS infected dick on the Farms as "God Long Army General" and immediately started sucking Donny off, and even though they tried to claim they were not the dickhumper himself, he let slip he knew about the thread a week prior, knowledge they would have only had if they were Donny "The Cocksucker" Long himself.

Donny, being a dumbass, then tried to make a thread on Eddie in a really obvious attempt at trollshielding that made Eddie's own trollshielding look subtle by comparison. None of the Kiwis gave a fuck and Long soon left to soothe his bruised ego after the Kiwis laughed their asses off at him.

Not long after he left, they discussed his butthurt, and he soon came back, spamming threads about people Long had a grudge against, hoping to make the kiwis his personal army. This failed and the threads were deleted, prompting the homosexual to start projecting his love of cock on everyone making fun of him and bragging about all the crack whores he fucked to make it look like he wasn't gay, and when this only got more laughter, he just started spamming porn of his own unwiped ass in the hopes the Kiwis would spend too much time vomiting because he couldn't wipe his own ass instead of mocking his badly disguised faggotry.

Yet again, he failed, and so he started demanding the Kiwis commit suicide, and he finally realized he was doing nothing but digging his own grave after his spam was edited to make it look like he was admitting to the homosexuality of his everyone already figured out for themselves.

tl;dr: Donny Long shows up to Kiwi Farms to make them his personal army, gets trolled to oblivion instead.

One day later, he came back under stupidly obvious sockpuppet "I hate faggots", and once the sock was merged into his original account, he ran like a bitch again, ass in pain again, and not from the cock he usually craves.

His Kiwi thread lost all activity by August 2016, and a smart person would have just let the damn thing disappear into the mists of Google search hell, and by February 2017 it was well on its way to no one ever discovering it except by extremely random accident when Long had to fuck things up for himself.

But this time, he wasn't alone. He teamed up with Vordrak and few other people mad the Farms laughed at them and forced the Kiwi Farms to close because they got the owner Null's mom fired with fake accusations she hosted child porn and the Farms closed to get this to stop.

To give Donny credit, he actually succeeded, and had he stopped here, he likely would have had the Kiwi Farms down permanently, but years of being skullfucked by every dick he could find and having HIV and possibly syphllis loaded poz pumped into every hole until his brain tissue started to rot led him to piss all this away.

Because Donny was stupid enough to threaten Null via email even after he won, demanding the Kiwi Farms database or he'd keep harassing other members of Null's family.

Null immediately figured caving to the blackmail of the stupidest criminal on the planet was retarded and promptly brought the site back up just to spite Donny.

Shortly after Kiwi Farms came back online, so Donny created a parody forum/wiki of the Kiwi Farms. This site, formerly entitled "Kiwi Farms Not" (later renamed CandiceLynnPotter, after Null's own mother) had its own forum and wiki with the intent of doxing every member of the Farms and outing them all as homosexual pedophiles.

Donny's gay ripoff of the Kiwi Farms

On, Donny hopes to eventually take the Kiwi Farms off the internet forever.

Thing is, Donny is a dumbass, and the below will explain his brilliant plans.

1. The initial idea was to clone the titles and first post of most of the Kiwi Farm threads on lolcows, hoping to make the people covered further upset there were now two threads on them on the internet, and offering to remove theirs only if they joined his personal army.

Hardly anyone save Oliver D. Smith was willing to do this, and even he decided Donny was insane and gave up sooner or later, so this never really went anywhere.

2. Doxing all of Joshua Moon's family. Donny hopes that by doxing every single member of Joshua "Null" Moon's family, he can either get Joshua's family to murder him for getting them doxed and harassed by a crazy man, or that this will make Joshua take down the site again rather than watch his family get attacked.

The first idea is a pipe dream only an idiot with a syphilis rotted brain and GRIDS compromised dick would ever think would work, and Null chose to keep the Kiwi Farms up just to keep pissing Donny off, so this isn't working either.

