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Doubles will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

Doubles Oh exploitable.png
Warna Brotha! FACT ALERT:
All dubs are back on /b/ and everyone's shitposting like the good old days!
DOUBLES IS DEAD!!! Moot surgically reconstructs post number endings to post ending in xxx. HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT. I SUCK COCKS!
Oncologists at /b/ take an aggressive stand on followup treatments

Doubles, gettit?
Do we really need two of him?
Animooted, for more faggotry.
For use with Yotsuba B.

The most creative thread ever.

A lovely bit of cancer which used to be running rampant all over /b/ (until moot disabled dubs on /b/,) IS NOW ONCE AGAIN RUNNING RAMPANT ON /b/ REMINDING US ALL WHY IT GOT REMOVED IN THE FIRST PLACE. ALSO IDs ARE GONE AND MOOT IS LITERALLY THE BIGGEST JEW FAGLORD WHOEVER LIVED, BUT WE ALL KNEW THAT, RIGHT? The 'doubles' thread is popular among newfags with no imagination. Currently comprising 90% of /b/ and /s4s/, this template works off a simple, yet profound revelation which still holds /b/ in thrall: OMG YOUR POST GETS A NUMBER!!!11

This in hand, any hilarious basement dweller can make a post attempting to bag those elusive double digits, hopefully receiving the promised bauble. (Tits, naming of the proffered phallus, CP etc.)

However, as OP is almost invariably fag, don't expect a follow-through any time soon.

1 in every 10 posts ends in dubz. It's about as big a deal as Wednesday coming or Chris-Chan getting pissed off.


99% of doubles threads start with a picture of Patrick Bateman from the most epic movie evar, American Psycho, pointing at the post number however, since newfags can't torrent movies, 99% of them have no idea that Christian Bale was in any movie other than Batman. This is textbook faggotry and warrants copious amounts of sage.


  • "Doubles names my new cat\dog\baby\penis\parents."
  • "I want to [an hero], doubles decides my method."
  • "Roll doubles and tell me to do anything and I will do it, timestamped."
  • "Defuse teh bomb!!1"
  • "Her face when I rolled doubles"


  • Trips
  • Quads
  • Random number (e.g. 69, 91)
  • Double doubles, Trips or Quads. Yes it exists, as seen in posts claiming to stop or start The Game.

Death of Doubles and Triples

Moot doubles.jpg

As of February 20, 2010, m00t killed doubles, adding XXX to the end of each post number to prevent more cancer. The 200m get saw the permanent implementation of the XXX system. The last three digits can be seen using this script.[1], or this one [2] (both require greasemonkey). Nigger, shut up and check mah dubz!

As of February 21, 2010 it doesn't matter, anon's just using the randomly generated filename Unix time, numbers for their epic doubles and triples. Oh, but Unix time is easily predictable... so it is kinda stupid. Just like the original thing.

Doubles, Episode 2: Attack Of The Doubles

On Monday, January 17, 2011 Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the XXX was pulled from all boards it was set on allowing the doubles trolololol to once again flow unhindered. However, most doubles trolls had died out by this time or were using a script leaving almost no one to care/notice that XXX had been removed. However, Last Thursday, moot decided to add a script to end dubs/trips/whatever the fuck on /b/, ending the craze once and for all with no chance of return... HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT. I SUCK COCKS!

Doubles, Episode 3: The Dubs Awaken

In December 2014 moot went full retard and decided to bring dubs back once again. He also got rid of IDs and millions of samefags removed the 9001 big black cocks from all their orifices so they could sing his name. As any sensible normalfag would have expected, /b/ was once again flooded with at least 100 shitposting doubles threads and the cancer re-emerged, proving once again that it never really left.


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