3. Trying to dox and harass anyone who has ever posted on the Kiwi Farms, their family, friends, and spreading defamation about them to get them to do what he wants.

This hasn't really worked all that well for the most part, as the Kiwis have largely replied to his dumb threats of doing this with DO IT FAGGOT, and aside from maybe one or two idiots who take this overgrown gay manchild seriously, he has yet to actually scare anyone he really wants to frighten into compliance.

4. Other stupid shit:

  • Donny, his socks, and maybe one or two of his boyfriends all jerk themselves raw to fantasies of killing, raping, and otherwise hurting people every three or so threads.
  • Falling for all sorts of fake and inaccurate dox like goldfish, even being willing to take dox from Kiwi Farms members who are known for spreading bullshit dox just to troll people.
  • Donny giving himself away by using the same tag markup, typing style, and rants he does on all his other gay little websites, fooling no one when he claims he doesn't run CandiceLynnPotter, even though the forum is more or less a clone of his Porn Wiki Leaks forum, right down to layout, tags, and rants about people only Donny Long gives a shit about.

The actual membership of the forum is very small once you remove all the very obvious trolls there to discredit the place.

  • candice: Donny himself.
  • KiwisAreNeoNazis: Quite likely a shared account, as the posting style has varied if you look over past posts, but known and suspected users of the account include Donny, Oliver D. Smith, Tristan Stadtmuller (some guy who Donny occasionally sucks off and Tristan returns the favor) and possibly even a few of the fake members just there to make the place look like even more of a nuthouse than it already does.
  • Queerfield Beach: Donny sock.
  • Everyone else is either Donny talking to himself, fake trolls, Eddie Dzial trying to worm his way into positions of power so he can later vandalize the forum and it's wiki to make Donny rage, or batshit insane people who stumble upon the place by accident.

It also has a wiki that serves as an unfunny clone of this very site that has no lulz, so much obvious bullshit no one could ever take it seriously, and who Donny has let tons of people vandalize because he's a gullible dumbass who will hand over sysop rights to anyone who pretends to rim his butthole.

tl;dr: It's a very sad little circlejerk where a self hating gay man lashes out at the world because he craves porn industry cock but knows none of them will fuck him in the ass ever again.

How to troll Donny Long

His HIV test results.
Donny long hiv test.png
Donny long hiv test2.png
  • Point out his homosexuality.
  • Send him gay porn.
  • Call his personal whore Heather Deep a ladyboy
  • Go onto any of his forums, like Porn Wiki Leaks or his CandiceLynnPotter forum and act like a fan of his long enough he gives you wiki editing powers and makes you a sysop. Wait a little longer and edit so he thinks he can trust you, then go on a vandal spree and spam gay images and shit like this article over and over again. He'll ban you and rage about you being a filthy fag, but that's okay. And, since he's very stupid and assuming you have some proxies and throwaway accounts on hand, you can keep doing this to him over and over again.
  • Tell him he and Eddie Dzial should just fuck already.
  • Dox him. Not easy to do, but if you can do this, it will cause him to rage out hard.
  • Spam blogs and wikis about his faggotry. As they say, turnabout is fair play, and Donny doesn't like it when people use his own tactics against him.
  • Point out his HIV results are positive.

Reaction To This Article

Having made so many enemies in the porn industry, naturally some of them have brought their spat to Encyclopedia Dramatica. In 2016, his deleted Wikipedia article was copypasted here to ED which angered Long so much that he created numerous sockpuppets to let us know how internet savvy he is. Now that his antics have again been noticed by the internet at large, EDiots have made him a properly constructed article.

Even before this article was even complete, Donny and his twink brigade noticed and, like Chris-chan, want it down NOW, and have even threatened ED sysops over it. We here at ED await whatever Donny and his gay lovers will do to try and get it taken down.

Not that that's going to happen.

On May 8, 2017, Donny Long was so assblasted this article went up he wants to dox ED because they correctly call him a filthy buttpirate.


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